Biden Getting Excited As Segregation Coming Back Into Style

Biden Getting Excited As Segregation Coming Back Into Style

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WILMINGTON, DE—As woke politics and Critical Race Theory take hold in schools and corporations, presidential candidate Joe Biden revealed his excitement that racial segregation is now coming back in style.

“Come on, man!” he exclaimed to a half-eaten Fig Newton on his plate. “This is real swell! Segregation, what a blast from the past! I remember when I was already a full-grown man in the year 1960 and me and the boys would gather outside the soda shop to make sure only the white folks got in. Maybe those jeans and that jacket I wore are back in style again too. Jill? Where’s that trunk with all my old clothes?”

“I was way ahead of the curve on this one, man.”

According to sources, Biden emerged from his basement with his old lifeguarding swim trunks and started asking “if anyone had seen Corn Pop get on the school bus.”

Aides quickly rushed him back down to the basement and gave him another dose of medication. 

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