Unemployment? Supply Chain Disruptions?
Food Shortages? Rioting In The Streets?

“Do you want to feel confident that you know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe?”

On this site, we already offer you tons of free news, tips and tools to help you stay safe in an unsafe world right now.

(See our Free Series ‘How To Survive Tough Times’, ‘ The Homesteader Files‘, or ‘How To Pray For Protection‘).

But when your family and lifestyle is at stake, you need all of the information and networking you can get your hands on.

By becoming a paid member of our site, you gain access to more than 6 gigs of hidden content and items that will give you a huge advantage over the unprepared.  Secret tips and info that will increase your odds exponentially.

And in today’s world, this could be the difference between whether you live or die!

What Do You Get?

Over 6 Gb of safety, self-defense, money-making and survival information!

There are over 14,550 pages of information to help keep you safe and defend yourself if needed. Each week additional pages are added, making this one of the largest collections of safety and self-defense information available. Don’t be a victim! Invest in your safety today.

The SalarsNet Membership Site provides information and a close-knit family of like-minded individuals to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Not only that, it just might save your life!

You will immediately have access to articles, ebooks and files on all aspects of safety, self-defense and survival. New information will be continuously added, as well as discounts on great instructional DVDs and other products. There are many plans to keep the site growing and become more valuable to you and your safety.

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Ready to Become A Member?

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instantly, if you are accepted into the “SalarsNet” Membership Site..

  • How to power-up your computer if we lose electricity so you can access your info
  • Safety: Situational Awareness, Safe in the Streets, Home Safety, Travel Safety, Campus Safety, How to Spot and Avoid Scams,  and More!
  • Information, tips and advice about bio-warfare and viruses and how to quarantine in-place or set up isolation areas for other people who may join you later
  • Self-Defense: Learn how to defend yourself when you have to!
  • Keep your kids safe: Learn how to keep your kids safe and to raise them to protect themselves.
  • Survive the Unthinkable: Special sections dealing with how to respond to active shooter threats and terrorists.
  • Military (US and other) field manuals
  • Stockpile and prepper information
  • Survival gardening information and plans
  • Personal and financial privacy and asset protection strategies
  • Knife making, blacksmithing and metalshop plans and info
  • Info and ebooks on alternative and emergency medicine prevention, treatment and cures
  • Locksmithing and picking info
  • Homesteading and survival techniques, tools, ebooks and instruction
  • Alternative energy info on solar, wind, generators and more
  • Hunting, fishing, trapping and how to process and prepare game once you have it
  • Emergency communications and ham radio info
  • Edible plant and herb information
  • Primitive technology and bushcraft
  • Old encyclopedias, recipes and receipts of how things used to be done and made
  • Available 24/7 anytime you need the info
  • * Some of the above is for entertainment purposes only

It is nice to find a community of like minded people, who are warm welcoming and open to share their ideas and thoughts.

I have been a prepper mostly all my life and this site lets me discuss that and more without being labeled crazy. I recommend this page for newbies and seasoned preppers!
Jona Massengil
Jona Massengil Prepper

I love all of the great info!
Mary Jameson
Mary Jameson Housewife

This is some of the best info I have come across in a long time.  You owe it to yourself and your family to get this and prepare for the times that are on our doorstep.
Randall Secrest
Randall Secrest Accountant

I am a personal trainer and believe in total strength of body, mind and spirit.  I can guarantee you that you will profit from becoming a member of this site, not only for the files you will be able to use, but also for the discounts in their amazing store.  Do it NOW!
Miguel Gonzales
Miguel GonzalesPersonal Trainer

As a Marine with multiple deployments I am severely impressed with the vast amount of skillsets brought to bear in this group of highly motivated and intelligent people. The amount of helpful people and those wanting information serves as a inspiration on a daily basis. There is no doubt that by being a part of this group I have learned something or helped someone everyday. They say “many hands make light work” and when it comes to prepping we have many hands.
GySgt Lester Shore
GySgt Lester ShoreUS Marine

Being the lone prepper of the family and not having anyone to discuss things with, this site has been a godsend. I feel free to share what I have learned or what I am doing and I don’t feel embarrassed to ask things I do not know.
I love that we all are in different stages of preparedness with all different types of skills and knowledge but we are all willing to share with one another. I’m excited to see where the future takes this group of like minded people.
Nancy Steves
Nancy Steves CFO

We Promise You Won’t Be Sorry.


How Can The SalarsNet Membership Site Help You?

Books & Resources

Membership includes free copies Prepping, survival and self-defense books and magazines

Preparedness Courses

Some of our courses include beginning prepping, first aid, bugging out and navigation.

Private Group

The learning doesn’t stop here. We also have a private group where other members hang out, mentor, network and share tips and advice.

Take a Sneak Peak Inside

We have quite a free ebooks along with other files that can be downloaded to give you a taste of what we have available

Let Us Help You Build Your Individual Preparedness Plan

By giving you all the tools you need to survive any disaster big or small

Becoming Better Prepared Doesn’t Need to Be Overwhelming

Sometimes it can seem like becoming prepared is impossible, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
With our organized file system you can download one file at a time in the area you are concentrating on and take things one-step-at-a-time.
Starting a garden to help you quarantine in place? Start with:

  • garden planning
  • what seeds to plant in your area
  • making rich garden soil
  • tilling the garden
  • planting your vegetables for resiliency
  • tending the garden
  • harvesting your labor

Exactly What You Will Discover In The Members’ Area?

One common problem with becoming more prepared is the information overwhelm. It can be pretty confusing sometimes trying to figure out where to focus your attention.

  • In or members area you  can focus on 1 thing at a time, I call this Just in time learning, and not getting pulled in every direction.
  • Let’s face it, sometimes life get’s in the way. Go at your own pace and learn as quickly or slowly as you like.
  • No more worrying about finding that lost article, all the information in one spot for you to reference later.
  • One thing I hear all the time is how much people love the private forums. There are new preppers and seasoned preppers in the group, all learning from each other.

Click here to see just some of the info we have available!

Filtering Out The Noise

When we first became interested in getting more involved in preparedness we found that although there is a great amount of information out there, it really took a lot of work to find exactly what we were looking for.

You can find 100 posts on why water filtration is important, but you have to dig around for information that goes beyond the basics…
I already knew water filtration and food storage were important, I wanted information on how to do it… I wanted details.

So we decided to take everything we learned and create SalarsNet.
The courses we create go through the details, not just the basics like “you need 3 months of food, 3 months of water and a gas mask” (gas mask optional)

Our Intro to Prepping Course for example goes through everything from mindset to supplies and planning.

With that in mind we also tried to figure out what else we could give you that would add value and help you become more prepared.

become a memberComes With A 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee…

If you are not satisfied with the SalarsNet Membership Site for ANY reason, simply contact me personally within the first 30 days from purchase and we’ll happily process your refund.

What Plans Are Available?

  • Basic membership-access to most files, downloads and the forum
  • Advanced Membership-also access to our complete Mother Earth News collection and Solar Power Magazine collection
  • Yearly Membership-save 30% off the cost of basic membership
  • Advanced Yearly Membership-save 30% off the cost of advanced membership
  • Lifetime and Advanced Lifetime Memberships-lock in your membership at today’s prices before our financial system is destroyed

So What Are You Waiting For???
Choose A Plan And Join Today!!!

Or if you can’t really afford it right now, here are some FREE resources you can start with:

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