Apparently Chris Pratt Was Never Invited To The Infamous Biden x Avengers Fundraiser

Just this week, Chris Pratt was under major heat from Marvel fans around the United States for not attending Joe Biden’s fundraiser with the rest of his Avenger family. The fundraiser featured the entire cast, from Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd to Zoe Saldana, who all came together to show their support for presidential candidate, Joe Biden…everyone but Chris Pratt. It was assumed that Chris Pratt must have been a Trump supporter, if he was not in attendance. This became a huge speculation that the internet ate up and spit out. The chaos even rated Chris Pratt as the worst Hollywood Chris when pinned up against Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Evans. One has to go. — Amy Berg (@bergopolis) October 17, 2020 But as it turns out, he may have never been invited at all, because he was in a different country and the time zones were too different. But lets break down why all the drama occurred in the first place. The Root of the Speculation Maybe he was sick or had prior engagements, right? Actually, the speculations did not completely come of thin air when Pratt was not zooming in from his home. Earlier this month, Pratt posted a joke about voting that did not sit well with many. In response to other celebrities urging people to vote in the upcoming election, Pratt took to Instagram to poke fun at the gesture, telling his fans to vote for his movie ‘Onward’ for People’s Choice Awards. He captioned it, “With all that’s going on in the world it is more important than ever that you vote. Just ask any celebrity. They will tell you. Every day. Several times a day. To vote. But me? I will tell you EXACTLY who to vote for,” ending the lengthy caption with, “or else. YOU WILL DIE.” Frustration We all know Chris Pratt to be a funny guy, but was this joke crossing the line? Many people thought so, sharing their frustration online. This election might be the most important election of our lifetimes and people do not think it is funny to talk about it lightly, especially when celebrities do not use their voice to encourage others to take it seriously. I never vote for #PeoplesChoiceAwards but I did this year to specifically vote against #Onward because Chris Pratt is a horrible person. — Jarrett David (@jarrett_david) October 3, 2020 The way the Chris Pratt is telling people to vote for Onward for people’s choice instead of the actual election that means something is just screaming out Trump supporter 😐 — franki🪐 (@yo_ink_hoe) October 2, 2020 He has such a platform. Making light of the election isn’t fun, it’s irresponsible. If he doesn’t want to persuade people to vote one way or the other, then he just shouldn’t talk about the election or voting at all. — savehorror (@savehorror) October 2, 2020 The Height of the Drama When Chris Pratt was M.I.A from the Avengers x Biden fundraising event, that mixed with his lack of political voice, left a bad taste in the mouths of everyone watching. This stirred all types of chaos for the actor as the internet attacked him for his assumed irresponsible absence. While we know his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, will be voting for the former Vice President, Joe Biden, his silence and absence from Joe Biden’s fundraiser was thought to be in controversial support of Republican candidate, Donald Trump. This was met with significant hate from the internet. (Please note: Chris Pratt has never publicly supported/endorsed Trump. This is all speculation) just found out Chris Pratt is a trump supporter and homophobic- — ᴴSofia²⁸ GOLDEN IS COMING (@breadstickLFTV) October 19, 2020 Me after I’ve been saying for years that Chris Pratt is a trump supporter and anti-lgbtq+ — Gia | blynation™ (@Platonictrash) October 19, 2020 The Avengers Assemble His Avengers colleagues actually met the controversy with nothing but love for Pratt. Most of the celebrities took time to write supportive posts defending Chris Pratt’s ethics and personal morals, saying things like, “Chris Pratt… A real #Christian who lives by #principle, has never demonstrated anything but #positivityand #gratitude” and Ruffalo, a devote activist, called Pratt “as solid a man there is.” You all, @prattprattpratt is as solid a man there is. I know him personally, and instead of casting aspersions, look at how he lives his life. He is just not overtly political as a rule. This is a distraction. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, friends. We are so close now. — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 20, 2020 Even Zoe Saldana got in on the support: No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up and handle it.-TupacYou got this @prattprattpratt . Your family, friends, colleagues & everyone who’s ever crossed paths with you knows your heart and your worth! — Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) October 21, 2020 The New Information Now that we have laid out all the drama surrounding Pratt’s absence at the Biden fundraiser, we have some new information that may clear things up for everyone. Maybe we are wishful thinking, but perhaps, Chris Pratt is not a secret Trump-supporter, but he was genuinely just not invited. According to an interview curated by Now This, Joe Russo, the Avengers director, stated that Chris Pratt was never invited to the fundraiser to begin with. Turns out, Pratt has been out of the country filming the new Jurassic Park movie and his time zone was too difficult to work with. Russo said, “but we easily would have asked him to participate, if he were here, and he were available for the event. So we felt that it was inappropriate that people were making assumptions about his politics, about who he is as a person, about his integrity, because they’re all false. And we can tell you that because we know him personally … and we know the truth.” Maybe this does not clear his name completely as Pratt has been the center of past political drama, but it is a *sigh* of relief for those who thought he was protesting Biden by not showing up.

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White Couple Aggressively Questions Black AirBnB Renter

A White couple next-door to an Airbnb, barges into the Black renter’s home, and question his occupancy of the house in the now viral video. No one likes to be investigated like a criminal out of thin air, especially if you literally did nothing. Well, this ‘Karen and Kevin’ couple had different thoughts. As coronavirus restrictions ease in some areas of the world, online businesses like Airbnb are able to reopen their services. However, this state of normalcy brought back some primal problems to the surface once again. This dynamic duo thought it was okay to trespass into their neighbor’s house to question the Black Airbnb occupant for being ‘suspicious’. Watch it for yourself:  What Went Down After white couple’s failed heroic escapade, the two attempt to back away from the scene. However, the Airbnb renter turns Karen’s inquisition back onto the couple by questioning if all of their actions were motivated by his skin color. The fumbling husband apologizes, meanwhile the wife gets irritated, and tries to justify their actions. You would think at this point they would just stop, and immediately exit the premises. But, alas, Karens would not be Karens if they quit before they looked stupid.  After getting into a nonsensical part of the conversation, the husband begins to understand their mistake, and finally initiates the action to leave the place. However, they neglect to close the door behind themselves. (Interesting because they sure knew how to open it) The disturbed renter goes to the door, and tries to make a final sense of the events.  The apology at end feels genuine, but it’s a little too late following the long awkward interaction between the threesome. Background On Monday, October 19th political activist and writer, Shaun King, shared the video on Facebook and Instagram which immediately went viral with over 2 million Facebook followers and 3.7 million Instagram followers. It garnered 30,000 reactions on Facebook, 20,000 upvotes in reddit from the upset audience, and 1.7 million views on Instagram.  The Internet Reacts We are at least glad that the situation was dissolved without the police intervention. However the Internet had some strong opinions. Here are some of them:  This reddit user said, “This lady was so close to seeing how f**ked up and inappropriate she and her husband were, when the occupant asked if they would be scared if someone just came into their home like that. But she then continued to put the blame on others. Also hilarious she ‘Knows the owner; but doesn’t know it’s an AirBnb.” Marcell comment from Facebook read “This continued for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds longer than it should have.” Many were confused for the reason the couple barged into the house uninvited, and placed themselves and the renter in possible danger. This person is confused about the couple’s final plan “If they were that concerned and knew the owner, they should have called him instead of barging inside. If the house was actually being robbed. What exactly was their plan lol.”  Henderson here was concerned about the couple “These people put themselves in danger by walking into a house uninvited. This could have had a really bad ending.” This facebook user’s comment read “The man stayed calm because we all know the police would have been called. He was trying to relax so he chose to defuse the situation.” This is not the first Karen and Kevin to makes fools of themselves in believing that they are some authority figure that needs to protect their White neighborhoods. And, unfortunately, they will not be the last. It is important that we hold each other accountable when you notice racial profiling take place. Moral of the story: You are not the police. You are not a detective. You cannot barge into people’s homes. And as always, do not call the police unless someone is in immediate danger.

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AOC Encourages People To Vote By Live-Streaming ‘Among Us’

AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is known for grabbing the attention of the media by standing as a powerful voice for young people in politics. This Tuesday, October 20th, the politician took to the internet’s newest craze, ‘Among Us,’ to play a fun game and to talk about this upcoming 2020 Presidential election. Ocasio-Cortez is the U.S. representative of the Bronx and Queens in New York. She is the youngest person ever to serve in the United States Congress and is an outspoken voice for progressive Gen Z and millennials who are pro-choice, pro-gun control, and pro-immigrant. As a young woman of color, she is a refreshing face in a historical world of old, White male politicians. It is no wonder millennials and gen z identify with her politics. AOC is known for being more relatable than her colleagues, but now she’s pushing the envelope even further. She took to the live-streaming platform, Twitch, to play the ever-so-famous ‘Among Us.’ Watch AOC go through ALL the emotions while playing it: The best moments from @AOC's Among Us stream on @Twitch last night. — The Recount (@therecount) October 21, 2020 A Mission It was not all just fun and games. The congresswoman came with a mission- she wanted to get her peers to the polls this election seasons. AOC took to Twitter on October 19th, to schedule the live-stream and wanted others to join as an encouragement to vote: Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote? (I’ve never played but it looks like a lot of fun) — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 19, 2020 All elections are tense, but this November election is proving to be extremely polarized. This is not to mention the added stress and limits caused by the pandemic. With many polls not open this year, and many ballots being mail-in (leading to mail-in fraud), people can feel overwhelmed by the chaos at hand. What better way to lighten things up and gather people’s attention with a fun game? It is important to recognize that people of voting age are encouraged by different actions. AOC recognized the demographic that is encouraged by online communities and gaming platforms– not just rallies and commercials. At just 31 years old, she is changing the way in which politicians relate to young people and the way in which they communicate with them, something that has not been considered for many years. She took time to talk about politics, touching on Universal healthcare while asking players from the UK what their healthcare looks like: AOC talks healthcare with @Hbomberguy, who is from the UK, where healthcare is free. — Brennan Murphy (@brenonade) October 21, 2020 She claimed her mission was to overwhelm the vote from young people this election. Twitter is Obsessed As always, Twitter is the first to react and if they were not already, they were falling head over heels for AOC and her hilarious experience using the app. Same, girl, same. me: stop👏 stanning👏 politicians👏 also me watching aoc play among us on twitch: — i praydalor my sodakeep (@AlmondTiddies) October 21, 2020 Ummm, did we forget to mention that she had Minnesotan Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, join her? ICONIC. I am really watching @IlhanMN and @AOC playing twitch 🥺🥺🥺 I love them so much ! — Pérez🇧🇿 (@unkwnpz) October 21, 2020 One of my kids just ran down the stairs, yelling, "AOC is playing Among Us on Twitch, to get out the vote!!" She is so smart about this stuff, I love it. — Gremliny Nussboo (@emilynussbaum) October 21, 2020 Inspiring people everywhere: YOU LOVE TO SEE IT! First time streaming on Twitch, Congress Woman, Latina, 500K Followers, probably the most non-esports viewed streamed ever on Twitch, ~400k Concurrent. I just cried inside. She's down to earth, grinder, hard worker & New Yorker. @AOC, our Future President💗 — ZuneGirl 📌 #VOTE (@Zune_Girl) October 21, 2020 Yikes! rightwingers watching aoc hit 400k viewers on twitch while they sit on twitter crying about a politician playing a video game — dean (@shutuptwink) October 21, 2020 Record Breaking That’s right! Ocasio-Cortez nearly broke Twitch’s viewership record while live-streaming with over 400k views while live and as of now, 4.8 million views in total. She stands just behind Ninja and Drake on the platform. Apparently, had she reached 600k live viewers, she would have beat the record- so close! Rep. @AOC surpasses 400k viewers on her debut Twitch stream, the third most of all-time on the platform for a single stream trailing @Ninja and @Drake. — Alex Salvi (@alexsalvinews) October 21, 2020 Among Us If you’re anything like me (a millennial with Little to no knowledge of gaming culture), let me fill you in on why everyone is obsessed with this game. ‘Among Us’ is a video game where you are one of up to 10 crew members on a space ship. Everyone has an integral job to keep the ship running, except one person…the imposter. The imposter is an alien who sabotages the work of everyone else and even kills its fellow crew members. While the game has been out for over two years now, it is rising in popularity with users being popular Youtube and TikTok stars. Youtubers, like Mr.Beast, have given the game a second life. We played Among Us on the gaming channel but whoever won the game got $10,000! It’s epic 🤪 — MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) October 21, 2020 AOC and Gaming While she may have been new to ‘Among Us,’ this is hardly the first time Ocasio-Cortez has gamed. Remember way back in the beginning of quarantine when everyone was obsessed with ‘Animal Crossing’? So was she. She even was accepting invites to join her fans’ islands. Between this and the animal crossing thing, I need an AOC Gaming Youtube Channel like yesterday. I'd watch every video tbh. — Derek Deputy (@Nintenderek) July 14, 2020 Vote Did AOC push you to vote, yet? She is pretty convincing if you ask me. No matter where you stand on politics, get out and vote. If you have the ability to vote, you have the responsibility to vote. Heck! You can vote in your pajamas, in your car, in between commercial and ‘Among Us’ rounds. If you have a mail-in ballot, just make sure to drop it off at the polls, so it can be accounted for this late in the game.

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Cardi B Deletes Twitter And People Are Laughing

‘WAP’ rapper and Grammy award winning artist, Cardi B deleted her Twitter over the weekend. It is preceded by her controversial relationship with her Offset, as the two are in the middle of a divorce, and the backlash she received by fans after being spotted with him. The Drama Cardi B has been the center of a lot celebrity drama this Summer. Between dropping ‘WAP’ with Meg Thee Stallion, and throwing a huge birthday party in Las Vegas in the middle of a pandemic, perhaps the most talked about is her relationship with musician, Offset. It was only last month, September, when the rappers’ announced they were filling for divorce after Cardi B insisted that the two had “just grew out of love” which was followed by several rumors of infidelity. Despite announcing such a shocking revelation of their split, Cardi B was spotted with Offset at her controversial birthday party in Vegas last week, where he gifted her a Rolls Royce (pretty nice gift from an ex, right?) and they were caught exchanging some intimate kissing. Sounds like that divorce is not as irreconcilable as previously thought. As Cardi B once said, “That’s suspicious. That’s weird.” cardi b thats suspicious thats weird blue wig with two ribbons — reactions etc (@reactioncosas) October 16, 2020 Bye, @iamcardib Twitter This weekend, Cardi B had enough from haters attacking her for getting back together with the Migos rapper. She mentioned previously that the pressure she receives from strangers over the internet regarding their relationship was getting to her. In 2019, after the couple reconciled from their first major separation, Cardi B spoke to Vogue about the pressures of putting her relationship out into the cruel internet, “social media is telling you not to talk to that person because he cheated, you’re not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation. Then, if you get back with them, it’s like, how could you? You let all of us down.” Frankly, the rapper is done with the opinions of the Twitter-verse, leading her to delete her Twitter page over the weekend. And, of course, Twitter is talking about it. Twitter Reactions Some Twitter users are defending Cardi B, after all, her relationship is between her and her family. Braden brings up the valid point that who are we to judge? Be honest, you probably have had an on-and-off relationship with an ex before too. Cardi B just happens to live under a public microscope. Wow y’all really made Cardi B delete her twitter because of her mistakes! I’m sorry since when were y’all perfect little human beings. How about we tell all y’all how to live and see how y’all like it. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ — Braden Alanis (@AlanisBraden) October 19, 2020 Y’all done made Cardi B delete her Twitter, y’all some Bullies🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂 — Cherry MoniQue (@CherryRedd81) October 19, 2020 People harassed Cardi B enough to make her delete twitter sheesh 😭 just because she got back with her mans 💀 — Bronny’s Plug 💨 (@IntheMaking__) October 19, 2020 Cardi b married, pays for her own stuff, and provides for her daughter Meanwhile never been married crackhead twitter saying she needs help LOL Worry about yourself people — 🎩 《Z》 (@mvpgawd) October 17, 2020 DAMN YOU BITCHES REALLY MADE CARDI B DELETE HER TWITTER — Mom (@PrincessShit__) October 17, 2020 While some are sympathizing with Cardi B’s decision, other are making memes and joking about it. Is it bad that we think they are pretty funny? Wow Cardi B mentioning Ariana Grande for what ?And how many times this girl gon delete her twitter? — jc, thee versace whore (@itsjay_c_) October 18, 2020 JC is referring to Cardi B’s instagram live on October 17th, where she talked about her decision to delete the app. She could not help but throw Ariana Grande under the bus while doing so. She said, “A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m motherf**king Ariana Grande or something, like I came from Disney or something.” People really seemed to latch onto the this part of the video. Ariana fans really came to her defense. cardi b better keep my good sis Ariana name out her mouth — a (@enctrI) October 18, 2020 This follower caught this part of the live and shared it. Warning: the video contains profanity. cardi b is so dumb, what does being Ariana Grande or “coming from disney” have to do with this beef with your fans?? — a (@enctrI) October 18, 2020 did cardi b really delete her twitter over this? 😭 she can name drop ariana but can’t take the heat that comes with it? — Aluza Apologist (@qphoenixx_) October 18, 2020 Other users just find it funny that someone so powerful could be bullied out of a platform over something so insignificant. Some are even referring to the fact that this is not Cardi B’s first time deleting a social media platform. Back in 2018, the rapper delete Instagram back in 2019 after the Grammy’s. Y’all made Cardi B delete her Twitter because y’all couldn’t stop coming for Offset lmaooooooooooo — Will. (@iamwlaw) October 18, 2020 Cardi b deleted her Twitter because she’s beefing her own fans lol 😂😂😂😂 — Lilsherrard 😎 (@lilsh0rty702) October 18, 2020 Sorry, Instagram, but it is true. The fact that @iamcardib deleted her ig and is still on Twitter shows you how much more popping it is over here lol — Lil’ Bambi Vert (@berri_fyne) February 12, 2019 If you have not deleted a social media platform at least once, who even are you? Wait Cardi B deadassss deleted her twitter lol she back on that again — Ubong E. 🇳🇬 (@EkpoNeptune) October 18, 2020 Maybe we no longer have Cardi B to follow on Twitter (even though she will probably be back anytime now), at least we got a few laughs out of all the chaos. Whether Offset and Cardi B get back together or not, is really none of our business. Sorry to all the people who love being involved in celebrity drama; it is a harsh reality. Imagine if your relationship was always in the limelight- every fight, every rumor, everything. It would be like having your in-laws following you around ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t know about you but my glass house is a little too be messy to be throwing stones. All we can do is hope that Cardi B and Offset make the best decision for themselves and their daughter, Kulture.

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John Legend Dedicates Song After Loss Of Third Child

On October 14th, the Billboard Music Awards were held in Los Angeles after being postponed six months during quarantine. Many memorable things happened that night such as the controversy behind why Addison Rae accepted Harry Styles’ award on his behalf or Post Malone’s big performances, but one moment grabbed the attention and heart strings of every viewer in America- John Legend song dedication. Just two weeks ago, the singer and his model wife, Chrissy Teigen, announced to the world that they had miscarried their third child, Jack. In the crushing instagram post, Teigen wrote, “We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before. We were never able to stop the bleeding and give our baby the fluids he needed, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions. It just wasn’t enough.” View this post on Instagram We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before. We were never able to stop the bleeding and give our baby the fluids he needed, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions. It just wasn’t enough. . . We never decide on our babies’ names until the last possible moment after they’re born, just before we leave the hospital.  But we, for some reason, had started to call this little guy in my belly Jack.  So he will always be Jack to us.  Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever. . . To our Jack – I’m so sorry that the first few moments of your life were met with so many complications, that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive.  We will always love you. . . Thank you to everyone who has been sending us positive energy, thoughts and prayers.  We feel all of your love and truly appreciate you. . . We are so grateful for the life we have, for our wonderful babies Luna and Miles, for all the amazing things we’ve been able to experience.  But everyday can’t be full of sunshine.  On this darkest of days, we will grieve, we will cry our eyes out. But we will hug and love each other harder and get through it. A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Sep 30, 2020 at 8:58pm PDT On the night of the Billboard Music Awards, John Legend wanted to show his wife his unwavering love and support with a song dedicated to her. On a dark stage, with only a piano to accompany his vocals, Legend performed his song, ‘Never Break.’ He had written the song for Chrissy Teigen and opened with ‘This is for Chrissy,’ and fans immediately knew why the intimate moment held so much weight. Try watching it without falling apart:  View this post on Instagram This is for Chrissy. I love and cherish you and our family so much. We’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows together. Watching you carry our children has been so moving and humbling. I’m in awe of the strength you’ve shown through the most challenging moments. What an awesome gift it is to be able to bring life into the world. We’ve experienced the miracle, the power and joy of this gift, and now we’ve deeply felt its inherent fragility. I wrote this song because I have faith that as long as we walk this earth, we will hold each other’s hands through every tear, through every up and down, through every test. We promised each other this on our wedding day seven years ago, and every challenge we’ve faced has made that promise more powerful, more resilient. Our love will remain. We will never break. Thank you to everyone who has been sending us prayers and well wishes, flowers, cards, words of comfort and empathy. We feel and appreciate your love and support more than you know. More than anything, we’ve heard so many stories about how so many other families have experienced this pain, often suffering in silence. It’s a club no one wants to be a part of, but it’s comforting to know we’re not alone. I’m sure Chrissy will have much more to say about this when she’s ready. But just know we’re grateful and we’re sending love to all of you and your families. A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on Oct 15, 2020 at 6:45pm PDT It caught the attention of everyone watching as their miscarriage had been extremely public. The couple, Teigen in particular, have been very open about their struggles to get pregnant, and their trials with IVF. When Chrissy announced that she was pregnant with her third child, it was a joyous event that was met with supportive fans coming to celebrate. While it was not confirmed, it is assumed that Teigen and Legend were pregnant for the first time ever without IVF, which is why the pregnancy was unexpected and a miracle for the couple. After multiple failed pregnancy tests, Teigen assumed she was not pregnant until she had a visit with her doctor following a surgery this Summer. With over 32 million instagram followers, everything Chrissy shares becomes big news shared with the world, which is why the home chef updated her supportive fans on the traumatic event after days of tests and transfusions.  Twitter is Emotional John Legend’s heart-felt performance melted the hearts of everyone watching the Billboard awards. Twitter users who have been closely following the couple’s struggle with fertility knew this performance meant a lot, especially for those who have also suffered miscarriages. As always, Twitter was quick to comment on the Legend’s act of love and well…we are in tears over here.  John Legend starts his Billboard performance of “Never Break” by saying, “this is for Chrissy” so naturally I’m now in tears 😭😭😭 — Mary Ann Georgantopoulos (@marygeorgant) October 15, 2020 Don’t mind us as we re-watch the video 1000 more times. 4:30 am and I’m awake crying to John Legend dedicating Never Break to Chrissy, their love is so beautiful 🥺 — Hailey👻 (@haileytirado) October 15, 2020 We are emotional after this and need some time to recoup. John Legends’ performance last night. I did not have crying on the schedule this early — DeJa Clift (@DeJa_Clift) October 15, 2020 WE ARE ALL CRYING, Nicholas. .@johnlegend’s performance for Chrissy was so sweet. I’m not crying.. you are. Okay… nvm. We are. Wow. #BBMAs — Nicholas Liddle (@NLiddle16) October 15, 2020 And yes, we are feeling just like this photo. We need some tissues over here! John Legend dedicating his Never Break performance to Chrissy got me like#BBMAs — Siobhain (@summer0001) October 15, 2020 Background Still not crying? Legend has followed up the performance by explaining why the song was named, ‘Never Break.’ In a short but sweet tweet, Legend said, “Our love will remain. We will never break.” Just read how sweet and endearing this is: We promised each other this on our wedding day seven years ago, and every challenge we’ve faced has made that promise more powerful, more resilient. Our love will remain. We will never break. — John Legend (@johnlegend) October 16, 2020 The Reality According to the NHS, 1 in 8 pregnancies will result in a miscarriage. Chrissy Teigen and her husband are not the only people to experience this devastating loss, but are one of the very few public figures who choose to be open about the pain and the aftermath that follows miscarriage. When Teigen filled the world in on their loss, other women were encouraged to come forward about their miscarriages that were once too taboo to tell people about. Last week Chrissy Teigen expressed her heartbreak on losing her baby in a rare and insightful way which helped break down the silence and stigma around miscarriages and stillbirths. I’d like to share a little of mine with a photo I’ve never shared before on social media. — Jane Cattermole (@janecat60) October 11, 2020 Last week, Chrissy Teigen shared her story with the world about her miscarriage and it compelled me to want to share our story. 🌈 — Tyler Roney (@TylerJRoney) October 9, 2020 October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so while John Legend dedicated the song to his wife, those who have miscarried also felt seen and supported by the song. Chrissy has been radio silent following the news of the miscarriage two weeks ago, so while we are not keeping up with her Twitter reactions anymore, we assume this performance offered some light in a very dim time for her and her family.

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The Office’s Rainn Wilson and Steve Carell Reunite Over Hilarious Instagram Live

Maybe 2020 has been a dumpster fire within a train wreck and nothing short of a fever dream, but yesterday Office fans everywhere rejoiced when Rainn Wilson brought a special guest into Instagram. Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, welcomed Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott, onto an Instagram Live where they chatted for upwards of 20 minutes. The two played an iconic team on the NBC show, The Office, for nine hilarious seasons. Carell was asked to join Wilson as part of SoulPancake‘s ‘Hey There Human,’ video series. Hey There, Steve Carell SoulPancake is a media company that was cofounded by Rainn Wilson as a way to bring joy and understanding to people’s lives. In the ‘Hey There, Human’ series, Wilson’s mission was to bring people together in the isolating time we are currently finding ourselves in. SoulPancake has invited people from all backgrounds to the platform to talk about social justice, climate change, and to share uplifting stories with all of SoulPancakes 267k followers. Over the last 7 months, Rainn has brought on countless celebrities from Billie Eilish to Nick Offerman. But, perhaps, this guest was the most sought-after, which is why Rainn Wilson decided to bring him on as the last guest before the Instagram show ended. Steve Carell joined Rainn on October 15th where the duo talked about the loneliness of the grocery store, the tantalizing reality of roommates, and the food service industry. The former regional manager, and assistant (to the) regional manager went live from their homes. Steve Carell even borrowed Wilson’s instagram account for the event since he did not have one of his own. He blames it on his age, and laughs it off with Rainn, who wanted to point out how substantially younger he was than Carell- a whole four years if anyone is wondering. It was like no time was lost between these two who took time to show off their pandemic beards. Maybe we are reaching a little bit but we could definitely see the Dwight Schrute vs Michael Scott beard competition here. Did this remind anyone else of The Office episode when everyone grew goatees? In such a dreary and unsettling time, Carell and Wilson talked about fans who have found happiness and comedy in the show right now. Carell pointed out that fans usually know more about the show than they do, as they have not really revisited the episodes since the premieres. They seemed to have been glad that the show’s “warmth and humanity” brought laughter and light to people’s lives this far after its finale. While the time they spent together felt short (as if it could have ever been long enough), fans cannot help but be reminded of Dunder Mifflin and all the comedic gold and sweet moments that happened inside of its walls for 8 years. The show has not aired for over 7 years now, but we are not letting go of the potential of a full reboot just yet. Getting The Gang Back Together Steve Carell is not the first cast member Rainn Wilson has brought onto SoulPancake to relive the good ol’ days. Since the start of the pandemic, Wilson has welcomed Paul Lieberstein (Toby), B.J. Novak (Ryan), John Krasinski (Jim), and several others. You can watch all of them here! While fans have been begging for the whole cast to come back to film another episode of The Office, they have only managed to get multiple small doses of the cast reuniting in the past couple years. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam and Angela, host a podcast under the name “The Office Ladies” where they watch and relive every episode of hit show. They hilariously revisit random memories and anecdotes. If you need to watch The Office in a new light, this is your perfect match. Just imagine if we could get the whole cast back together in one room (post-pandemic of course) to hear some of Michael Scott’s cringe-y humor, see Pam and Jim’s fairytale romance, or know what shenanigans Dwight is up to now. How glorious that would be? If NBC is reading this, can we pretty please get an episode? After 2020, I think we deserve it.

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University of Texas Students Are Throwing HUGE Maskless Parties

While the rest of the world has been attempting to slow down the pandemic with online classes, social distancing rules, and mask mandate, UT Austin hasn’t taken its severity as seriously.  University of Texas at Austin students are caught throwing huge maskless parties, despite two schools staff members dying from coronavirus.  UT’s administration seems to take the covid pandemic lightly. Allowing big gatherings at school’s football games, and not limiting activities within their campus. With over 50,000 students, this affects more than just on-campus students. Their reckless behavior could wreak havoc on hundreds of thousands of people.  On Saturday, October 10th UT Austin’s football team faced Oklahoma University in their annual rivalry match. The students attending the match started celebrating the event by tailgating, and carried their festivities into day partying within their campus. One of those parties was captured on a now viral-video, and shared all across social media. ut students when you tell them there’s a pandemic going on: — kc (@onlinelonghorn) October 11, 2020 Could you imagine risking it all to sing Icona Pop’s “I Love It” in a frat house? All jokes aside, UT Austin has a bad track record regarding Coronavirus so this party does not come as a surprise too many. 1300 Cases and 2 Deaths A group of UT Austin students returning back from spring break were previously pinned as the source of a massive Covid-19 outbreak early this year. According to the school’s most recent testing data – the university has seen over 1300 positive tests since March 1st.  Unfortunately, some of these cases resulted in casualties within the school faculty. The first death took place back in July, However the second case was just a few days before the events of this viral video. UT Austin seems to hesitate on closing campus despite the losses, and a big number of positive cases. At what point will you decide enough is enough? How many people will have to die before the administration takes this seriously?   The school released official statements for both cases, and further detailed their policies. The school chose not to name both of the staff members out of respect for their families’ privacy. After the first death they also released a list of triggers that would result in the immediate closure of the school. One of which included the death of a student from the virus, but not an employee.  However the internet, and students of the school seem to have a stronger reaction towards the recent events that took place at UT Austin. Twitter’s Reaction This first tweet is from the student who shared the viral video from a friends Instagram story “In all seriousness. Yes these people are being shitty, but we should be angrier at UT admin for letting people come back to campus and do this shit, and angrier still at the government for allowing things to open back up and creating conditions in which science denial is acceptable.” in all seriousness: yes these people are being shitty, but we should be angrier at UT admin for letting people come back to campus and do this shit, and angrier still at the govt for allowing things to open back up and creating conditions in which science denial is acceptable — kc (@onlinelonghorn) October 11, 2020  Elizabeth says “A total waste of the top 5% students that are eligible to apply to this university” referring to the school’s rigorous admissions process which is highly selective.  A total waste of the top 5% students that are eligible to apply to this university. — Elizabeth Garcia (@Bubbiespics) October 11, 2020  Another tweet attaches a video from the game, which took place before the party with the captions “Shoveling Covid directly into my mouth.” Shoveling Covid directly into my mouth — spookytime tea bear 🎃☕️ (@HaitianDvorce) October 10, 2020 There were also comments poking fun at the quality of the party in exchange of the ridiculous danger. Why risk getting/spreading/dying from Covid-19 just to be in a hot, sweaty apartment drink a Natty Lite? The first jab at the party says, “Not worth it, party don’t even be lit.”  Not worth it, party don’t even be lit — Little Miss Scary (@slowitdownb) October 11, 2020 This twitter user tweets “I never wanna lose myself to the point where this song gets it done for me at a party.” OUCH! I never wanna lose myself to the point where this song gets it done for me at a party. — PS3 (@1Philomoney) October 11, 2020 Jolee expresses her confusion with “Y’all are going out during a pandemic to hear…this song?”  y’all are going out during a pandemic to hear…this song? — jolee (@joleelachelle) October 11, 2020 We hope that UT Austin manages to have a better control over this messy situation for the safety of its faculty members, student body, and their families.

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Cardi B’s MASSIVE Birthday Bash In The Middle Of A Pandemic Sparks Backlash

Another celebrity not following CDC guidelines in the middle of the pandemic? Yep, this time it is the beloved Cardi B. The WAP rapper rang in her 28th birthday in Las Vegas. The party was nothing short of lavish, and over-the-top, just like Cardi B herself. The only issue? No masks and there were a LOT of people. Just look at the photo Cardi posted on her Instagram: We are in the middle of a pandemic, in case anyone forgot. People are dying at an alarming rate, while college students are still partying and anti-maskers are throwing tantrums to get into stores. The last thing we need is ANOTHER celebrity hosting a party sans masks and common sense. Fans are tired after being let down time and time again by people they look up to in Hollywood. Why do celebrities feel exempt from participating in social distancing, and mask wearing? Twitter Reacts As always people are voicing their opinions about the Vegas blowout on Twitter: Sorry guys I think the title should say… Cardi B celebrate her 28th birthday with a massive party despite the pandemic and no one was wearing a mask. That's the title … I'm just saying. — 🍉Ele Medina Fraíz- G🍑 (@eleonoramfg) October 11, 2020 I like how @iamcardib is mad at people who don’t wear mask but literally she had a party last night with people who had no masks on. — nathan. (@nathanb1216) October 11, 2020 Not @iamcardib throwing a party during a pandemic when our numbers are spiking out of control again. I just… these celebrities really don’t care about anyone but themselves huh. — ysd (titsahhh!) (@dojacatsnose) October 11, 2020 Soooooo nobody’s gonna talk about the fact that Cardi B had a HUGE birthday party for herself during a pandemic that’s killed over 200,000 people in the United States and nobody at the party was wearing a mask????? — Rashad H. (@_raSHADE_) October 12, 2020 Maybe by chance, the hundreds of people were tested pre-party to keep everyone safe, but until we know that, this just looks incredibly unsafe. The Wrong Focus While there is a conversation buzzing around the ridiculousness of the party, many outlets and fans were more concerned with her and Offset’s relationship. The couple recently announced they were getting a divorce and their relationship was “irreconcilable” with no chance of getting back together. That did not seem to be the case at the party, where Offset surprised Cardi B with a Rolls Royce. But we are missing the bigger picture here of why there was a party to begin with. Yes, their relationship is interesting, but possibly infecting thousands of people because of poor decisions is what needs to be talked about. This Twitter user felt like fans needed to focus back in on what was really important. So people care more about Cardi B’s relationship status rather than the fact that she threw a birthday party in a club in the middle of a pandemic? Ok — Liz (@bossasslizz) October 11, 2020 Celebrities are not immune Cardi B is not the first, and unfortunately, she will probably not be the last. Her birthday comes after a Summer filled with celebrities pretending Covid-19 was not around. In late July, the hype house, filled with all of TikTok’s biggest stars, threw themselves a huge party which included influencers and Youtubers like James Charles, Nikita Dragun, and Tana Mongeau in attendance. Tyler Oakley called out Hype House TikToker Larray for throwing a massive birthday party despite the pandemic. James Charles, Nikita Dragun, Charli D'Amelio, and more attended the party. Check out this article to learn more👇: — What's Trending (@WhatsTrending) July 23, 2020 Just last week, Lana Del Rey held an overcrowded book signing in Los Angeles wear she wore a mesh face mask. The event got closed down because the bookstore had no social distancing efforts in place and Lana’s mask was pointless. It is not a celebrity’s role to be a role model, but it is important to remember that their fanbase is made up of primarily pre-teens and teens who want to be just like them. Celebs making simple ethical decisions is integral in our world, especially in a pandemic. To date, over 215,000 people have died from Coronavirus in the United States. Now is the time to get serious about your actions and realize how they could affect other people. In Case You Forget Do not be a Lana Del Rey and wear a mesh mask. The CDC recommends wearing a mask made of a tightly woven cotton material is best. Remember that it should go over your mouth AND nose (we are looking at you, Karen). Wash your hands several times a day with soap and water. It is recommended that you scrub your hands for 20 seconds. Since you probably are not going to count for 20 seconds, just sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to yourself twice. Most importantly, please social distance. At the store, keep a solid 6 feet between you and the person in front of/around you to avoid any unwanted contamination. Do not attend parties where masks and social distancing will not be in place. Opt for a cute Zoom movie night or have a happy hour in the comfort of your pajamas on FaceTime. Moral of the story: be a good person and respect others. Make the ethical decision to wear a mask and not party with hundreds of people.

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Grocery Store: TikTok’s Newest Musical

TikTok’s “Grocery Store: A New Musical” is going viral for a hilarious reason. The thread of videos features all the stereotypes of musical theater, and everyone is chipping in to make it a full-fledged musical masterpiece. From the original actor, down to the can of soup- no one is being left out on this stage.  Daniel Muertzluff self-titled as “Proud Musical Theatre Fanatic” decided to create his own TikTok musical that blew up the Internet with his hilarious portrayal of Broadway stereotypes, and show stopping vocals.   How it all started On Wednesday, September 23rd the Composer/Arranger released his viral TikTok parody of a musical that takes place in, you guessed it…the grocery store. The lyrics are about a couple arguing in down a grocery aisle. And it is iconic to say the least. His character wonders if they should continue their relationship or not with the standout line “I love you, but I don’t know if I like you.” The short clip also makes fun of stereotypes and tropes of Musical Theater. @danieljmertzlufft Grocery Store: A New Musical #grocerystore #fyp #musicaltheatre #musical #singing #musicaltheater #acting #newmusicals ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft What made this TikTok musical even more magical is the fact that other people started adding themselves to Daniel’s musical to make it a true masterpiece.  Here is Megan, a theatre student from University of San Diego adding her vocals. She plays the role of the girlfriend begging him to stay. And her vocals are ~Incredible~. @another.blonde ha ha ha made an audio #fyp #FeelingGood #musicaltheatre ♬ Grocery Store as a Duet – ✨Megan✨ TikTok user, Kelsey, also wanted to jump on this trend. She couldn’t resist the temptation of adding herself as the child, which dramatically changed the tone of the storyline. Making it seem like the original character is walking away from his family. @kelseyjadebacon #duet with @another.blonde @danieljmertzlufft Grocery Store: The Musical #theatrekid #divorce #grocerystore #musicaltheatre #mom #dad ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft And what’s a grocery store without their underpaid, but overworked employees. This is where the story line really begins to grow and become hilarious. I mean who hasn’t been witnessed an awkward scene at grocery store?  Part 4 — mom friend™ (@emmaspacelynn) October 5, 2020 It’s Growing  You didn’t think they would end at the store’s employee, did you? Alex, perhaps, found the most unique point of view in the grocery store… as a can of soup. You read that right. This TikTok-er decided that a can of soup was the perfect addition to the musical, and they were right.  @alexengelberg #duet with @ireallylikemusica1s #theatrekid #harmony #imacanofsoup ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft Nope, not stopping there. Michael here seems to understand the true grocery store experience. @themichaelspencer #duet with @alexengelberg in a grocery store #greenscreen #newyorksummer #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft Are you struggling to follow along, yet? I know it’s a lot to keep track of, but trust us, it’s worth it. This clip is becoming more and more like an actual musical ensemble. Here is the automatic door, an absolute staple to the authenticity of this project:  @stevenglukas #duet with @themichaelspencer Steven is honored to be making his b-way debut as the automatic door #greenscreen #grocerystore #musical #theatrekid ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft Here are the last two members of the viral cast. Part 8 — mom friend™ (@emmaspacelynn) October 5, 2020  I guarantee you that this is the last clip of the magical grocery store: the new musical. In other words, the grand finale. I FOUND ANOTHER ONE Part 9 — mom friend™ (@emmaspacelynn) October 5, 2020 Can someone please make this an actual musical already? Seriously–we see it all. The storyline? Written. The music? Perfected. The characters? Casted. We just need Broadway to scoop this up now. Daniel already released a prequel to the musical, and it’s just as good. Now we are waiting for the movie adaptation of this timeless piece.

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Lana Del Rey Stirs Controversy By Wearing Faux Mask

Have you ever heard of a faux mask? The ‘Summertime Sadness’ queen herself, Lana Del Rey, was caught pulling a Karen this past weekend while wearing one. She was spotted wearing, quite possibly, the most pointless mask known to man–something out of the “How To Karen” book. Del Rey was at a book signing event in Los Angeles when she decided to sport a rather fashionable but irresponsible mask made of netting and mesh. The simple, sparkling champagne mask was a sight to behold, and stay 6-feet away from. Her decision caused a lot of controversy and the internet was upset. Twitter was quick to call out the irresponsible nature of the mask and hold Lana Del Rey as an example to other celebrities. People are worried this is more than a fashion mistake, but Lana Del Rey presenting herself as an…’Anti-Masker,’ and they are not ready to let go of their favorite singer yet. Twitter’s Reaction Twitter obviously jumped on the news immediately and was quick to eat it up. Fans were feeling mixed emotions that were met with memes, song references, and sadness. Lana Del Rey wearing a net mask during the Covid-19 pandemic because according to her: We were born to die. — LDR FANPAGE (@lanasmysoulmate) October 3, 2020 Lana Del Rey is really wearing this mask at Barnes & Nobles during a pandemic & none of y’all want to criticize her?? — … em … (@EmsBrainHurts) October 2, 2020 Lana del rey gonna be next door in that hospital with tr*mp if she keeps wearing that Cinderella costume mask — R☆✧ (@xxoorita) October 3, 2020 The coronavirus memes flooded the internet as well. How is a netted mask supposed to keep anything from spreading? Basic science here. covid coming out of lana del rey’s mask: — -adèle- (@biscreaming) October 3, 2020 covid running through Lana del Rey’s mask — limit era (@nickiluvsari) October 2, 2020 lana del rey shopping at the effective mask store — nico 🍒 (@fkanico) October 3, 2020 COVID-19 entering lana del rey’s respiratory tract after she wore a mesh — M I A N G E L O ᵏᵖ⁵ (@doublemantra13) October 5, 2020 Exposing Fans It is bad enough to expose yourself to COVID-19, but going as far as to expose your fans? That’s just cruel. People from all over Southern California, traveled and waited to see Lana Del Rey at the book signing only to be met by exposing themselves to the virus. Fans were not aware she was going to be sporting this mask, and after driving hours to see her, most were still going to get their pictures taken with the singer–This is not fair to anyone. Lana Del Rey meets with fans at surprise book signing event for her collection of poetry, #VBBOTG, in LA. 📚 — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) October 3, 2020 Apparently, the book signing got shut down by the health department when there were too many people in the store, and no one was staying six feet apart. Where were her and the store’s managers when this was all going down? lana del rey drawing a crowd during a pandemic, with a book signing, and she's only wearing a fishnet mask… i cannot — ✰ austin (@imaustinryan) October 2, 2020 The recklessness shown is astounding and people are disappointed, but not everyone. On the other side of the argument is that fans knew the meet and greet was probably going to be filled with a large crowd, and they still chose to put themselves in danger. Let me tell y’all something about Lana Del Rey mask and “keeping the people around her safe”. Fans went to a damn meet and greet full of people in the middle of a damn pandemic, I don’t think they even cared about their safety to begin with. — Dearie (@thefandomistwo) October 6, 2020 Some Fans Threw Caution Out the Window Some people just did not care all that much and were willing to expose themselves for the sake of meeting Lana. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many to meet their favorite singer. Would you have gone? YES lana del rey is wearing a mesh mask and YES i am still ubering 30 minutes to attempt to meet her — ☆ fitz ☆ (@fitzofthefuture) October 2, 2020 Anyways, point is that the stars aligned for me and my friends that day. A random day for us being in LA trying to eat at 3 pm, our first meal of the day since the night before. And we got the opportunity to meet Lana Del Rey, we took the chance and ALMOST met her. — uli (@longhaired_) October 5, 2020 Is She a Karen? They were quick to compare the Lana Del Rey to the ‘Karens’ who go ignorant lengths to defy mask orders. The ‘Ultraviolence’ singer’s photos prove to be a little too close to the Karen pictures, as seen below: Lana Del Rey wearing a face mask // a random Karen wearing a face mask — LG⁹¹¹ 〄 (@EnigmaticGaga) October 2, 2020 The next Lana del rey mask — ' (@legendaryadkins) October 3, 2020 QUICK GAME: Is this Lana Del Rey or an anti-mask Karen? — Dennis Feitosa (@gowithdennis) October 3, 2020 ✨normalize being a lana del rey stan during her karen era✨ — JJ (@melinoeu) October 7, 2020 someone come get karen del rey this is embarrassing — ghost-cowbabey (@Hexvvitch) October 7, 2020 While some fans were disappointed by her choice, and the nature of the event, some fans were just disappointed they did not get to meet Lana Del Rey when the Health Department shut everything down. Lead By Example While you should not follow Lana’s lead, other celebrities have been great examples of how you should wear a mask, and they were pretty stylish too. Look how cute Mindy Kaling looks in hers: I mean… “Fashion Show! Fashion Show!” Would you look at that… over the nose! EVEN THE QUEEN OF STICKING HER TONGUE OUT IS WEARING A MASK: In conclusion, it really is not that hard to wear a mask and respect others during this pandemic. The quicker you cooperate, the sooner you don’t ever have to look at a mask again. This should act a reminder that Coronavirus is a real and dangerous reality that we live in. According to the CDC, to avoid COVID-19, we should wash our hands regularly, wear masks, and stay 6-feet apart from one another. Avoid crowded environments, work from home when you can, and do not associate with those you do not regularly live with. For mask to be effective, it should be made out of a “tightly woven fabric” and worn over your mouth AND nose. This chic design that Lana wore was definitely not CDC recommended. While you may not have symptoms of Coronavirus, you could spread the disease to others who could experience much worse symptoms leading to death. It is irresponsible to expose yourself and others for the sake of a picture. Be smart and do the right thing.

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Twitter Boycotts Tory Lanez New Album Over Meg Thee Stallion Drama

The drama between Meg Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez continues after Lanez dropped his newest album ‘DAYSTAR’ on September 24th.  You may remember that in July, the rap superstar, Meg Thee Stallion was shot in the foot after a confrontation with Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez. Meg Thee Stallion quickly accused Lanez of being her shooter when she took to her Instagram live to publicly call him and his publicists out. Lanez and his team have denied all allegations brought against him on that fateful night when Meg was shot in her feet. Lanez was later arrested and charged with “possession of a concealed weapon but has not been charged in connection with the alleged shooting,” according to CNN, but is still under investigation and is set to be seen in court on October 13th.  The Saga Continues While nothing has come of the incident thus far, new drama between the two has sparked when Tory Lanez released a new album titled ‘DAYSTAR’ this past Thursday on September 24th. Throughout the album, Lanez refers to the accusations brought against him in his lyrics. In the song ‘Queen and Slim,’ the rapper says “I wasn’t the wrong one that night, you was just too drunk to even see it.” And in his song ‘Money Over Fallout,’ Lanez directly refers to Meg Thee Stallion when he rapped, “How the f**k you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?” Twitter Reacts Twitter did not skip a beat and was quick to jump to Meg Thee Stallions defense. Many people believe her side of the story and are tired of listening to Tory Lanez deny the allegations instead of owning up to them. Her fans are standing by her and refusing to listen and support Lanez and his new album. So, instead of issuing a heartfelt, public apology to @theestallion, Tory Lanez "breaks his silence" by using the horrific incident to promote his trash ass new album and to intimate that Megan is a liar⁉️ He is canceled and needs to catch the ultimate fade. ? — Elgin Charles (@ElginCharles) September 25, 2020 I feel very stupid for thinking this, but given two months to think of a response, I expected Tory Lanez to come up with something better — Todd in the Shadows (@ShadowTodd) September 25, 2020 So Tory Lanez denied shooting Meg and called her a liar, made a whole diss track about black women in the music industry on top of attacking multiple across all songs, AND defended Chris Brown and his own reputation as an abuser. Men have rights because? — ???? ????? (@leeknelly) September 25, 2020 In honor of Tory lanez album, I’m streaming Kehlani meg and kash and jojo all day ? goofy ass — ?Justice For Breonna Taylor? (@alex_wham) September 25, 2020 #WeBelieveInYouMegan Many are even encouraging everyone to stream Meg instead, claiming the album release day as ‘Happy Meghan Day’ to take the attention away from Lanez’s album. Her fans are posting appreciation pictures and calling out her amazing year of success despite the shooting. The hashtag #WeBelieveInYouMegan began trending on Twitter. good morning, i hope everyone streams Meg Thee Stallion today. — k. ♡ (@kcastanosx) September 25, 2020 .@theestallion you have such a kind soul! Sending you all love and positive thoughts! ❤#WeBelieveInYouMegan — Beyoncé Update (@beyoncespotifys) September 25, 2020 Hotties US! Let's go up this tag to show support and affection for Megan #WeBelieveInYouMegan To show who we really believe in and who we really should support and join our strengths ? — Megan Stallion BR (@meganstallionbr) September 25, 2020 #1 On Apple Music Despite the allegations brought against Tory Lanez, some of his fans don’t seem to care and are steaming the album regardless. ‘DAYSTAR’ is already #1 on Apple Music, which it reached in under a 24 hour period. Tory Lanez Earn His First #1 Album On Apple Music … Hasn’t Been 24 Hours Yet ?????? — Hood Starz ⭐️ (@HoodStarzMusic) September 25, 2020 Y’all really gonna be mad when Tory Lanez album goes number 1 watch! Innocent until proven guilty! — MR.YN⚜️ (@MJM_2019) September 25, 2020 Tory Lanez aint in jail cuz 1) Meg aint press charges or 2) he innocent. At the end of the day this ⬇️ what its all about. — Erick (@calmdownezyezy) September 25, 2020 Abusers Slipping Through The Cracks People are obviously upset by the album reaching number 1. If everyone is apparently boycotting the album in support of Meg Thee Stallion and other Black women that he bashed in his music, then who is still streaming him? It brings up the sore feeling about Cancel Culture that seems to tear consumers apart. People are exhausted of canceling abusive artists only for them to squeeze through the cracks when people choose to overlook their bad behavior. Cancel culture really doesn’t exist because y’all about to give Tory Lanez a #1 album just to hear if he mentions shooting Meg — The Main Character (@LoveOnYourself) September 25, 2020 Not a surprise Tory Lanez #1, cats allowed Tekashi 69 to step back into the scene. Simpletons. — Stan Ross (@HunterWish) September 25, 2020 The album dropped the day of the Breonna Taylor hearing. In this anxious hearing, two of the cops that were involved in her murder were not indicted and one was only charged with ‘Wanton Endangerment.’ Not a single officer was charged with her murder, and that is not setting well with anyone hoping for Justice in Breonna Taylor’s name. People have taken to the streets to continue to protest police brutality in the name is protecting Black lives, especially Black women. ‘DAYSTAR’ felt like salt on the wound when once again, a Black woman’s story and pain is not believed nor validated. While Megan’s fans stand firmly behind her, it is not enough to keep Lanez’s album from gaining traction and reaching #1. We will wait until October 13 to see if Tory Lanez will be charged, and if further chargers will be brought forward between now and then.

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TikTok Is Updating Their Home Screens and You Should Too

Gen Zer’s are always on top of the latest and hottest trends, so it may come as no surprise that they were the first to jump when Apple’s IOS 14 came out. On September 16th, after Apple’s annual event when they fill the public in on their latest take on modern technology, IOS 14 dropped. Finally *sigh of relief,* we were offered a new home screen feature, Widgets. Widgets are large icons iPhone users can design to personalize their home screen and to make certain apps more accessible to its user. The Widgets can be clocks, calendars, photos, and even moon phases. Need a visual, look no further. Here’s a screen grab directly for Apple: TikTok Trendsetters While that may sound exciting in its own, just wait- there’s more. Just as TikTok always does, it found a way to make your life cooler. TikToker’s have flooded the app with ‘how-to’ videos on making your new home screen ~aesthetically pleasing~, and they have certainly delivered. They are taking to the app with advice and tutorials to make your quarantine a little classier. With a couple replays on these TikToks, and possibly the help of your younger sibling, you too, could have the home screen dreams are made of. Cohesive colors, dreamy patterns, and satisfying layouts? Yes, please!  How To Do It: You may be asking yourself, how to do such a thing. Here’s the run down. All you need to give your home screen some TLC, is a couple apps and a few extra hours on your hands. That’s right. This process is a little time consuming, and you may scream in a pillow a couple times, but it’s quarantine; you were probably going to stare at your phone for a couple hours anyway tonight. First, you need to download an app called ‘Widgetsmith.’ Once downloaded, you can choose several sizes for your Widgets. Then you decide whether you want a time feature, date/calender, moon phase, or you can customize your own. From this point, you can choose colors, fonts, and so on. Next, save the widget you’ve created, and press down on any app to ‘edit Home Screen.’ Go to the top left corner where there is an ‘+’ symbol and scroll down to ‘Widgetsmith.’ From there you will press on the one you made in the app and place it on your home screen. Did you get all that? I know it may be a little hard to understand at first. Try watching this TikTok from @katamogz, if you’re a visual learner, like myself. Bonus Tip: If you are feeling extra enthusiastic about your phone’s screen, try customizing your app icons. Go to shortcuts, hit the ‘+’ button, then go to ‘Scripting.’ Hit ‘Open App’ then ‘choose.’ Slide down to the desired app icon you want to change and click on it. Go back and tap on the “…” button below next and where you see the yellow icon pop up, tap on it and you can choose the ‘glyph’ and color to add to your home screen. Again, very time consuming, but oh so cute. Inspiration Some people are opting with a more subdued Autumn look with gentle warm tones and artsy quotes, while others are going full blown Tumblr on us with edgy neon and black backgrounds. It can be hard to decide on which aesthetic you should go for. Do you go all out for Halloween? Or should you pick a theme that goes with your personality? Tough decisions to be made, so why not continue to look at TikTok for further inspiration. They are the ones setting the trends, right? For a casual, Fall look check out @kaylamarie126’s new digs: @kaylamarie126 i’ve spent HOURS working on my home screen i love it so much ? #ios14 #ios14homescreen #ios14update ♬ Call me – 90sFlav Those  of you taking the Halloween Season very seriously: @katiefeeneyy haven’t seen anyone do a fall home screen yet?? do you have ios14? #pumpkinseason #ios14 #homescreen #editing #aesthetic #fall #widget #edit ♬ Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys – 先輩ミチ For a cool look featuring monochromatic pages: @yrndarriusss *UPDATED * here go my final one ?? #fyp #virall #4u #xyzbca #foryou #ios14 #iphonehomescreen #homescreen #Denim4all ♬ ICE (feat. MORGENSHTERN) – Morgenshtern And finally, here’s one for all you Pantone fans out there: @nicolegagli making things aesthetically pleasing is all i’m good for #ios14 #ios #homescreen #PumpkinSeason #RoseGoldFaceBrush #xyzbca #foryou #harrystyles ♬ Every Week Is Fashion Week For Me – Auditions: Open No matter which theme you decide to go with, and no matter how much time you spend perfecting your look, it is sure to be unique to your phone. Thanks to Apple and these new Widgets, we can look forward to something in 2020, even if it’s just a new home screen.

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Oops! Chrissy Teigen Slips Up and Reveals Baby’s Gender

Over an Instagram story on September 17th, the model and foodie, Chrissy Teigen, accidentally revealed her baby’s gender while talking about her pregnancy. Teigen was updating her fans about the size and health of her baby, and slipped in the pronoun ‘he’ when referring to the baby. The 34 year-old quickly covered her mouth realizing what she had said and just followed with “oops.” After the story, she called herself stupid, and wrapped up the conversation. It did not seem to be that big of a deal to her as she continued to post the story, and later posted it on her wall to share the news with the rest of her fans. The baby boy will be the third child for Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend, so perhaps they were not planning a large gender reveal anyway.  Watch the adorable and small slip up here: How ‘Chrissy’ Of Her Twitter users were quick to congratulate the model and her husband, and make fun of her gender reveal. Teigen is known for being hilarious, outspoken, unfiltered, and all together ‘TMI.’ Her quirky personality always has fans laughing, and guessing what her next slip up will be; like the time she accidentally flashed everyone at an awards ceremony back in 2016 when her high slit dress was slit a little too high. Or in 2019, when she publicly posted her email address without realizing it and got non stop FaceTime calls from strangers. Many twitter users laughed at the idea of her sharing the sensitive information in such a cause was just “so Chrissy Teigen” of her, and the least surprising thing she could do.  This is the most @chrissyteigen pregnancy reveal ever. I’m so excited for another mini @johnlegend !!! — #KayleyCoogs *️⃣ (@coogs25) September 17, 2020 not that i expected a gender reveal or anything, but i imagine a sandwich-related reveal would've been up your alley (not really sure how one would successfully do a sandwich gender-reveal, but i'm sure it could be done). — mands (@mmtankersley) September 17, 2020 No Wild Fires In This Reveal Some tweets even poked at the fact that while her reveal was not ideal, at least it did not start a wildfire or cause harm to anybody as we all are familiar with by now. This, of course, is alluding to the California Wildfires that were caused by a gender reveal in Southern California earlier this September. The wildfires burned down over 7,000 acres in San Bernardino county. Twitter users wanted to make Teigen an example of what an unproblematic reveal could look like. Maybe she mentioned the pronoun, but she displace anyone or cause any damage. Twitter user, @skh4102, said, “it didn’t destroy millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes and businesses and also kill people.” Chrissy Teigen’s baby’s gender (assigned en utero) reveal was better than yours ✨and✨ it didn’t destroy millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes and businesses and also kill people. — sarah k harris (@skh4102) September 18, 2020 Hey look a gender reveal that didn’t displace thousands of people and animals and destroy a bunch of wildlife? congrats @chrissyteigen ? — claire de lune (@ClaireMPLS) September 17, 2020 Oh wow – you did a gender reveal without burning down a state! Congrats (on the baby, and not burning down the state!) — Sean Conley (@seanwconley) September 17, 2020 Teigen even laughed about the joke herself while replying to a fan’s tweet saying, “no fires and no one shot in the d-ck.” She was referring to the viral video where a man got slammed in the crotch while shooting off a powder ‘bomb’ to reveal his child’s gender in early September. ? no fires and no one shot in the dick — chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 17, 2020 Chrissy is not shy about being totally open and honest about her body and her life, which is why she has such a cult following with over 13 million followers on Twitter and 31 million on Instagram. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share two beautiful children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2. Teigen has shared her journey with pregnancy, as they have struggled getting pregnant naturally and turned to IVF for previous pregnancies. Back in June, she took a pregnancy test before going in for surgery, and the test came back negative. A few weeks following her procedure, John and Chrissy round out that she indeed had been pregnant prior to the surgery, but luckily the baby and her are doing well. This lighthearted accident over Instagram on Teigen’s behalf, is honestly what we needed in 2020. No drama, no theatrics- just a funny mistake to lighten your week.

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Kim Kardashian-West Under Fire After Skims’ Maternity Launch

On September 16th, Kim Kardashian West’s shape wear company, Skims, will have released their new maternity line but the release comes with controversy. The new line will offer “sculpting” bodysuits, bras, shorts and briefs specially designed for pregnant, and nursing women. According to Kim’s Instagram, the line, “offers the best in comfort and support for your changing body during and after pregnancy.” The Controversy As soon as the brand announced the shape wear, disappointed celebrities and twitter users flooded Kim Kardashian with angry and concerned tweets concerning the body image of pregnant and postpartum women. Social media users were concerned about why pregnant women need shape wear, claiming that women should be proud of their pregnancy and not ashamed of their changing bodies. This comes after years of the Kardashian-Jenner family promoting a specific body type which was encouraged with waist trainers and spandex shape wear; not to mention the pressure they placed on themselves to lose baby weight following the birth of each of their children. Fans are worried that this is, once again, the Kardashian’s imposing unhealthy body image. And it is especially sensitive because it is now affecting pregnant women.  Celebrities and fans alike took to twitter to give Kim and Skims a piece of their mind.  The celebrity that started the conversation about Kim’s new line was Jameela Jamil. The Good Place actress shared her concern over Twitter, the same day the announcement for the line dropped. She said, “It would be so cool if pregnant people could just be allowed to be pregnant and get bigger and not be self conscious, and enjoy the miracle taking place inside their body and not have to worry about feeling embarrassed/shamed that their body is changing for an amazing reason.” It would be so cool if pregnant people could just be allowed to be pregnant and get bigger and not be self conscious, and enjoy the miracle taking place inside their body and not have to worry about feeling embarrassed/shamed that their body is changing for an amazing reason. — Jameela Jamil ? (@jameelajamil) September 13, 2020 This started a slew of responses aiming at both Jamil and the maternity shape wear. Some were parents who had previously faced body image issues surrounding their pregnancies.  My dad came over after I hadn’t seen him for weeks due to lockdown and said ‘oh you’ve got fatter!’ And I knew he meant more pregnant but it left me feeling so insecure for the rest of the week. Nobody should be commenting on anyone else’s size ever. Ever. Pregnant or not — Alex (@malexwalex) September 13, 2020 For me, it was the time afterwards where I felt more pressure.'When will you be losing the weight?''Are you pregnant again? Oh, you just haven't lost your weight yet.' I'm proud of what my body did and I'm in no rush to look like I did before my son was born ❤ — Laura Vance (@laurajaynefox1) September 13, 2020 Standing by Maternity Shape Wear But the majority of comments were focused around Jamil’s lack of expertise in the pregnancy realm. Many parents in the comments were quick to point out the functionality of maternity shape wear, which has existed years before the Skims launch. In Kardashian-West’s defense, the shape wear is to better support a pregnant person’s growing tummy and the physical pressure on a person’s body.  having been pregnant 4 times it was really hard to find decent support for my belly, easing off my pelvis. I had to wear a belly band. Kim k’s maternity skims aren’t ‘shapewear’ they’re support. And I only hope more places start to sell something similar. — G (@elvonhar) September 13, 2020 Everyone criticizing #skims and @KimKardashian clearly have never met a pregnant person. You know they make pregnancy belts to hold up bellies, right? This shape wear is just that but cute. #chillout — Nicole (@smallinstature) September 14, 2020 @KimKardashian bravo on Maternity Skims! I wish I had this support when I was carrying my children. — Fay (@Fayizzle) September 14, 2020 This tweet even went as far as to claim that those in opposition to the launch are not taking pregnant disabled people into consideration. It’s also extremely ableist to assume that because you can do something with ease that everyone else will be able to. I imagine this doesn’t just help the average pregnant person but anyone carrying who might have disabilities of some kind.Very narrow minded indeed. — ~ ~ ~ ~ (@toltorg) September 14, 2020 Kim K’s Response Kim Kardashian-West was quick to respond to all the tweets, and responses flooding in about the controversy. She took to Twitter to release a statement. The KUWTK star said, “To anyone who has an issue with maternity solutionwear, and if you haven’t been pregnant before you may not know the struggle of what it’s like carrying all of this weight the way I did along with millions of strong women, @skims maternity line is not to slim but to support.” Based on the majority of positive feedback we have received so far from pregnant women around the world, I am incredibly proud to provide a solution that will provide comfort and support during the times that we all need it most, during pregnancy and after. — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) September 13, 2020 She followed her initial comeback with retweets and screenshots of mothers showing their support for her brand and new line.  Not only did her fans back her up, but her famous friends did as well. Most notably, Chrissy Teigen ran to Kim K’s defense. On her instagram, the model and cookbook author, showed off her Skims while pregnant with her third child. She told her followers that she was not trying to look any slimmer, but just wanted to feel more comfortable. Many people assumed that this was Teigen’s way of digging at Jamil’s previous tweet. Jamil was quick to let everyone know that the model’s post was not about her.  Just Spoke to Chrissy. She wasn’t talking about me in her video at all. The garbage way that tabloids try to set women upon each other to create a fantasy bitch fight for entertainment is so disgusting and archaic. We all know each other… you can’t just make shit up about us.?? — Jameela Jamil ? (@jameelajamil) September 14, 2020 Drama seems to follow Kim Kardashian wherever she goes. This is not the first time her brand has faced controversy. In 2019, Kim originally planned to name her company ‘Kimono,’ which was followed by severe backlash, as the name was clearly appropriation of Japanese culture.  While the launch of Skims maternity line was met with anger, it was immensely welcomed by pregnant women among Twitter.

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Youtube’s Most Popular Content Creators Cash In On Relief Funds

Famous Youtube creators were able to get small business loans after the pandemic left many of these large creator-based companies unable to pay their employees. But after further research, we were left wondering if the loans were being used properly by these YouTubers.  The YouTubers who applied and received these Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans, included major names such as Mr. Beast and Jeffree Star. This caused some controversy as people are questioning if they should have even received the money to begin with. Background Mr. Beast is a popular YouTube creator, flaunting over 42 million subscribers. His videos consist of click-bait challenges with contestants winning large cash prizes upwards of $1 million and other prizes including houses and lamborghinis. Outside of his lavish YouTube competitions, he donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and people in need, which is often documented on his YouTube channel.  Donating to charities is always commendable, especially if you have the platform and means to do so, but there are many videos on his channel consisting of his friends competing in challenges and winning prizes up to $800,000. The Controversy Peoples heads began to turn, when the news came out that Mr. Beast’s YouTube company got between $350,000 and $1 million in pandemic relief funds. Knowing his history, people were cautious about how he was actually going to use the money.  A tweet by @barmaidalexis stated, “Love that Mr. Beast is taking funds for what’s basically a lottery channel, but none of the small restaurants I knew could get a loan.” And they have a valid reason to feel distressed by extremely popular YouTubers like Mr. Beast receiving these large small business loans.  Mr. Beast is not the only one who caught people’s attention around this issue. The infamous-as-ever Jeffree Star was yet another content creator who also took advantage of the PPP loans.  Jeffree Star has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. He also owns the multi-million dollar company Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is sold online and in stores. He, just as Mr. Beast, received between $350,000 and $1 million dollars in relief funds.  People are concerned that big companies, like Star Cosmetics, are able to receive large sums of money in relief loans, while smaller businesses that actually need the money, are not receiving anything from the Payment Protection Program.   One tweet by @jean_mate1 says, “Jeffree Star received federal relief loans that were meant for small businesses! Excuse me? Why are people who already make a good amount of money getting these relief loans? It’s not for them.” With Jeffree Star’s net worth around $200 million and his constant flaunting of designer bags and custom painted sports cars, it is no surprise people are upset and rattled by his cashing in of the relief fund.   Frustration Many other people took to Twitter to voice their frustration on the issue How tf are you flexing while taking federal relief loans out of the hands of small businesses?!? — Dan ? (@yaaauur) September 10, 2020 Just a reminder that Jefree Star’s company applied/was approved for a ppp small business loan while jeffree himself bought a new super car, a ranch and multiple designer items etc. why do u need $1 million from the government?? Tax payers aren’t meant to fund ur business u are — luna (@lunaramart) September 11, 2020 It is important to remember that both of these companies are almost run completely online. This includes their online shops and  YouTube channels that receive major traffic, regardless of the pandemic. This is all happening while small businesses have lost storefronts and physical foot traffic and still can be denied what these YouTube creators have cashed in on. Both, Mr. Beast and Jeffree Star have been posting content throughout the pandemic, which is driving in profit. Star in particular has felt no shame in showing off excessively expensive purchases made while in quarantine, while requesting relief funds for his employees and companies.  This is not to say that these Youtubers do not deserve the relief fund, but it does make one wonder the legitimacy of their request and approval for the large loans and why other small businesses have been denied such mercy in the face of the pandemic. 

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