Scorpio Season And Why Scorpios Get A Bad Reputation Explained

Is it just us or has there been a huge spike in astrology and zodiac obsession within the last year? Regardless of whether you’ve noticed that or not, you might have noticed that ‘Scorpio’ was trending on Twitter today. Why, you might ask? That’s right, it’s Scorpio season everyone! So sit back, but don’t get too comfortable because we are all about to go through some serious rebirth!  ITS SCORPIO SEASON ♏️✨ — 𝚜𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚙𝚒𝚑𝚘𝚎🦂 (@scorpio_puta) October 23, 2020 It’s Scorpio Szn. All the other zodiac signs to the back! — Rob Sherrell (@RobJustJokin) October 23, 2020 Scorpio Season Explained Scorpio season, also known as the time from October 23 through November 21, is a time of transformation. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning that while this is a deeply emotional sign, they are also stubborn and can hold a grudge. This sign is fiercely loyal, but much like an actual Scorpion, if you cross one, it will not hold back its’ powerful stinger. Those born with their sun sign in Scorpio can be known to be intense, mysterious, brooding, and sexual, and determined.  happy scorpio season. it’s time to heal our shadow and purge the unnecessary, what is no longer needed. the remnants of what once was and what we’ve been holding onto? yeah we’re letting it go this time around. anything that is unneeded feels heavier this season. — ♈︎ (@mindfullmusings) October 23, 2020 Above all else, Scorpio season is a time of rebirth and possibly even transformation. This simply means letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you. This time of year is even reflected in nature as the leaves are changing and falling off the trees in many parts of America.  While lettings go of the things in your life that no longer serve you could look like ending friendships with the toxic people in your life, it shouldn’t be confused with cutting people out because you are over them. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Reflection and intention is very important during Scorpio season. a lot of friendships going snip snip ✂️ this scorpio season — jeni ❀ (@thepisceanaura) October 23, 2020 But Scorpio season can bring some adversity as well. Because some of us may be feeling extra sensitive and introspective, we might have a tendency to overthink things right now. This could potentially lead to feeling more introverted than usual, but don’t let any of this turn to paranoia!  And OF COURSE, in true 2020 fashion, we are experiencing one of the most crazy Presidential elections right as Scorpio season is taking off.  Seems like a fatal flaw that the U.S. election occurs in Scorpio season by default — nathan ma (@nthnashma) October 18, 2020 Psychic astrologer at told Refinery29, “the first 12 days of the Scorpio season leading up to the 2020 election will be the most intense period.” Oh good, that’s comforting to know. Not.  it should be illegal to have scorpio season, an election, and a pandemic all happening at once — sara li (@saruhli) October 22, 2020 But now is not the time to be making rash decisions. Take time to think everything through, do your own research and make intentional decisions.  Scorpio Bad Reputation Despite Scorpio season being all about rebirth and powerful energy, it is probably the most controversial of all the zodiac seasons. Scorpios and Scorpio season just gets a really bad rep! The Scorpio-haters were quick to comment on the start of their least favorite season today on Twitter.  First day of Scorpio szn is going well, had a breakdown about being alone forever and wallowed in misery until 2 am 😂 — Femme Liberacion (@femmeliberacion) October 23, 2020 did anyone actually get any sleep on the first night of scorpio season ? — hanging out (@legallyines) October 23, 2020 Most people think Scorpios are just a bunch of horny, creepy, and evil people.  scorpio season is upon us — Jill Krajewski (@JillKrajewski) October 23, 2020 Nobody:Aquarius’s,Virgo’s &Scorpio’s : — manifestation mom ryan 🖤 (@manifestmomryan) October 23, 2020 scorpios be like — 2 Words 1 Finger (@hateme2times) October 23, 2020 And to be fair, sometimes Scorpios are a little intense. But “Dangerous!?” THIS is why Scorpios have a bad reputation.  It's Scorpio season! 🦂Scorpios are known as the zodiac's enigma. They are usually described as emotional, intense, determined, turbulent, and a little dangerous. Does this describe you or a Scorpio you know? — Getty (@GettyMuseum) October 23, 2020 Dangerous couldn’t be further from the truth! They are just misunderstood!  scorpios are just misunderstood bc we tend to have a hard exterior to mask how soft we really are :/ — ELYRIS (@2arcanic) October 23, 2020 Scorpios are strong enough to not tolerate mistreatment from anyone. Seems like if they have an attitude, it might be a sign to check the way you are treating them. Oh no, suddenly we’re having elementary school flashbacks of, “treat others as you want to be treated!” A Scorpios attitude is based off of how you treat us — Scorpio Brasi (@iamsouljabrasi) October 23, 2020 Although, to be fair, Twitter has been seeing a lot of…exclusive, for lack of a better word, Scorpio energy today. good morning scorpios what does it feel like to wake up knowing you're the powerhouse of the zodiac — girlfriend from hell 🦂 (@lunatically) October 23, 2020 Us waking up today 🦂 Good morning to Scorpios and Scorpios only #Scorpiogang — Katykin (@katy_kin) October 23, 2020 Okay, calm down. Scorpios are the best zodiac sign. — Britt (@brittkneetailor) October 23, 2020 But on the whole, Scorpios are pretty cool. Famous Scorpios include Drake, Matthew McConaughey, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates and Whoopi Goldberg. scorpio season 😈 —℮ggslut (@egg_slut) October 23, 2020 How To Survive Scorpio Season  If you are looking for ways to survive Scorpio season without going into a complete paranoid spiral, we have compiled some excellent resources. ITS FINALLY SCORPIO SZN BISHES 😤🙈👏🏽❤️ — simp.plefeels (@PetitePothead67) October 23, 2020 Costar Astrology, one of the most popular astrology apps, says that during Scorpio season we should be embracing endings, not scared of them. Time for everyone to shut those doors no longer serving them so that new, better ones can open! Astrology Instagram account Sisters Village stresses the importance of focusing on yourself during this time. Be vulnerable and open with yourself. Going off of the idea of being vulnerable with yourself, The Mantra Co. on Instagram encourages everyone to be honest with themselves right now, and forgiving. Scorpio season is the perfect time to give yourself a bit of grace. Scorpio season is a time of reflection, rebirth and transformation. Hopefully this helped explain a bit about what the hype is with Scorpio season and why everyone hates them so much. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Scorpio season! Feature image photos by Tania Medina on Unsplash and James Lee on Unsplash

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Lizzo And Other Celebs Respond To Nigerian Peaceful Protest Turned Violent

Protests against police brutality in Nigeria have reached a peak as soldiers open fire at peaceful protestors on Tuesday night. The violence in Nigeria has gotten severe, and Americans are slow to respond to raise awareness.  People in Lekki sitting on the floor, signing the national anthem & waiving the Nigerian flag just a few minutes before fire was opened on — Moe (@Mochievous) October 20, 2020 Peaceful Protest Turned Violent For the past two weeks, thousands of Nigerians have been protesting nationwide for the abolishment of a Nigerian police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, also known as SARS for short. SARS has been accused of harassment, torture and murder for years now. After pressure from the public, the unit was disbanded on October 11th, but protests demanding new law enforcement reform continue.  A three day 24-hour curfew was put in place to help control protests. But despite the protest, things took a turn for the worse in Lagos on Tuesday.  Local photojournalist, Eti-Inyene Godwin Akpan, who has been documenting the protests, told NBC News, “it’s been a peaceful protest from the beginning.” Akpan continued to detail how most of the protests have been people sitting on the ground, holding the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem by a tollgate that distinguishes the affluent area to the mainland.  Around 3pm on Tuesday at the Lekki bridge, Akpan saw bridge workers take down security cameras and turn off street lighting, which caused concern. That evening Nigerian military arrived and began shooting at the crowd. People scrambled to flee the scene while officers destroyed cameras and phones and continued shooting.  A protest organizer who was on the frontlines of the Lekki protest expressed disbelief that the army had denied deaths at the scene, when there was video evidence online. Unverified images have been posted online depicting fires, property damage, gunfire and more. The protest organizer said he feared that dozens of people had been killed that evening, and that gun shots could still be heard into Wednesday morning.  The incident seemed “perfectly planned” by officers, described the organizer. He too had seen the security cameras and street lights get turned off.  The Nigerian army has denied any deaths and have brushed the incident off as fake news on Twitter.  Be Aware!!! — Nigerian Army (@HQNigerianArmy) October 20, 2020 Spreading Awareness The hashtags #EndSars and #EndSarsNow are being utilised to spread awareness globally about what is happening right now in Nigeria. But still, many people say this is not enough. An image of a bloodied Nigerian flag starting circulating the internet. It is now one of the most shared images when talking about the protests.  On this day 20-10-20, the Nigerian flag was stained with the blood of the innocent #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera protesters. — Vanguard Newspapers (@vanguardngrnews) October 20, 2020 Many people are trying to bring more attention to Americans about the genocide that is happening in Nigeria.  the police are blatantly killing peaceful protesters & unarmed civilians in nigeria. our people need our attention and they need our aid. black people deserve peace worldwide. #EndSARs — Meechael Myers (@DemetriusHarmon) October 21, 2020 People are urging each other not to be silent right now. Silence is not an option and the world needs to know that genocide is happening in Nigeria.#EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND #EndSWAT #GenocideAtLekkiTollGate #CrimesAgainstHumanity Registration — Aisha Yesufu (@AishaYesufu) October 21, 2020 Similarities are being drawn between what is happening in Nigeria as their citizens are being harmed for peacefully protesting police, much like what happened in America during the Black Lives Matter movement this past summer. Twitter users are calling for the same amount of energy for Nigeria that was given during the BLM movement.  We stopped the entire world for the BLM movement, but now when there are pressing issues happening in Nigeria & Congo the world is quieter. Black lives in Africa are black lives that also matter. #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #CongoIsBleeding #congogenocide — A (@_IndelibleA) October 16, 2020 This Twitter users summarizes the irony many people see in this situation; pointing out the irony of asking for the same energy as BLM though, when the violent protests in Nigeria are still about Black lives facing police brutality.  I don’t appreciate people saying“GIVE NIGERIA THE SAME ATTENTION YOU GAVE THE BLM MOVEMENT”As if nigerians aren’t black. Nigerian lives ARE black lives. There is no separation. BLM movement focused around police brutality. Nigerians are suffering from police brutality!! — Monay (@Lunathesnob) October 21, 2020 Most of the talk in America right now about Nigeria is calling out not only that more energy is needed, but almost how ashamed everyone should be for picking and choosing which Black lives we fight for. BLM in your bio but you haven’t said a word about Nigeria or any of the other African countries suffering? Are you not embarrassed? — Rejoice #END SARS🇳🇬 (@uwaemuan) October 21, 2020 Luckily there are some resources going around though! This Twitter user outlines a comprehensive list of how you can help Nigeria from an outside country.  So I've been seeing "what can I do" a lot from folks who want to know how they can help Nigeria from outside the country. There's several ways right now in which you can assist in this movement, a thread: — Seun (@seuntheactivist) October 21, 2020 How Celebrities Are Responding  Originally very few celebrities were speaking out about what is happening in Nigeria, but slowly more and more began speaking out. Rihanna was the first big celebrity to take to social media about the protests last night. She posted the viral photo of the bloodied Nigerian flag with the hashtag “#ENDSARS NG.” She also posted an Instagram story last night, voicing her support for Nigerians in their continued fight against SARS. She tweeted the same posts to her Twitter account.  #ENDSARS 🇳🇬 — Rihanna (@rihanna) October 20, 2020 Beyonce, well known for her activism on behalf of people of color, also spoke out on Instagram, voicing her allyship and actionable items she is doing to help. Lizzo also took the time to educate her fans on Instagram about what is happening in Nigeria.  Slowly other celebrities began to use their platforms as well to raise awareness about the situation in Nigeria, but most of them have been celebrities of color. Most recently Jada Pinkett Smith expressed heartbreak over what is happening in Nigeria on Twitter. She calls for change.  The senseless brutality in Nigeria has me completely heartbroken. There has to be change. #EndSARS #PrayForNigeria 🙏🏽🖤 — Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) October 21, 2020 Of the few white “celebrities” that have spoken out about Nigeria are Presidential candidate Joe Biden. He issued a statement on Tuesday calling on the Nigerian President and military to cease the violence against protesters. He also called for the United States to stand with Nigerians peacefully protesting. President Trump has yet to comment on the issue, at least on Twitter.  Our hearts are with Nigeria during this devastating time as they continue to fight for justice.

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Zoey 101 Fans Appalled At TikTokers Possibly Taking Over Reboot

Jamie Lynn Spears, who played Zoey Brooks in the hit Nickelodeon series Zoey 101, took to social media to showcase a Zoey 101 reboot teaser as a promo for a cast reunion! Fans anxiously await an actual reboot of Zoey 101, but until then the original cast, plus a few famous additions, will be virtually reuniting for an evening!  @jamielynnspears THE LEGACY CONTINUES: the Follow Me (Zoey 101) See It First Experience- 10/25 link in bio for tickets! @itsjojosiwa @dixiedamelio @lorengray & more! ♬ original sound – Jamie Lynn Spears This morning, Spears took to Twitter to announce the reunion. The original cast will be back together at a global live stream event, “See It First: The Follow Me (Zoey 101).”  THE LEGACY CONTINUES: the Follow Me (Zoey 101) See It First Experience!10/25 @Flynning @ErinZariah @MattUnderpants @ChrisMasseyTMB  @ChantelJeffries @itsjojosiwa @dixiedamelio @noahbeck @iamlorengray @HarryJowsey @TheGigiGorgeous @sofiareyes @lifeaseva — Jamie Lynn Spears (@jamielynnspears) October 19, 2020 The original Zoey cast will be there, along with some other famous faces such as JoJo Siwa, Dixie D’Amelio, Loren Gray, Gigi Gorgeous and more. No one is entirely sure what they will be doing at the event, but hopefully longtime fans won’t be disappointed.  Spears also plans on releasing a new single, “Follow Me (Zoey 101),” that she wrote in collaboration with her sister Britney in 2004. The new single recreates the original theme song to the television show, but is updated for the Zoey of 2020.  Where Has Jamie Lynn Spears Been? Speaking of the title character, Jamie Lynn Spears has been a little MIA since the finale of Zoey 101. She has purposely kept a low profile since having her first born in June 2008 at 16 years old, just a month after the last episode of Zoey 101 aired. In a vulnerable interview with Nylon, Spears details the struggle having to grow up quickly in the public’s eye. She moved away, intentionally, so as to give her child some sense of normalcy. Living in Tennessee, she found a new path in country singing. Now married and living happily in Louisiana with a second child, Spears is slowly finding her way back to her passion for acting. She returned to the screen in Netflix original series Sweet Magnolias, playing Noreen Fitzgibbons, who similarly has an unexpected pregnancy.  Zoey 101 For those unfamiliar with Zoey 101, aka those born after 1999, the show was about a girl, Zoey, settling into her new boarding school in Malibu, California. The show addressed teenage topics in a fun and lighthearted manner. It was a beloved Nickelodeon show, and fans who grew up with it would definitely be thrilled if a reboot was announced.  The Zoey 101 cast was reunited this past summer for an All That sketch, which Spears remarked was, “…kind of just to test the waters, and then it was like, OK. It has to happen. This just has to happen, that’s when the conversations got serious.” okay but why is nobody talking about jamie lynn spears teasing a zoey 101 reboot on all of her social media???!?? — christ★pher (@chrstphrjsph) October 18, 2020 So while a Zoey 101 reboot isn’t happening right this second, it seems that a reboot could possibly be in the works! On the subject of a reboot, Spears says, “finding that balance will be really important because we want to connect with where people are today. The conversations that we’re having right now are creative. ‘What is that story? What is the best way to meet Zoey today?’ We don’t want to just do it to do it. We want it to be good.” But that doesn’t stop fans from getting excited about the possibility of a Zoey 101 reboot.  THERE’S GOING TO BE A ZOEY 101 REBOOT — milenka💎 (@GRIFFMENTELL) October 19, 2020 Okay but…the TikTokers? And while no real details have been released about what the “See It First” event entails, the promo for the event has caused some noise on Twitter. Many fans jumped the gun and assumed Spears’ tease for the live stream reunion event was a tease for an actual reboot! And can you blame them? That video DEFINITELY looked like a teaser trailer! Was this another tactical “test the water” move? Regardless, seeing the amount of TikTokers involved gave diehard Zoey fans quite the scare.  Really disappointed in Jamie Lynn spears for casting tik tok stars for the zoey101 reboot. — jas ➐ BLM (@jasminelynchh) October 19, 2020 NOAH BECK IS GONNA BE IN THE ZOEY 101 REBOOT NOOOOOO WHY GOD NO — hayley (@juiceharry) October 19, 2020 tiktok stars in the Zoey 101 reboot — your good joo dee (@cfmalone) October 19, 2020 Original fans are commenting that the outlook for a Zoey 101 reboot is not looking promising if they are already inviting TikTokers to this reunion event.  Are they seriously doing a Zoey 101 reboot event but added @noahbeck and other TikTok ppl… this already flopped why are they doing this 😭 — Revival (@seIensgomez) October 19, 2020 What fans may not have recognized is that Spears is trying to bring in a new younger audience, and TikTokers are definitely a way to engage Gen Z. Sorry Rebecca, Noah Beck and crew are here to stay. At least for the reunion event.  ok after reading her interview with nylon its honestly good marketing and a smart way to get new fans lol — spooky case🎃🕸 (@fetusdlyers) October 19, 2020 But the temper tantrums keep on coming.  We asked for a REBOOT not whatever this is… the people that watched Zoe101 as a kid are now almost 20 years old… we don’t want talentless tiktok stars and burnt out random youtubers… we WANT ZOE 101! Shame on whoever came up with this…. — Charlie Groleau (@cgroleau598) October 19, 2020 “Burnt out random YouTubers?” Okay now this is just getting mean. oof girl this ain’t it. cut the tiktokers and do an actual reboot thx -all zoey 101 fans 💀💀 — ❀ 𝒥𝑜𝓈𝒾𝑒 ❀ (@stayghostinasa) October 19, 2020 Nobody is a fan of having TikTok stars take over their beloved Zoey 101. I feel VIOLATED and UNSAFE by the resurgence of the zoey101 cast on tiktok — brooke (@ladyefron) October 17, 2020 It would truly be two worlds colliding, and not in a good way. Can you even imagine JoJo Siwa or Noah Beck running around PCA? Truly wild.  The live stream reunion event will take place Sunday October 25th. Will you be tuning in? Or do the TikTokers ruin it for you?

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Mixed Feelings Over Cow Hugging Self Care Controversy

Cow hugging or ‘koe knuffelen’ is becoming the latest wellness craze to take over. It is being offered as a form of therapy to farm visitors in countries across the world, including the United States. But there’s a bit of controversy surrounding this latest form of self care.   I wanna go cow hugging — ben jammin' (@ben2810) October 14, 2020 Cow Hugging As any animal lover will tell you, being around animals can have stress relieving benefits. Koe knuffelen originated in Reuver, a village in the Netherlands, and has now caught on to farmers around the world, including the United States, who now offer it as a therapy to visitors. Cow hugging is known to reduce stress and increase positivity through the cow’s warmer body temperature and slow heartbeat.  Insider reports that José van Stralen, a farmer in the Netherland, has offered cow hugging sessions for six years at his farm after hearing about it from other farmers. Stralen explains that it is a “positive energy exchange. The person cuddling the cow becomes relaxed by being next to the cow’s warmer body  and sometimes even manages to follow their heartbeat. It’s a win-win situation and great experience for both.” At his farm, you can sit with and cuddle a cow for two hours for almost 38 euros, or 45 USD. This potentially costs less than a one hour visit with a licensed therapist, without health insurance in America, how wild.  [embedded content] Stralen also mentions that people often tell him that the experience meant more to them than they expected it to after leaving a cow hugging session. “Being outdoor in the green fields surrounded by cows under the blue sky, it doesn’t get any better than that.”  In a 2007 study conducted by French and Austrian scientists, it was concluded that cows show signs of relaxation when people rub or pet them. It was found that humans also have a more relaxed heart rate when petting a cow. No wonder we have dogs and cats in our homes! But an External Advisor at World Animal Protection, Philip Wilson, told Insider that “the main beneficiary seems to be the person doing the hugging,” despite some reported benefits for cows. So don’t get too ahead of yourself, this is still primarily more for humans’ benefit than it is for the cows. But now that cow hugging is becoming widespread, people seem to be very open to the idea.  According to the radio, cow hugging is becoming a form of therapy. Honestly, I wouldn't mind hugging a cow. They seem like pleasant souls. Apparently, it's good for the cow, too. — timberwraith (@timberwraith) October 15, 2020 Hugging a cow looks so soothing 🥺 — Qismina (@_qismina_) October 15, 2020 And honestly, from the year we’ve had with COVID-19, everyone could probably benefit from a cow hug or two.  *****HUG A COW FOR YOUR COVID-19 MENTAL ILLNESS*****THERAPY ANIMALS NOW EXTEND TO COWS SO YOU CAN HUG A COW FROM COVID-19 STRESS**** — News UNIT (@The_News_UNIT) October 13, 2020 And not to mention the stress from the Black Lives Matter Movement. Oh boy, what a year it’s been. At least animals aren’t racist.  I need to hug a baby cow rn racist people stress me out — ᴾᵉᵉᵖᵒ (@femmytings) June 25, 2020 And to all you pilates loving Karens out there, forget goat yoga, cow hugging is in! Goat yoga and forest bathing are out. Cow hugging is in. @GaryandShannon explain. — KFI AM 640 (@KFIAM640) October 14, 2020 But not everyone is happy that cow hugging is becoming ‘mainstream.’ Backlash From Hindu Community The sudden popularity and commercializing of cow hugging as a form of self care is being criticized by Hindu-practicing Indians. Cows are considered sacred in the Hindu religion and now that Western culture is deeming ‘cow hugging’ more mainstream and as a form of therapy, Hindus are upset. Often Hindus have been discriminated against for their unfamiliar rituals by Westerners. It is not sitting well that cow hugging is being claimed as a form of therapy by Western culture, something from Hindu religion that has been misunderstood in the past.  This Twitter user blatantly explains that the benefits of hugging a cow is not new news, nor is it the world’s latest wellness trend. Infact, Hindus have been doing it for centuries.  No, International Media, Cow hugging is not the world’s new wellness trend. We Hindus have been doing it for centuries now. — Sonam Mahajan (@AsYouNotWish) October 14, 2020 It seems that most of the outrage from Hindus was sparked on Twitter after BBC posted an article about cow hugging being the latest “wellness trend.” Another user, enraged, retweeted the article and asked, “why when Hindus do it, it’s backwards and superstitious? NOW they themselves are doing it,” pointing out the unfairness of how everything becomes “acceptable” once it is normalized by Western society.   They mock Hindus for Namaste, vegetarian diet & praying to Cows. Now the West are "Cow Hugging" saying it has many healing properties & immense mental health benefits. Why when Hindus do it, it's backwards & superstitious? NOW they themselves are doing it. — Renee Lynn (@Voice_For_India) October 15, 2020 This is starting to sound a little like gaslighting. Telling someone they are crazy for their religious rituals and then rebranding the same thing as a “wellness” session to relaxation doesn’t really sound good when you write it out explicitly like that. No wonder people are taking offense.  When Indians do it they laugh at us, then they quietly go back research and give it another fancy name to mint money out of it, Indians must recognise frauds like BBC… — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) October 13, 2020 This user replied and explained the lose-lose situation that the normalization of Western culture being “right” has placed on everyone else. When the West does it, it is ’cool’, ‘hip’, ‘scientific’ & an ‘enlightened discovery’. When we do it on our own, it’s ‘Pendu’, ‘Primitive’, ‘backward’, ‘Ugh’, ‘dehaati’, ‘regressive’ & ‘Uncool’! However, when we do it after seeing the West, we are ‘evolved’ & ‘progressive’!!😄 — Adnan Sami (@AdnanSamiLive) October 13, 2020 But why not get right to the point of how you really feel about your religion being appropriated? Hello stupid liberals, how are you feeling today? — Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) October 13, 2020 While the commercializing of cow hugging by Western farmers has offended Hindus for religious appropriation, at the end of the day, a good cuddle with a cow sounds lovely. Now you know the origins of where cow hugging comes from, so whether you want to deem it a therapy session or a form of religious practice, will be up to you.  Feature Image Photo by omar calderone on Unsplash and lou lou on Unsplash

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Tiffany Trump Criticized For No-Mask Birthday Party

Tiffany Trump celebrated her birthday in style, complete with a no-mask party and tons of criticism. INSERT VIDEO HERE Birthday Party Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, turned 27 this week and no one is surprised by how she celebrated. Instagram stories from the other night showed that Tiffany Trump was out partying for her birthday in Miami. These videos look like the world is back to normal.  No one is wearing a mask and they are all inside and close together, which shouldn’t be happening since we are still in a pandemic.  Those in attendance of the party included Tiffany’s boyfriend, Michael Boulos, as well as David Einhorn and Aris Nanos. None of whom were wearing masks.  Backlash Tiffany has been getting a lot of backlash for how she celebrated her birthday, which encouraged the hashtag #ByeTiffany to become trending on Twitter.  One tweet details how out of touch Tiffany is with the real world saying, “Tiffany can’t relate to most of us! Friends and family dying of Covid. Losing jobs, businesses, cars, homes, going hungry, etc. Tiffany has had everything given to her! The average American has not! Tiffany is a typical “Trump!” She’s partying while we struggle.”  Tiffany can't relate to most of us! Friends and family dying of Covid. Losing jobs, businesses, cars, homes, going hungry, etc. Tiffany has had everything given to her! The average American has not! Tiffany is a typical "Trump!" She party's while we struggle! #ByeTiffany — Meidas_Ceejay 🌊💪👄🐶🐱🥊🍷🌊 (@MeidasCeejay) October 15, 2020 Another user expresses anger as she reminds everyone of the harsh realities that people are still facing because of the pandemic. She says, “I cannot see my daughter who lives 3000 miles away, but you Tiffany Trump can risk spreading the coronavirus all over Florida for your birthday? Over 200,000 Americans have died but you just had to party. Healthcare workers overwhelmed, but hey, YOLO.” #ByeTiffany I cannot see my daughter who lives 3000 miles away but you @TiffanyATrump can risk spreading the coronavirus all over Florida for your bd? Over 200,000 Americans have died but you just had to party. Healthcare workers overwhelmed but hey YOLO. — kbb (@kbb40332460) October 15, 2020 Angry tweets aside, a viral video edited by MeidasTouch helped the #ByeTiffany hashtag gain further momentum. The video cuts between Tiffany’s elaborate birthday party and news footage showing how COVID is impacting regular American Citizens.  The stark contrast between the two emphasizes the difference between realities. The video also points out that quarantine has been going on for so long because people are not complying with CDC guidelines. There are people who are still pretending like the pandemic is over continuing everyday activities without precautions.  📺 NEW VIDEO Retweet and watch until the very end.#ByeTiffany — (@MeidasTouch) October 15, 2020 Created during quarantine by the Meiselas brothers, MeidasTouch is a news and digital media company with the goal to “defeat Trump” in the upcoming election. Being experts in their unique fields of legal, marketing and digital media, the brothers have created an online following prepared to defeat Trump by producing videos that “take the oxygen out of his messaging.” If you are wondering why the name ‘Meiselas’ rings a bell, it’s because Ben Meiselas led the lawsuit against Billy MacFarland and FYRE Festival.  Who Else Is To Blame? While the hashtag is about Tiffany Trump, one Twitter user points out how it’s obviously more than just Tiffany to blame, “…anyone who engages in these types of behaviors are to blame for our current pandemic climate lasting longer. People having weddings, parties, celebrating Anything with groups of people without masks on and not social distancing are part of the problem.” It's not only Tiffany. ANYONE who engages in these types of behaviors are to blame for our current pandemic climate lasting longer. People having weddings, parties, celebrating ANYTHING with groups of people without masks on and not social distancing are part of the problem. — Wear A Mask (@Nov2020Resist) October 15, 2020 The Trump family has been criticized throughout quarantine for their response to the pandemic. The Trumps’ favor for a “mask optional” policy has risked the health and safety of many around them, including themselves. Donald Trump recently contracted COVID, along with wife Melania and son Barron.  On top of masks being optional, the White House continues to hold large gatherings, despite the CDC advisories. As a result of loose coronavirus precautions among White House events, the President, members of his family and a list of staff members contracted coronavirus. Many of the White House members who tested positive for corona, attended the “superspreader” event on the White House lawn a few weeks ago.   We also can’t look past other leaders during this pandemic who are not taking it seriously.  Tiffany is technically allowed to do this because all mask and social distancing restrictions were lifted in Florida.  There are no rules for people to follow, so no wonder some want to act like our lives are completely back to normal. While Gov. DeSantis has lifted coronavirus restrictions in Florida, WFLA journalist @EvanDonovan says some “businesses are still enforcing them.” “How we move forward it, it looks like Floridians are the ones who are taking the reins here.” — MSNBC (@MSNBC) October 9, 2020 While Tiffany is not the sole reason to blame for COVID lasting as long as it has, she is certainly getting more criticism than other anti-maskers based on her family’s response to COVID.  Tiffany traveling to Miami to have a maskless birthday party was just another example of how the Trumps have acted carelessly, undermining the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Internet Takes To #BoycottNBC For Hosting Trump Town Hall

The internet is enraged at NBC for hosting a town hall for President Donald Trump after he refused to debate former Vice President Joe Biden virtually for the second presidential debate on Thursday October 15th. As a result of the debate being cancelled, Biden took matters into his own hands and arranged a town hall to be aired on ABC. In an attempt at fairness, Trump also arranged his own town hall, airing on competing network NBC at the exact same time as Biden’s.  BREAKING: Twitter explodes with #BoycottNBC, #BoycottMSNBC and #BoycottTrumpTownHall hashtags after the network announces a town hall event with Trump, in response to him backing out of the debate. — James Kosur (@JamesKosur) October 14, 2020 Arguments Over Format Of Second Debate  The second presidential debate was set for Thursday October 15th, but with President Trump’s recent diagnosis of coronavirus, it was to be moved to a virtual format instead of in-person so as not to risk any spreading of the disease. President Trump refused to take part if the debate was to be virtual. A compromise over how to do the debate could not be reached between the two candidates, and so the second presidential debate was cancelled.  In an effort to still address the American people’s questions and concerns, Biden announced last week that he would be hosting a town hall event in Philadelphia on Thursday at 8pm EST, in place of the debate. He will be answering questions written by Americans. What will happen when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden directly faces the questions of real voters in a key battleground state? The @ABC2020 town hall event, ‘The Vice President and the People,’ airs Thursday at 8e|7c|5p on ABC. — ABC News (@ABC) October 12, 2020 Today, NBC announced that they will be hosting a town hall for President Trump in Miami on Thursday at 8pm EST as well. President Trump will take part in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 14, 2020 #BoycottNBC NBC’s announcement has not gone over well, generating backlash on the internet. Twitter has taken to using the “#boycottNBC,” as a way to protest the news network’s decision. Some users have been voicing concern over the media playing into “Trump’s games.”  THIS IS HOW the media plays trumps game & I’m sick & tired of it. I will be watching @ABC. trump refused to take part in the scheduled debate with Biden so @nbc is giving him a town hall at the exact same time Biden is on @ABC #boycottnbc — Rabbi Jill Zimmerman (@RabbiJill) October 14, 2020 Many point out the similarities between a parent rewarding a child for having a tantrum and NBC hosting a town hall for Trump after refusing to take part in the scheduled debate. Who here is going to #BoycottNBC tomorrow and watch @JoeBiden on @ABC because children like Trump should not be rewarded for throwing tantrums?#BoycottTrumpTownHall #BoycottMSNBC #boycottTrumpNBC — Liddle’ Savage (@littledeekay) October 14, 2020 Retweet if you agree it's time to #BoycottNBC for giving Trump a town hall, effectively rewarding him for refusing to debate @joebiden. — Grandma Grit 🌎 former GOP (@grandmagrit) October 14, 2020 Many people are outraged because of the fact that both town halls are taking place at the same time, forcing voters to choose one candidate to watch.  Here we are, a nation already more divided than ever… and @NBCNews is airing Trump's town hall AT THE SAME TIME as Biden's? It doesn't serve anyone if voters don't have the opportunity to see candidates. #BoycottNBC #BoycottMSNBC — Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) October 14, 2020 Does either candidate really benefit from hosting individual town halls? Biden doesn't particularly benefit from his town hall, either. He's trying to run out the clock. The main reason he booked the town hall was probably to ensure that Trump and the CPD wouldn't try to call the debate back on. He doesn't care if fewer people watch. — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) October 14, 2020 Is this giving anyone else flashbacks to the first presidential debate a few weeks ago? when your family forces you to watch the presidential debate to learn more about the candidates… all i’m learning is that both are immature and aren’t fit to run the country… — 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑔𝒶𝓃 (@morgannn_phill) September 30, 2020 Not only are everyday Americans upset, but there is palpable tension between current and former NBC employers.  I've heard from over a dozen NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC sources (talent and staff) and the frustration with and anger toward their employer for scheduling a town hall against Biden is palpable. — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) October 14, 2020 Former NBC News Executive Vivian Schiller commented on the network’s decision, labeling the coinciding timing of the event “shameful,” and stating that, “the point of a news organization is to serve the public. This is the opposite.”   The point of a news organization is to serve the public. This is the opposite. @NBCNews could literally run this any other day, or any other time. Shameful. (Disclosure: I am a former NBC News exec) — Vivian Schiller (@vivian) October 14, 2020 People urge NBC employees to speak out against their network. Rachel? Speak up. Your network is making a GRAVE mistake REWARDING Trump for canceling on the debate. With timing the Trump event against Biden time slot, your network REWARDS breaking with debate tradition. You need to speak up Rachel. Say something#BoycottNBC #BoycottMSNBC — Tomi T Ahonen BoycottNBC (@tomiahonen) October 14, 2020  Despite many people being up in arms about the injustice NBC has incurred, some are blatantly showing who they’ll be watching on Thursday.  Just in case it’s not clear, I’m talking about my President — United for the People 💛🥁 (@people4kam) October 14, 2020 Trump’s Coronavirus Case NBC claimed that Trump’s town hall would be “in accordance with the guidelines set forth by health officials,” in Miami. But until Tuesday, the network had actually been planning on cancelling the event if the President was unable to provide evidence that he was not at risk of infecting others. After a test administered on Tuesday, a clinical director at the National Institute of Health Dr. Lane stated “with a high degree of confidence” that Trump “is not shedding infectious virus.”  Dr. Lane and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious disease expert, reviewed medical data about Trump’s COVID case. They analyzed a PCR test, a commonly used virus diagnostic which is considered more reliable than rapid antigen tests. The doctors did not explicitly report a negative result from the PCR test. Melania Trump did announce that Barron Trump also contracted COVID-19, adding her son to the list of other White House associates who have contracted the virus since a number of infectious gatherings and no mask wearing enforcement.  The town hall in Miami will take place outdoors, and President Trump will sit twelve feet, more than the commonly advised six feet apart, away from moderator Savannah Guthrie. Attendees will be required to wear masks. Joe Biden’s town hall will take place in Philadelphia moderated by George Stephanopoulos.  As if the first presidential debate wasn’t telling enough, this Presidential election will continue to be unlike any other before it. President Trump and Joe Biden are still set to meet in person for the third and final presidential debate on Thursday October 22nd in Nashville, TN. It will be interesting to see which town hall other news outlets, such as CNN, Fox, etc. will choose to air. But more importantly, who will you be watching this Thursday at 8pm EST?

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Call Her Daddy Ex Co-Host Sofia Franklyn Launches New Podcast

This past May, the Barstool Sports’ podcast Call Her Daddy was the center of attention for a drama-filled feud between the two co-hosts, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, as well as their boss at Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. The feud ultimately caused the co-hosts to split, Cooper walking away with a new solo contract with Barstool and the IP for the hit podcast Call Her Daddy. We hadn’t heard anything from Franklyn in five months, until this Wednesday, when she announced her new podcast, Sofia With An F. The first episode of which was released yesterday.  Call Her Daddy Feud The Call Her Daddy drama at the start of the summer was all there was to focus on before the Black Lives Matter movement took over the media. People who had never listened to the podcast before were suddenly familiar with the giant feud going on with the sex positive podcast. Long story short, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn created a lude, somewhat toxic, yet entertaining podcast covering “locker room talk for women.” It was instantly picked up by Barstool in 2018 and became one of the top Apple podcasts. The show has been going on since 2018 and everything seemed fine to listeners until suddenly in April episodes were not being released on their usual Wednesday midnight drop time. A few weeks went by and episodes were not being released at all. The Call Her Daddy Instagram was releasing cryptic messages about how they couldn’t legally speak about what was happening, so everyone knew some serious drama was going down.  Confessionals  Finally Dave Portnoy, head of Barstool, released his side of the story in a podcast episode under the Call Her Daddy channel. In his story, he told how Cooper had done a majority of the work for the podcast, editing it, and asked for a raise a year into their initial contract. He gave her a raise, but eventually gave both girls raises. Then he explained how both Franklyn and Cooper got greedy and were demanding ludacris new contracts and he was not having it. He also said how there was talk from the girls about leaving Barstool and taking their podcast elsewhere, but Barstool owned their IP. Portnoy claimed this was all sparked by Franklyn’s boyfriend, an executive at HBO Sports, Peter Nelson. He ended it saying he made one last ditch effort, offered them a new contract that included the IP of their show, and now the ball was in their court.  After the Portnoy episode of Call Her Daddy was dropped, Sofia made an Instagram story, where she briefly explained how negotiations were happening, her best friend Alex had broken her trust and she thanked her fans. She didn’t really give “The Daddy Gang” a lot to work with.  [embedded content] Then Alex told her side of the story. In a vulnerable 34 minute YouTube video, she details what happened with their show and ultimately how she lost her best friend and co-host, Sofia. It was way more informative then the two minute story Sofia had done.  [embedded content] She ended the video saying that she had accepted Portnoy’s offer and was going to do the show on her own. Daddy Gang was thrilled to hear the show was coming back. Alex had saved the day, she was a hero. Although it was the end of an era for the two co-hosts, fans were ready to continue with a solo act.  CW: offensive language Aftermath for Sofia Sofia received lots of hate and cyber bullying. People attacked her for letting a man get in the way of her friendship and business, and blamed her for the break up of the show. And that had effectively silenced her. Until now.  On Wednesday, October 7th, Sofia posted a story and Instagram post for the very first time in months, announcing that she had made her own podcast. In true Sofia fashion, she forgot to actually add a swipe up link in her story, but quickly fixed it, correctly attaching the link to her new podcast, Sofia With an F.  She almost immediately was hit with backlash on Instagram, with people commenting to remind her that they had “canceled her,” and that her show would be terrible.  sofia franklyns podcast is going to be trash. she’s got nothing alex cooper — brie jacinth (@briexanna) October 8, 2020 Loyal fans tried to call off the bullying. Others said they would listen to both Call Her Daddy and Sofia’s new show, as if they didn’t want to pick sides between their two friends. Regardless of “whose side” fans were on, almost everyone was quick to notice that Franklyn had announced her new podcast on Wednesday, a sacred day for the Daddy Gang, as these are the days CHD episodes are released. Intentional? You be the judge.  Sofia franklyn announcing she has her own podcast now on a WEDNESDAY is terrific. Alex Cooper is shaking — 🎃 (@notmekaylaa) October 7, 2020 Sofia Franklyn dropping her new podcast on a Wednesday knowing that Call Her Daddy drops new episodes on Wednesdays is so messy. THE DRAMA OF IT ALL — C-3PO (@Ceeepm) October 7, 2020 Sofia With An F With only a one minute trailer up, fans were anxiously awaiting her first full episode, and on Friday we finally got to hear what we’ve all been missing. Franklyn’s first episode, entitled, “Sloot: A Short Autobiography,” was a 43 minute episode that…well, was kind of all over the place, but was a valiant effort nevertheless.  Fully embracing the slander that has been said about her, she gave us a look at what has been going on with her for the past five months. While it is not her style to get into the nitty gritty of everything, Franklyn gives us a short run down on her side of the story in terms of Call Her Daddy. She directly addresses Alex, calling her out as a bad friend and business partner. In Franklyn’s spilling of the tea portion, she also addresses rumors about her boyfriend making her business decisions on her behalf. She talks about how her depression and social anxiety have been affected, as well as how her public image has been tarnished. The episode then slightly derails into a rant about the pressures women face as they get older, to get married and have children. She throws in a few stories about her “glory days” as a misbehaving teenager growing up in Utah. It may not have been the most amazing, put together episode, but Franklyn is clearly serious about her new show. She created her own company, Sloot Media, and even has some of the same sponsors as Call Her Daddy.  A Second Chance Fans are congratulating Sofia for picking herself back up. thought I was gonna hate it but gave Sofia with an F a shot & my entire view has changed @sofiafranklyn I Stan u — shelby (@shelbyburrows22) October 9, 2020 Wow. I have to say I may be team @sofiafranklyn after hearing her first episode. Well done girl.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 — Brian Sniffin (@SNiFFiNbuTT) October 9, 2020 The episode has even made some fans question their decision to continue to support Cooper and the Call Her Daddy podcast.  Me listening to @sofiafranklyn address @alexandracooper directly 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I will never be supporting @callherdaddy ever again. Unsubscribed, unfollowed, and will never recommend going forward. No hate, but cannot support misogyny. — van (@vansoms) October 9, 2020 just listened to @sofiafranklyn new episode. every single thing she said adds up. has anyone noticed how call her daddy just doesn’t hit the same without her?🙊😳 — natalie (@gnatreed) October 10, 2020 Of course, there is still some hate.  I did not miss your voice @sofiafranklyn — Erica McGovern (@Erica_McGovern) October 9, 2020 Yikes @sofiafranklyn first podcast episode is hella cringy. This is embarrassing. — Bottlen0se (@marinarolchigo) October 9, 2020 And there are a lot of listeners that miss the old duo between the two girls.  I know there’s bigger social issues rn but can Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn please apologize and make up? I miss them as a duo my life is void without the power couple. — Katie (@katie_drayton) October 9, 2020 At the end of the day, Cooper and Franklyn both seem to be successful business women. They created a strong fan base together that has luckily continued to support them both in their separate endeavors. I have two dads again….they just live in different houses….hmm @alexandracooper @sofiafranklyn ❤️ — e (@LadyAphroditex) October 9, 2020 And these fans are intense. Both hosts have separately stated that they have anxiety because of the attention that has come from the show.  Daddy Gang fans are now wondering if Alex will address Sofia’s new podcast and her side of the story. Both her personal Instagram account and the CHD accounts have been focusing on the upcoming 100th episode of Call Her Daddy and the guest she is bringing on, and has not acknowledged her ex-co host’s new podcast. 

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Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ Incites Hilarious Memes

You may have noticed suddenly that everyone is posting a “The only Emily that deserves to be in Paris” meme on Instagram featuring Emily Charlton, the character from The Devil Wears Prada, who couldn’t go on a trip to Paris because of mono.  The only Emily that deserves to be in Paris — Sean Abrams (@seanybrams) October 4, 2020 If you’re not up to date, this meme was inspired by one of Netflix’s original new shows, “Emily In Paris,” and the collective agreement that the main character does not deserve to be in Paris for all that she’s done.   The Show Written by Darren Star, the man who created Sex and the City,  “Emily in Paris” features Emily, a midwestern native, who moves to Paris for a job opportunity, but finds herself struggling in every aspect of life. She struggles to succeed with work, have a healthy love life, and adjust seamlessly to the new European culture.  With only ten 30-ish minute episodes, it’s an easy show to binge. And an even easier show to love-to-hate for being so unrealistic. netflix is very good at making tv shows that are made to be watched secondarily. i was on my phone the entire time i watched emily in paris last night and not once did i miss what was happening. — harron walker (@HarronWawker) October 7, 2020 Love Life Now, we can’t blame Emily for having issues with work and adjusting to a new country’s lifestyle. Those can be difficult. But what the internet seems most upset about is the way the main character handles her love life. It’s a complete ten-steps-backwards in terms of female relationships in media. First, Emily kisses Gabriel, her downstairs neighbor, not knowing he is in a relationship with her sweet friend, Camille. Pretty innocent since she didn’t know Gabriel had a girlfriend, we’ll let it pass. After she finds out the two were in a relationship, Emily decides to not tell Camille about it (red flag) and tries to focus on being friends with Gabriel.  There was a quick second there where we thought the three characters were going to be a thrupple, but that was short lived.  Emily in Paris was amazing. But I can’t be the only one that thought Emily, Gabriel, Camille we’re gonna end up in a throuple right?? Like they all were oddly too close. — BLM/ACAB (@Cyn_Harris1) October 3, 2020 And then there were some moments where we hoped Emily and Camille would ditch Gabriel altogether and just be a couple themselves. I just finished Emily in Paris. What actually kept me going was the hope that Camille and Emily would be together at the end. Pero no, our sweet Camille got herself dumped by her boyfriend and betrayed by a friend. And people are shipping Emily and Gabriel. I hate it here — Domi is d3d (@DommiCrybabie) October 3, 2020 Unfortunately that’s not what happened. Instead, Emily and Gabriel keep flirting and “trying to be friends” until eventually Emily kisses him AGAIN! Fully knowing that he is in a relationship with HER FRIEND! Very frustrating. Camille has been so nice to her and helped to acclimate her to French culture. And then, instead of confessing to Camille, Emily sleeps with Camille’s younger brother. It goes from cringe to cringier real quick. Then in a controversial plot twist, Camille and Gabriel suddenly break up, and Gabriel and Emily end up sleeping together. We can only imagine “gender in the media” professors are having a field day with this one, and so is the internet.  Nobody likes Emily! She is a frustrating main character for the 2020 woman, showing a blatant lack of respect for her friend’s relationship.  Anyone else feeling like Emily took advantage of her friendship with Camille? #EmilyInParis #emilyinparisnetflix — mar (@mari20880217) October 7, 2020 And most people think she DEFINITELY did not deserve to be in Paris. They should have sent The Devil Wears Prada’s Emily Charlton to Paris instead. The only Emily that deserves to go to Paris #EmilyInParis — Q U I N N (@quinncyrusxxx) October 7, 2020 But we should probably be placing more blame on Gabriel. He was the one in a relationship after all. He always knew he was in a relationship but he let Emily kiss him anyway, and treated Camille poorly.  How can Gabriel cheat on Camille!? She’s so nice esp with the way she helped Emily #EmilyInParis — Namjoon’s engineering degree (@DoroJohn2) October 7, 2020 But of course everyone lets him get away with it because he’s so attractive. Ok guys CAN WE PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND APPRECIATED THIS BEAUTY? Gabriel from Emily in Paris is hot AF. I’M CRUSHING HARDDD — gaemgyuuwu (@arshacho18) October 3, 2020 I don’t know how to tell y’all this but I went to school (middle and high) with the guy who plays French Love Interest Gabriel in Emily in Paris and everyone was, in fact, in love with him — Clemence_Mcl (@Clemence_Mcl) October 3, 2020 Everyone is standing behind Camille. She was nothing but nice to Emily, the least she deserves is the truth, whether that be from Gabriel or Emily.   camille is too good for both emily and gabriel and i felt bad for this poor girl the whole time 😭 she deserves better! #EmilyInParis — ✯ alex (@faerievs) October 7, 2020 *emily in paris spoiler*they are romanticizing cheating and it is not ok, camille deserves better (plus she is the only stylish one) emily and gabriel are trash — 𝐒 (@devilwearsYSL_) October 3, 2020 finished emily in paris and I have arrived to the conclusion that I would much rather watch camille in paris, my angel — 🦴 (@pescatarianslut) October 5, 2020 Emily’s Instagram The next thing that is inspiring so many memes and comments is how unrealistic and basic Emily’s influencer Instagram account is. In a subplot, Emily starts posting pictures of her time in Paris and starts gaining lots of followers and partnerships. But her feed is super basic! Many people have pointed out how it kind of looks like a ‘bot,’ fake, account but are indulging it, inspiring more memes.  Can we discuss how dead Emily in Paris’ Instagram feed is? Bunch of blurry selfies getting 20k followers & 200 likes – very suspicious — Cara Dee | Dating & Body Image Blogger (@rainybayblog) October 7, 2020 Emily in Paris on her way to post croissant pics to Instagram and tell her waiter she doesn't speak French — Joseph Longo (@josephlongo_) October 6, 2020 why would i watch emily in paris when i already watched several white women’s study abroad instagram stories in college — i praydalor my sodakeep (@AlmondTiddies) October 7, 2020 Not to mention these vague oversights: watching this Emily in Paris show and how tf she gone give this company strategies on how to grow their social medias when she got 48 followers……….. — HOOD VOGUE is tired of poverty (@itskeyon) October 7, 2020 I guess #EmilyInParis , who’s a social media “expert,” didn’t bother to read up on the strict privacy laws here in France around people owning the rights to their image (shocked!) — Melanie Hamlett (@MelanieHamlett) October 7, 2020 Portrayal of France Speaking of the strict privacy laws in France, there has been a small uproar over the portrayal of France in the TV show.  Netflix was like let's do all the clichés about Paris in one show and made #EmilyInParis — Virü.. (@Oblivion_Dusk) October 7, 2020 On the French entertainment site Sens Critique, one reviewer wrote that you “have to strongly love science fiction to watch this series, knowing that Parisians are mostly friendly, speak irreproachable English, make love for hours and that going to work remains an option. The writers may have hesitated for two or three minutes to stick a baguette under each Frenchman, or even a beret to clearly distinguish them, on the other hand, they all smoke cigarettes and flirt to death.” Cultural magazine Les Inrocks described Emily’s Paris as “the unrealistic city of the Moulin Rouge, Coco Chanel, baguettes and Ratatouille.”  If Emily in Paris was your actual co-worker you'd start a whole entire anon Instagram account detailing her micro-aggressions — amil (@amil) October 5, 2020 Yet somehow, it’s still good But honestly as bad and unrealistic as this show may be, it was still fun to watch.  Is Emily a not so great friend and the whole show a somewhat tired concept? Yes. Did I watch the whole season in one day bc I would still rather be a vapid social media marketer living in Paris with hot parisian chefs than living my own life? Yes. #EmilyInParis — sydsnees a break (@sydsnees) October 7, 2020 Me after binging all 10 Episodes of #EmilyInParis in a day: — PrincessMeow 😺🐾👸 (@GermanChick85) October 7, 2020 I’ve just finished watching #EmilyInParis on Netflix and I can’t get my head around how predictable and full of clichés it was… But it’s also the kind of thing that’s so, so bad it’s (almost) good? — Silvia Maresca (@silviamaresca) October 7, 2020 So as bad as it might have been, we’re still semi eagerly waiting for season two. 

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McDonalds’ Fans Surprised With New J Balvin Collab

McDonalds announced their meal collaboration with reggaeton singer J Balvin. This is the fast food chain’s second celebrity collaboration, after rapper Travis Scott had a limited time meal and merchandise for the month of September.  can I have a fry @JBALVIN? — McDonald's (@McDonalds) October 5, 2020 J Balvin J Balvin, full name José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, is a Colombian reggaeton singer. Referred to as the “Prince of Reggaeton,” he has sold over 35 million records worldwide, and is one of the top Latin musical artists in the U.S. Committed to only singing in Spanish, he has worked with big names such as Cardi B and Beyonce, been featured on countless remixes including Justin Bieber’s Sorry and Ariana Grande’s The Way and Problem, and headlined large music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza.   Balvin is known for not only breaking the mold of traditional reggaeton singers with his colorful style and more lyrical singing, but he also shows a more compassionate side to rappers. He has hosted concerts for charity, cancelled shows in favor of protesting on behalf of immigrants in America, and started a petition in his home country Colombia to help out displaced Venezuelans during their economic crisis, just to name some of his activism.  In 2020 he appeared alongside friend Bad Bunny as a guest during Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime performance. Most recently, he released his album, Colores, in March. Every song on the album was named after a color (except for “Arcoiris,” meaning rainbow), and the music videos feature a colorful clothing capsule collection made by Guess. The man is very talented and has quite the resume, making him a perfect choice for McDonald’s next celebrity collaboration.   J Balvin is the next artist to do a McDonalds deal order starting tomorrow — Complex Ambition (@CmplxAmbition) October 5, 2020 McDonald’s Celebrity Partnerships  McDonalds is on a roll with their marketing these days. They started the school year off strong by announcing their limited Travis Scott meal, which was such a success that they began to run low on ground beef and bacon. Shortly after, they introduced their spicy nuggets, which have also done well. Now they reveal their second limited celebrity meal collaboration with J Balvin.  Business Insider reported that the recent partnership with celebrities is a marketing effort to help McDonalds stay relevant and connect with Gen Z. Additionally McDonalds’ Chief of Marketing Operations in U.S., Morgan Flatley, stated that the fast food company is “starting to lose our younger African American and multicultural consumers.” The Travis Scott meal helped them reconnect with the 11-24 year old demographic, an age group that they have struggled to connect with. Flatley told Business Insider that they chose J Balvin because he is a, “trailblazing international icon. He’s always been a regular at McDonald’s restaurants during his concert tours, and now we’re excited to bring his go-to order to our menus across the U.S. This celebrity partnership is almost like a ‘happy meal’ for adults, and is bringing the chain lots of attention.   everyone wants to have mc donalds meal now — bry |ᴮᴱTHRILLER ERA (@COBAINLVRS) October 5, 2020 Balvin is excited about the collaboration and told Complex, “I consider myself a global citizen, but I’m from Medellín, Colombia and this is the first time they’re working with a Latino. It’s a big campaign, so I feel really proud of it.” He continues to say that he “grew up with McDonald’s…when they called me saying that they wanted to work with me, I immediately said yes because it connects with me and my childhood. I’ve always been a big fan.” What the ‘J Balvin’ includes McDonalds x J Balvin — SAINT (@saint) October 5, 2020 The J Balvin meal includes a Big Mac (no pickles), medium fries and an Oreo McFlurry. To encourage mobile orders, if you order through your phone, the McFlurry is FREE! Let’s hope the McFlurry machine is ready for this. j balvin meal got a mcflurry but the ice cream machine is always down like how that supposed to work — keenan (@grandaddiiii) October 5, 2020 Unlike the Travis Scott meal, only McDonald’s workers will get a custom Balvin shirt, although Balvin says to expect a few more “surprises” to come with the partnership.  ALL MC DONALDS EMPLOYEES ARE RECEIVING A JBALVIN SHIRT DESIGNED BY HIM WOOHOOO IM TELLING MY SISTER TO GIVE ME HERS — antonia (@SERGIOSRBD) October 5, 2020 Similar to last month though, the ‘J Balvin’ will only be available for a month. The collaboration will end on November 1st, so act fast.  Twitter’s Initial Feedback McDonalds gave us a little hint last night about the new collaboration. In case you didn’t get it, this is a reference to J Balvin’s album Colores (which means ‘colors’ in Spanish).  🔴🟣🔵🟢🟡🟠⚫️⚪️🟤 — McDonald's (@McDonalds) October 4, 2020 And J Balvin confirmed it himself this morning when he replied with his announcement ad.  ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ¡lego! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #ad — J BALVIN (@JBALVIN) October 5, 2020 Balvin fans are definitely excited.  I didnt get a travis scott meal but i'm def getting a j balvin one 😂 puro hype but idc — 👁👄👁 (@lamevivi) October 5, 2020 J Balvin fans running to McDonalds to pick up his artist meal collaboration — Rich (@UptownDCRich) October 5, 2020 There were a lot of rainbow jokes in response to the announcement, as to be expected when your most recent album is called ‘Colors.’  The new J Balvin meal at McDonald's 😂 — Parceros United (@ParcerosUnited) October 5, 2020 everyone at mcdonalds this week:“j balvin sent me, leggo” — juan moreno (@champagnejuani) October 5, 2020 Even celebrities poked some fun at the collaboration, like comedian Ben Schwartz. Or maybe he’s just jealous that McDonalds didn’t reach out to him first.  Just saw that McDonalds is teaming up with a new recording artist for a signature meal. So I wanted to remind everyone that the Ben Schwartz Meal is STILL available at @McDonalds for a limited time. Get yours before they run out! BON APPÉTIT! — Ben Schwartz (@rejectedjokes) October 5, 2020 But Is It All That Great? These meals are not making everyone happy. In fact, someone complained about the meal being an outrageous $11 and accusing McDonalds of taking money from those they are trying to target with this campaign. Pricing varies at each location, but maybe these collab meals really aren’t worth it.  As a proud latino and a long time fan of J Balvin, I was deeply disappointed with the @JBALVIN X @McDonalds colab. The meal was close to $11.00. Sad that @McDonalds is trying to pocket from latinos who are excited about finally being represented in mainstream American culture. — Neal Boseman (@NealBoseman) October 5, 2020 Other fans complained that they robbed Balvin of a cool meal. They might have missed the ad where he explained that this is exactly what he orders…sorry the Prince of Reggaeton doesn’t order something more impressive? Wtf is this!! You get rid of your Travis Scott meal. A great deal , for this . Poor J Balvin on gives u a free Mc flurry. Nothing special nothing different. How are you going to do him like that so disrespectful. — KinkyKatz (@KatzKinky) October 5, 2020 You know who else might not be thrilled with this new collaboration? The employees.  Mc Donald’s workers when they find out J Balvin dropped a meal . — Papi Salvador🐰👹 (@soysalvador6) October 5, 2020 Everyone pray for McDonald’s workers apart from having to deal with Travis scott fans it’s now also J Balvin ones — Pancake the ambiguous🦕 (@GenderBegone) October 5, 2020 McDonald's employees: "I hope we never do another celebrity meal again" McDonald's with J Balvin meal: — hispanic wizard (@TheMaD_Cris) October 5, 2020 A special t-shirt just doesn’t cut it when you’re being swarmed by Balvin fans requesting free McFlurries.  It’s no secret that corporate companies are turning to influencer marketing to do a majority of their ad campaigns these days. Now fast food chains are jumping on the bandwagon to help connect with Gen Z! First Dunkin Donuts partnered with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and now McDonalds is solidifying their stake in the influencer marketing game with J Balvin as their second celebrity partnership. Now all we need is this: So J Balvin getting a McDonald’s meal too? All i know is Burger King needs to collab with @iamcardib and bring us that WAPper Meal 🍔 — Eric (@eric_in_space) October 5, 2020 Are the meal collaborations going to stop here? Who do we think the next celebrity collaboration will be with? And more importantly, will the McFlurry machines be able to last the entire J Balvin month?? 

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Twitter Reminisces On Yik Yak Trauma

Does anyone else remember Yik Yak? Seems like a good chunk of Twitter does, as a viral tweet has everyone walking down memory lane of the social messaging app.  If you were in college when Yik Yak was a thing, you are one of the few that I have ultimate respect for. — Alissa (@alissamoe) September 24, 2020 What is Yik Yak? For those who didn’t have the “pleasure” of using Yik Yak, it was a social messaging app that allowed anyone in a five mile radius to view and post discussion threads, aka a ‘Yak.’ It was created in 2013 and had features vaguely similar to Twitter. A user was able to write their own yak, respond to one, and like or dislike (upvote/downvote). Upvoting and downvoting was not only a like/dislike feature, but it also had ranking weight. This meant that the more downvotes a yak got, the less it appeared in the feed. If a yak got more than five downvotes, it would be deleted permanently. Conversely, the more upvotes a yak got, the more it would appear in a feed. Sounds kind of fun, right? Why Yik Yak Was Problematic Wrong. A key aspect of Yik Yak was that everything was anonymous! On top of that, there wasn’t a way for the conversations happening on the app to be monitored at all, so Yik Yak quickly became a place for cyberbullying and extremely racist behavior on many college campuses. Posts containing a phone number were not allowed to be posted. Similarly, posts with offensive language were flagged and subject to be taken down. Aside from that, everything else was fair game. At some schools, the hate on Yik Yak got so out of control that the app had to be banned from campus altogether. In 2016, the app reported a downfall in user downloads by 76% compared to 2015.  Deactivation On April 28, 2017 the app announced it would be deactivating because they were not able to maintain user engagement after their drastic drop in downloads and users in 2016. This can be attested to all of the schools that took action on their own campuses against the app. Critics said that any platform where users could be anonymous would quickly become a place for bullying. The app was forced to get rid of 60% of their staff before eventually announcing their deactivation. In 2017, the mobile payment operator Square Inc. purchased the app and integrated what was left of their team into their company. But this sad history didn’t stop Twitter from reminiscing on the days the app was alive and well.  The year is 2015. It's jerseday, you're pregaming in your dorm room w cherry burnett's, scrolling through yik yak while Roses by The Chainsmokers blares in the background. Life is good. — Lydia Brown (@lydBrown12) September 23, 2020 Trending On Twitter Twitter was reminded of these dark days when a user posted a tweet that said, “if you were in college when Yik Yak was a thing, you are one of the few that I have ultimate respect for.” Just the reminder of the anonymous app’s existence had people reeling. For those who did go to school with the app, not even just college, it affected highschool and middle school students alike, a mention of Yik Yak brings back suppressed memories of cyberbullying and gossip for most.  I miss anonymously talking trash on Yik Yak — Logan (@Dogan_Lyer) September 24, 2020 The common theme in this trending thread is definitely the collective agreement that this app was the epitome of toxicity and problematic.  On many college campuses, the cyberbullying revolved around race and was highly racist. The anonymity of the app gave oppressors the perfect platform for hate speech and racist remarks. It often was a reality check for many white students that the student body was not as integrated and anti-racist as they may have thought. yik yak has proven that racism is alive and well. As well immaturity, cyber bullying , and elitism. Ya think college kids should be better.. — Cj Pyrex (@MonsieurAlabre) April 27, 2014 tbt to my freshman year at SMU. let's not get it twisted. Yik Yak was not fun. It was not cute. It was a breeding ground for racists who could get away with their thoughts with no consequences by it being anonymous. — mask goes over your nose (@roziedarobot) September 25, 2020 the racists LOVED yik yak — Steadman™ (@AsteadWesley) September 25, 2020 Of course, there was a small percent of Yik Yak content that wasn’t terrible. Some people liked to use the app to play pranks. In 2014 at UNCA my roommates and I all posted on Yik Yak at the same time saying that James Franco was on campus at Highsmith student union. He was not there, and we watched as around 30 people came rushing into Highsmith trying to meet him — Pelipper (@Pelippper) September 25, 2020 But you really did have to have a thick skin to use the app most days. Some of the stuff posted was truly terrible and did cause trauma! Yik Yak era was NOT for the weak — sheybae (@sheilasalgado_) September 25, 2020 Imma go a step further and say if you were Black and in college when Yik Yak was around you deserve an award — dracarys ? (@sidward1997) September 25, 2020 THE TRAUMA omfg. I had Yik Yak in sophomore year of high school. I found out that I had a stalker thanks to that app lmao. I was working at the PX and a soldier constantly made posts about me and how he would come in just to look at me and usually never buy anything. — nu metal shawty ? (@slipknaughty_) September 25, 2020 Omfg Yik Yak is trending, here’s some trauma for you guys. Freshmen year, was walking the cafeteria and had a stupid shirt on that said “foxy” w/ a fox on it. Dumb, yes, but 5 minutes later someone posted: “saw a girl w/ a “foxy” shirt on. She was not “foxy.” ??? — Marie Williams (@pleasechilldude) September 25, 2020 September being Suicide Awareness month does remind us of one positive side of Yik Yak. The anonymity of the app allowed college users to feel more comfortable opening up about their struggles with mental health. A student from The College of William and Mary, a school all too familiar with suicide, chatted with NPR in 2015 about her experience with Yik Yak on campus. She showed a screenshot of a yak where a user expressed thoughts about possibly harming themselves. She showed journalists how other users replied with encouraging messages, urging the initial user to seek professional help. The William and Mary student commented on how she has seen Yik Yak be a positive source for aiding those struggling with poor mental health. Alternatively, she was quoted not seeing the same support for survivors of sexual assault on the platform. She noticed that users of Yik Yak were quick to cast judgement or not believe the survivor. So nevermind, Yik Yak was never that great.  Overall, most people were probably relieved to see Yik Yak go as it proved to be way too problematic and toxic. While it may be unpleasant to relive some of these Yik Yak memories, it’s nice to know the app is safely out of our lives.  With Yik Yak gone though, has there been another app to take their place? Is TikTok comparable to Yik Yak in some way?? Let us know what you think! 

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‘She’s 12’ Controversial Parenting Debate On Twitter Causes Brief Alarm

Many people believed that the trending phrase “she’s 12” on Twitter yesterday had to do with our country’s president.  It speaks loudly about the state of our politics that I saw “She’s 12” trending and immediately thought that the President had done something disgusting — Santiago Mayer (@santiagomayer_) September 22, 2020 Luckily it had nothing to do with politics. Here’s what really inspired the trend. It all started when a father, Jason Ernst, presented Twitter with an interesting dilemma. His daughter Klaire, who is 12, hates her name and wants to have it legally changed to “Ace.” Ernst told Twitter that he wasn’t a huge fan of the name Ace, and suggested to his daughter that it be a nickname. Klaire was not okay with that compromise. And thus, Ernst turned to Twitter to seek out parenting advice. My daughter’s name is Klaire, she’s 12. She hates her first name and wants it to be “Ace”. She wants it legally changed. Both her mother and I are against that. I hate it. I said it’d be ok as a nickname but she’s not okay with that. What do I do? — Jason Ernst (@Geranthrimin) September 21, 2020 Ernst began getting flooded with replies, everyone trying to weigh in with their own parenting tips. Many advised to wait until the daughter is 18 so that she can legally do it on her own, and in the meantime support her by calling her Ace. Tell her when she's 18 she can change it legally and you'll help her. In the meantime, call her Ace. In 6 years my guess is there will be other more pressing priorities that occupy her stratosphere. Aren't teenagers fun? — Vicki Hendrix (@VicxHendrix) September 23, 2020 Hi there, we don’t know each other & I do not know where Ace is in the journey but if I could offer one piece of advice, listen to Ace. If Claire feels happier as Ace, then you should trust in her choice. You can offer guidance or find a counselor but please don’t suppress Ace — BAM Ariana Michaels (@ArianaDMichaels) September 22, 2020 Those who thought Ernst should call his daughter “Ace,” agreed that it was an act of support. One Twitter user went so far to point out that if Ernst belittles or makes fun of the “nickname,” it could be interpreted as him not liking who she wants to be.  "It's your right to decide who you are. Let's call you Ace, and then if you want to make that legal when you turn 18, we'll foot the bill." (Also knock it off with the whiney tweets about how the name is "dumb" because what she'll hear is that you don't like who she wants to be.) — Racheline Maltese (@racheline_m) September 22, 2020 Some people did advise him to flat out tell his daughter no. Their viewpoints being that the role of a father is to “parent” and put your foot down sometimes, especially because the daughter is still so young.  Say no. Being a parent is not a popularity contest. She can change it when she’s an adult. — Fix ?the?System ?????❄️ (@IrishLass2157) September 22, 2020 Say no, because you're an adult, and thus should understand it's not about the name. Figure out if it's just an age-appropriate whim, or a larger self-image problem you can help her get past. Either way, the answer is no. — David Steinberg (@realDSteinberg) September 22, 2020 Others were alarmed that the daughter being 12 mattered at all. Most agreed that children have their own reasoning behind their decisions, just like adults, and should be respected, regardless of age.  for everyone saying she’s 12: yeah, she is. in a year or two she’ll be in HIGHSCHOOL. you need to start letting her make her own decisions. you should ask her WHY she truly wants to change it, and you should be fully supportive of everything she chooses to do. — ArtbyInis⁷ ??? (@ArtbyInis) September 22, 2020 Some commented speaking from their own experience, either from the parent or child perspective. A grown mother and daughter pair separately replied to the Twitter thread. The daughter, Amy, wanted to change her name but her parents wouldn’t let her and she was ultimately grateful for their decision. I'm Amy's mother. When she wanted her name changed, she wouldn't let up & kept putting pressure on her dad & I. We stood our ground, but she didn't make it easy on us emotionally. Try to stand your ground in a loving way, as you know by Amy's comment she's grateful she listened. — Lana B. (@LanaLadybluept) September 23, 2020 Amy’s mom, Lana, agreed that she thought their decision was right, but did include that Amy had given her and her husband a really hard time for it. Luckily there was no resentment between this pair over the name issue.   This brings us to the next point of contention presented in this thread. Many parents said Ernst was risking resentment from his daughter for the rest of her life if he doesn’t respect her wishes now. allow your kid to express herself. restricting her from doing that will most likely end up damaging your relationship with her. she's 12 and she's starting to become more aware of the world around her and she's learning how to express herself within the society we live in today 1 — eschopi (@eschopi_) September 22, 2020 Hey, here's something to consider: she's trusting you by sharing this request, instead of just having her friends call her "Ace" and cutting you out of knowing who she really is. Respect this trust, or later on you'll know even less about her inner life. — Cliff Jerrison (@pervocracy) September 22, 2020 That’s a big burden for a parent. Clearly the name issue can potentially have some deeper-seeded reasoning that parents may not necessarily be privy to or aware of.  Ernst later did  give us more backstory on his daughter, to help shed light on why he was hesitant to let her change her name in the first place. But this also highlights some of the potential processing his daughter is doing. She’s identifying as pan sexual. She went through lesbian & bi already. — Jason Ernst (@Geranthrimin) September 21, 2020 Ernst’s hesitancy based on his daughter’s rapid decision changing when it comes to her sexual identity, a struggle many face as they enter their teenage years, was not met by much understanding or support by the Twitter community. In fact, it sparked its own thread on the legitimacy of a teenager’s thought process. How is this argument. The human brain does not fully develop until the age of 24. This young person may not have even started her period, so she still has many years of discovery ahead of her. Hormonal changes are powerful determinants of how we feel and think. — Cristina NoSoyTíteredeNadie (@cristinaydarwin) September 23, 2020 Simple. She’s a human, and they should at least respect her new name, even if they don’t get it legally changed. End of story!! — PQ actually cares about you ✨ (@NerdyBirdyChic) September 23, 2020 Ultimately, most people thought this was an easy problem to avoid. The easy solution that most people agree on is to call the daughter by the name she wants to be called and move on. You can dig your heels in, make it a big issue & absolutely cement her in the idea that her given name is wrong. Or you can call her Ace, make her comfortable and happy, and give her space to figure things out. She may stay Ace she may not, but you'll still have a relationship. — Audrey IS ANGRY AND VOTING ? (@HedwigGraymalk) September 23, 2020 This seemingly unimportant tweet became such a controversial topic for parents and children alike, propelling “she’s 12” to become trending on Twitter. It sparked discussions ranging from the legitimacy of a “child’s” reasoning, the autonomy of children and teenagers, and to ultimately what the role of a parent should look like. It’s funny to think that people who only saw the phrase “she’s 12” trending thought it had to do with politics #yikes. Thankfully there was a deep conversation being had instead.  It really is sad, and scary , when you wake up too “she’s 12” trending and your actually relieved it is not about or connected to your nation’s leader. — Le_Roost (@le_roost) September 22, 2020 Parenting has never been an easy job, but luckily (for better or for worse) we now have the internet to crowdsource! What would you do if you were in this situation? Tell your child they can’t change their name, go along with the nickname and re-address the issue when they turn 18, or just go ahead and let them legally change their name? 

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Kandee Johnson APOLOGIZES For Her Part In The Sahi-Beauty Blender Serum Scandal

Over the weekend, beauty YouTuber Kandee Johnson, posted an IGTV video on her account captioned, “SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT,” addressing some accusations against her.  She explains and apologizes for her part in the ongoing feud between small beauty business “Sahi Cosmetics” and the bigger beauty company, “Beauty Blender.”  Events Leading Up To Kandee’s Apology The story, as told by Kandee, began when she posted a video onto her YouTube channel on Friday September 19th. As a well established beauty YouTuber (Kandee has been making videos since 2008), her videos are usually welcomed with kind words and excitement. So when she began receiving hate comments on her most recent video, Kandee was alarmed. Comments were pouring in about Kandee being a thief, not supporting small businesses and that she needs to be cancelled.  As it turns out, Shelly Sahi, owner of Sahi Cosmetics, had mentioned Kandee Johnson earlier that day in a TikTok as an abetting aid in an on-going feud between her cosmetic company and bigger makeup brand, Beauty Blender.  @shellysahi Our launch: 3/2018 Theirs 4/2019 FabFiFun: 9/2018 they knew. Reply to @_.cmj._ #GetTheLook #storytime #cosmetics #makeup #foryou #story #beauty ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi Deep Dive The story starts further back! In August, an upset Shelly Sahi took to TikTok to vent frustration and call out Beauty Blender, a larger makeup company, for stealing her primer serum.  @shellysahi Posted this the day after my husbands birthday because I didn’t want him to know how sad I was. I’m feeling better today! #foryou #storytime #makeup ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi In two follow up TikToks, Sahi explains that both serums use nine of the same key ingredients. On top of that, the products look alike and use similar verbiage in their product description online. The Sahi Cosmetic primer serum was released in 2018, and although made by the small company, has received attention having been featured in a Fab Fit Fun Box.  Beauty Blender’s primer was released 2019, but it wasn’t until August of 2020 that Sahi realized the company might have stolen her serum. The TikTok accusing Beauty Blender of stealing from Sahi’s small business quickly went viral. Beauty Blender took to Instagram to respond with a slightly snarky photoset.  Founder of Beauty Blender, Rea Ann Silva, reposted the snarky photoset on her personal Instagram with the caption, “to my friends in the beauty community: It was a disheartening day watching cancel culture unfold bc of a misinformed viral video. I can say on behalf of my brand, we aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. ?? Beautyblender was built on innovation & originality. But as leaders in this industry, we have to work together to put an end to cancel culture. Our work and creativity was meant to inspire and uplift, never tear down or diminish. #StopCancelCulture.” Kandee Johnson, unaware of the feud and fan of Silva and the Beauty Blender brand, commented on Silva’s post. In true Kandee fashion, never wanting anyone to be bullied, she encouraged her industry peer by commenting, “you are and always will be an originator and innovator!” Okay now pay attention because this is where things get sticky… Kandee, getting swarmed with hate on her first video back since Sahi’s original two TikTok’s on the serum scandal went viral, directly messaged Sahi on her personal Instagram. She asked Sahi to call off her followers from bullying her. Kandee also explained it was never her intention to hurt Sahi or her business and apologized for anything perceived as malintent.  I would be more excited if you didn't harass small business owners to deepen your own pockets! — Lisa (@NJBlouses) September 18, 2020 To give you more insight on Kandee’s character, in case you have never seen Kandee’s videos or heard of her, this is the kind of content she puts out all the time, ever since she’s had a platform. Don’t you give up! Don’t you listen to the negative thoughts in your head. You’re gonna get through this! You’ve got this! Tell yourself “I can do this! I can make it!” YOU’VE GOT BIG HAPPY MOMENTS, dreams & a comeback story -that might be right around the corner from today! — Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson) September 16, 2020 Nobody would peg her as someone who would take down a small business in any way. Cancel culture has become such a trend, that everyone seems to be waiting for a chance to “expose” those with “pristine” reputations. Not to get all “Kandee Johnson” on you, but the all-too-eagerness to destroy someone’s character publicly like this, only exposes the negativity in the “cancel-er’s” heart. Sahi posted a second update on the serum scandal this past weekend asking her followers not to send hate to Kandee as she wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt (right….because you didn’t already drag her name through the mud…). In the update, she explained how Sahi Cosmetics worked with Kandee’s agent to have her test some of their products. Sahi was enraged and hurt by Kandee’s comment on Silva’s Instagram post, interpreting it as a slap in the face to her business and that she was siding with Beauty Blender, as she was under the impression Kandee had tried her serum. She reminded viewers that influencers should fact check before commenting, but that they are not who hate should be directed towards.  @shellysahi Influencers have great power and responsibility! #GetTheLook #storytime #cosmetics #makeup #foryou #story #beauty #MyArt ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi This is when Kandee took to Instagram to issue an apology and explain her side of the story. We won’t hash out the entirety of the seventeen minute long video, but in it she explains how she had actually never gotten Sahi’s primer. Kandee provides all her digital receipts (DM’s, emails, screenshots of comments, etc.) proving her apology genuine. She also reached back out to Sahi to offer to apologize to her via phone.  Kandee’s Fans Defend In her twelve years of making beauty videos for YouTube and spreading positivity, Kandee has made a dedicated fanbase for herself. When allegations began circulating about her and her character, fans were quick to defend the the beloved makeup artist and offer her support.  FIRST OF ALL… how DARE y’all come for @kandeejohnson?! I’ve never actually met this woman but every time I watch her videos, they make me SO happy. I’ve watched her for YEARS & she just seems like the most amazing light of a human being. Keep shining, Kandee! The OG’s love you. — ᴀsʜʟᴇʏ ᴛᴇʟʟᴇᴢ (@ashtellez) September 20, 2020 Ily Kandee you didn’t deserve any of that I tried to stick up for you – the owner was being so hateful and mean when replying to my comment- completely unprofessional idk why anyone would target you like that your soul is too pure for this world — Jillian Cooper (@JillianJewelz) September 21, 2020 So sorry this is happening to you Kandee. You are such a sweet person and her refusing to talk to you to resolve it makes her look bad IMO. Sending you lots of love! — Renee (@minreneee) September 20, 2020 Just the thought of you doing anything malicious has me more confused than anything… much less something like this. Anyone who knows you at all knows that you’re the kindest and most genuine human to ever exist. So sorry you’re dealing with this mess ☹️❤️ — Lily Marston (@lily_marston) September 20, 2020 Many fans agreed that this scandal and dragging Kandee into this was not a good look for Sahi or her business.  This is not a good look for this woman wanting to start up a business. Extremely unprofessional. Kudos to you for the utmost class & professionalism. — Debra Vincent??☕?? (@DebraVincent29) September 20, 2020 This is…not a great way to start a business ? — ɐɯɯʎ Sʇᴉlǝʇʇo Tammy Stiletto (@TammyStiletto) September 21, 2020 Final Update On The Kandee Situation  Sahi posted another update on the serum scandal yesterday addressing Kandee’s personal apology to her (through DMs). In this update she acknowledged that Kandee said she would make sure to fact check in the future, and the two are now on the same page. Overall a positive response.  @shellysahi Reply to @chinalovescake #greenscreen thank you for sharing this comment! Thank you @kandeejohnson #HeyAngel #makeup #cosmetics #fyp ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi So while we don’t think this is the end of the primer serum scandal between Sahi Cosmetics and Beauty Blender, it seems Kandee Johnson’s name has been cleared. While it’s a shame Kandee had to be brought into this, let this be a lesson to us all that we should focus on accountability rather than destroying someone’s character, have kindness, and to always get the full facts before making statements. Cancel culture aside, Sahi Cosmetics has been getting a lot of attention from this scandal. Knowing all the details so far, do you think the brand is just making a stink to get publicity? Or is this a part of a bigger fight for small businesses against a world of big businesses and powerful corporations?

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Alpha Familia TikTok Couple Viral…Because They’re Step Siblings

Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena are the couple behind the viral TikTok account Alpha Familia. This couple uses the fact that they are STEP SIBLINGS to entice viewers in a really messed up way, but that’s only the beginning.  @alphafamilia Love is love ❤️ #cutkings eatadick #alphabama #fyp #alpha #foryoupage #foryou #stepsister #stepbro #step ♬ Eat a Dick – Cut Kings It’s safe to say that if you have had the misfortune to stumble across one of their videos on your feed, you know there is much more to unpack than just the fact that they’re stepsiblings. But they weren’t always a monstrosity of a couple! Their shared TikTok account appears to have originally belonged to Avila. Old videos feature only her modeling outfits.  @alphafamilia Feelin Fall ? #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #halloweekend ♬ Take Your Man – Mahogany LOX She looks like a normal girl wanting to be TikTok famous. Also side note- apparently she’s a dentist! Why couldn’t we see more teeth videos?! Alas, Frankenstein had to create her monster. Avila slowly begins integrating her boyfriend more regularly in videos.  @alphafamilia McDonalds is gross #greenscreen #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ ratatata.. – Mukhtar Their videos are still kind of weird, but not too out of ordinary for TikTok, and nowhere near what they evolved to. Avila just looks hungry for TikTok fame, while Vena appears to be a passive, yet supportive, boyfriend.  @alphafamilia Who did it better?? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – I miss my grandma Look how normal they seem here! Just a girl and her boyfriend doing silly TikToks together. Ugh if only they could have stayed like this! But unfortunately they decided to make things officially weird, to say the least by adopting personas. At least we hope they are personas. Vena takes on a macho male personality, “Alpha.” Cue the cringing.  @alphafamilia You better watch out ⚠️ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #viral #positivevibes ♬ Swish Mike Stud – bree @alphafamilia Catch the link at the end to get free v-bucks #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #itsaremix #withmyfamily #xyzbca #tiktok #viral #alpha #fighting #boxing ♬ LEAD THE RACE (UNDEFEATED) – Comethazine Nobody knows WHY they did this. Perhaps it was because Vena felt like he was taking a backseat in prior videos. Maybe he really is a macho alpha type in real life and wanted to showcase it. Regardless of the reasoning, it is annoying, weird, uncomfortable. And worst of all, has a lot of sexist and misogynistic undertones, which we are not about in 2020.  In many of their videos, Vena and Avila have a clear shtick, which relies heavily on gender stereotypes. Vena’s persona plays into the aggressive male stereotype. He is often seen yelling, punching the air, angering easily and is controlling and possessive over Avila. Avila on the other hand, plays into the cute girl trope, using a very obnoxious baby voice- we will get into this momentarily. Avila’s persona doesn’t like her boyfriend looking at other girls, wants attention all the time, and acts dumb. All of this could potentially be humorous if they said it was a joke, but they don’t. Viewers are left to believe that this is their actual dynamics and it’s weird. For young impressionable viewers, this could potentially be very unhealthy to be normalizing.  This Took A Turn… Then they started introducing the fact that they are step siblings into the mix. @alphafamilia Always pranking my step brother #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dojacat #prank #prankwars #promportrait #promlook ♬ Like That – Doja Cat Why? Why was that necessary?? Clearly the Alpha persona was not bringing in enough followers so they had to throw something more wacky into the mix. OKAY. They do claim that they are step siblings in real life, so we don’t want to cast judgement. But something about exploiting the fact that they are step siblings as click bait seems fishy.   "alpha familia" sometimes i have trouble wondering how white people managed to colonize 90% of the world — isabella (@stabbedthesun) September 18, 2020 Then There’s The Baby Talk Alpha Familia has also been unofficially dubbed “the baby talk” couple. Avila’s persona is supposed to be the cute little girl, so she obviously needs to have a cute voice to go with it. It’s unfortunate that this might be the worst voice in human existence.  @alphafamilia let’s have a moment of silence for those dying for attention @jordievena #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #alpha #alphabama #xyzbca #alabama #step #tiktok ♬ original sound – Alpha @alphafamilia When the Alpha gets angry watch out ?? #alphabama #alpha #ItStartsOnTikTok #NailStyle #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok ♬ original sound – Alpha IS IT POSSIBLE TO MUTE A VIDEO HOW CAN I MUTE VIDEOS WITH ALPHAFAMILIA IN IT I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE — elle .o҉ʼ ?? busy ! (@daijoburat) September 14, 2020 Put all of this together and you somehow have the winning recipe for a viral TikTok account. But an OBNOXIOUS one. It’s unclear how many of their followers are actually fans.  idk which of their faces i want to step on more… — Jujuu | BLM | ?️ (@j_elgml) September 16, 2020 the alphafamilia tiktok “couple” that are step siblings? make me wanna put a fork in 1 ear & pull it out the other. my fight or flight is activated everytime i hear the girls baby voice or anytime the dude does/says anything. someone pls lock them in a bunker & throw away the key — bitch kitty (@shaarkkbait) September 14, 2020 My brain cells after watching alpha familia on tic tok — Nathan T (@NathanT93824981) September 16, 2020 They have been reviewed by several YouTubers for being the weirdest and cringiest couple of TikTok.  [embedded content] [embedded content] Basically it just seems like everyone wants them to stop. [embedded content] Everyone seems to have a suspicion that this can’t be real. This can not actually be how the couple acts. Maybe their appeal is that they are everyone’s favorite couple we love to hate. oh god i remembered that alphafamilia tiktok again and i wanna reset my memory. — ?????. (@pinkcameIIia) September 15, 2020 The worst part about all of this is that people are ACTUALLY watching them, regardless of why. The couple is clearing doing something right since they have over 400K followers on TikTok. But, do they do think people are actually enjoying their content? Or are they just parodying couples on TikTok to show people how obnoxious they are?? NOW we are onto something! Regardless, they seem to be acting as a consensual punching bag on the internet, reminding us to go outside and never scroll through TikTok again. Let us know if you think this couple is seriously like this! 

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Shock And Concern Over ‘This Is Paris’ Documentary

Paris Hilton’s documentary, This is Paris, shocked viewers with its intimate detailing of the socialite’s childhood trauma. Produced as a YouTube “original” movie, the documentary can be watched in entirety for free on YouTube.  [embedded content] Everyone is familiar with Paris Hilton, great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who created the Hilton Hotel empire. Paris has been in the spotlight from a young age, appearing as the “dumb blonde,” rich, snobby, party-going socialite. Many people know her as a reality star from her TV show with Nicole Richie, The Simple Life. The show only reinforced her dumb blonde persona. She is known as the original “influencer,” having invented selfies and coining signature catchphrases such as “that’s hot,” and “loves it.” As she has grown older, she has turned her back on her partying lifestyle and now focuses her attention on her DJ career as well as the 19 different business brands she owns. She has a line for almost everything it seems, from skincare to fragrance, and she is the face of them all. While she has become a business mogul, she still maintains true to her pink girly brand that has made her so famous. But while she portrays this blonde bombshell persona to the world, her new documentary explores another side of Paris, the real side. So as it turns out, Paris Hilton isn’t actually the airhead everyone always thought she was. I feel terrible for her, but I also feel proud for her at the same time. Suffering abuse to one day finally show the world the truth. I liked her in House Of Wax. #ThisIsParis — PennThreeper (@PennThreeper) September 14, 2020 This Is Paris gives Hilton a chance to explore the trauma she endured at “emotional behavior” schools when she was a teenager. She opens up to producers and family about the emotional and physical abuse she endured attending those schools and how it has affected her, years later. Hilton also opens up about the sex tape with then boyfriend that was released without her consent. The effects of which still weigh heavy on the celebrity and her family. Hilton, age 39 now, struggles with insomnia and anxiety from her disturbing experiences.  The documentary also explores Paris’s childhood and the inner workings of the Hilton family. Paris was praised for her beauty from a young age by family members such as her grandmother. But her sister Nicky says Paris, “is a boy at heart.” The glamorous persona she shows to the world is a mask. She has built a shield for herself to protect her from trauma.  2020 full of surprises. I did not expect the @ParisHilton documentary to be one of the best things I’ve watched this year. But it straight up was. I do love a good perspective change. It’s raw, seems legit and if you’ve ever judged her, it’s worth your time. — KHood (@HoodFarms) September 15, 2020 I’m not even being dramatic when I say that the new @ParisHilton documentary on YouTube is a must watch. I promise it will change your opinion of her (?) and the trauma that women experience. — Catherine Dailey (@cnast_) September 16, 2020 Paris details about her time spent in emotional behavioral schools, causing fans and onlookers alike to view her in a whole new light. The Paris Hilton documentary started as a cute doc about how we got the socialite but quickly turned into a documentary about child abuse and ended with a call to action to end child prisons — ryvn.? (@MuvaPrincess) September 15, 2020 She describes the last school she went to, Provo Canyon School, to be the worst. The Hiltons allowed their daughter to be taken from her bed in the middle of the night by school officials to be brought to the school. Paris had no idea she was being taken to a school. this Paris Hilton documentary is quite sad. can’t believe her parents had her kidnapped ? — teena thach ? (@teena_thach) September 15, 2020 Nicky said that their parents never even talked about the incident with their family the next day. All they said was that Paris went to boarding school. “King and Queen of sweeping things under the rug,” said Paris, referring to her parents.  Having everything taken away from her and enduring abuse when she went to these schools has left Paris with anxieties that manifest in interesting ways, as any trauma survivor is all too familiar with. Hilton confessed that she has found herself in physically abusive relationships multiple times because she “almost thought it was normal.”  Did I just spend 2 hours watching Paris Hilton's documentary? Yes, and you should too. — 「 leo 」 (@LxoSmith) September 15, 2020 At the correctional school, staff would force students to take undisclosed pills, leaving them “tired and numb.” Paris recounts that many of the students were on suicide watch and that she was worried she would become one of them.  Paris also shares a horrifying memory of being put in solitary confinement when she was caught not taking the pills. She said they would lock students up, unclothed and alone, for 20 hours at a time. This was something she never told her parents about, and told her mother about for the first time on camera. People seem unconvinced that Kathy Hilton really cared.  I watched #ParisHilton 's YouTube documentary and I was surprised to find out the trauma she legit went through as a teenager and how callous her mother was when she found out. Kathy Hilton legit just brushed it off. #ThisIsParis — Letitia fucking Lewis (@Blerd_Life) September 15, 2020 There's quite a lot to unpack from this Paris documentary. The fact Kathy Hilton didn't know that the Utah reform school may have put her daughter in solitary… — V. ? (@ThatBKGurl) September 14, 2020 kathy hilton’s the villain — mark mauriello (@maarkm) September 16, 2020 Paris says that she never spoke about her traumatic experiences before filming this documentary. “I think all my anger just went into my drive for success,” said Hilton. The only way she kept herself going at PROVO was to dream of what she would become when she was able to leave.  22 years later, and Paris is ready to face her trauma head on. She meets with four former classmates of PROVO to spread awareness about the mistreatment taking place in these institutions. Many commend her for her bravery in speaking about her experience at PROVO. Watching the Paris Hilton documentary and the last 30 minutes about the abuse she and countless others have and continue to endure from Provo Canyon School is horrifying. Bravo to her for calling them out and bring attention to this. — Deniz Kofteci (@DenizKofteci) September 15, 2020 Just want to publicly thank and honor @ParisHilton for the courage, strength & #integrity she's shown in releasing her documentary that has helped to EXPOSE institutionalize child abuse in the USA of which I am also an #overcomer ! May The LORD Jesus Christ bless you always girl! — Jacqueline Servantess (@JServantess) September 15, 2020 But of course there are those who still have little empathy for the socialite. People still point out her fame, wealth and privilege. The upbringing that she was rebelling against in the first place to get her sent to the behavioral schools.  the fact that paris hilton released a documentary where the entire thing is just showing off her obscenely wealthy lifestyle and complaining about it during one of the bleakest time in US history ….. rich people are disgusting lmao — rewild your lawn (@feral_aries) September 16, 2020 Paris Hilton coming out w/story of abuse at her boarding school. Not taking anything away from her experience, but not sure the country is too hungry for a story from an overly privileged girl sent to boarding school for partying & doing drugs while living at the Waldorf Astoria. — newmiamimama305 (@newmiamimama301) September 13, 2020 Regardless of how you feel about Paris Hilton, you must admit she is a successful businesswoman and has been through a lot. This Is Paris has lifted some of her ‘that’s hot’ mask and exposed a more life-like side, one who is vulnerable and has been through hardships. This documentary seems to have been a therapeutic type of journey for her. While the ending of the documentary alludes to an answer, we are curious to see if the Paris that we have come to know and love will die, replaced with a new, more authentic Paris. 

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‘Squirmy and Grubs’ Speak Out Against Hate Comments On Interabled Marriage

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, the interabled couple of the YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs have been the target of offensive comments on their recent wedding video. The couple has faced ignorance and discrimination about their relationship in the past, but this time it went too far.  View this post on Instagram If the past two years of having a YouTube channel have taught me anything, it’s that you’re never going to be able to educate everyone. No matter what you do, some people will just never come around. Worrying about these people’s opinions is a waste of time, and as time has gone on, it’s become so much easier to genuinely have no internal reaction to comments like these. A few years ago, reading words like these was painful. For a while, I held onto the idea that once Shane and I were married, all the people doubting our relationship would realize it was real. Now, of course, I’m not that naive. Although it’s taken time, I’m able to completely dismiss people like this. Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners. Comments like these only encourage us to continue! We’re so grateful for all of the people that our story has managed to reach in a positive way. A post shared by Hannah Burcaw (@hannahayl) on Sep 11, 2020 at 3:41pm PDT Channel ‘Squirmy and Grubs,’ better known as Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward have been dating and showcasing their interabled (a relationship where one person is disabled and the other is not) relationship on YouTube for a little over two years now. Shane has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, aka SMA, a rare disease that causes the muscles to deteriorate, while Hannah is able bodied. Their channel quickly reached half a million subscribers as they educated others on disabled living and showed the daily life of an interabled couple. Shane is an active voice in the disabled community. Originally starting a blog poking fun at his disability, he has since started a nonprofit organization that speaks to schools and provides equipment for those with muscular dystrophy. He has also written a memoir and been the center of a short documentary produced by Rainn Wilson.  The couple originally met because Hannah saw the Rain Wilson documentary and decided to email Shane. The two quickly developed a virtual relationship before even meeting in person! They have been dating for the past four years and finally got married this month. Hurtful Comments [embedded content] Shane and Hannah got married in a beautiful backyard ceremony on September 4th. They wrote on their social media channels that while it was not the wedding they expected, the day was perfect and filled with happiness. They both beam in photos and have said they are happy that they have married their best friend and love of their life.  While many fans were happy to see the couple finally getting hitched, SQUIRMY AND GRUBS GOT MARRIED THIS IS THE ONE REDEEMING THING ABOUT 2020 — Jax ?⚓? big boy man (@g4tisss) September 6, 2020 #SquirmyAndGrubs I'm so ? 4 Y'all!!! Now u just gonna have to share the baby bellies to come & we wanna see babies!!! — Elect A Clown ? Expect A Circus ? (@AimeeSutton0922) September 6, 2020 Others were less thrilled. A week after they posted their wedding content on social media, hurtful and ignorant comments began flooding their pages. Some of the negative comments were screenshot by Hannah herself. They read:  “Is he rich or something?” “This is some kind of joke.” “I’m saying this without any apologies. I’m pretty sure this woman married him because if money and not for love. Some of us women will do anything and everything for money, even if it means putting up a front, pretending, just to get what they want. Not no true love.”  Hannah took to Instagram to respond. She posted a happy newlywed photo of her and Shane with screenshots of some of the mean comments. In her caption she details that a few years ago, these comments would have hurt her, but today they do not.  She continues to say, “for a while, I held onto the idea that once Shane and I were married, all the people doubting our relationship would realize it was real. Now, of course, I’m not that naive. Although it’s taken time, I’m able to completely dismiss people like this. Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners.” Hannah’s caption emphasizes the fact that so many people still invalidate the lives of those with disabilities so much that they do not believe they are capable of having a “normal” relationship. The negative comments on their wedding posts about the inauthenticity of Hannah’s choice to marry Shane are completely ignorant to the fact that people with disabilities are people too and worthy of love. The comments show a very ugly side of people who think that because of Shane’s SMA, he is unworthy of being loved or having a “stereotypically pretty” able bodied person like Hannah as his wife.  The couple also did what they do best and took to YouTube to address the controversy surrounding their wedding.  [embedded content] They spoke in depth about the systemic inequality disabled people face when looking to get legally married. The couple talk about their decision to get legally married despite the financial implications they might face down the road because of the little options our government gives to those with disabilities.  and that’s on Squirmy and Grubs — Ԁѧяяѧһ (@MonaeePatrice) September 13, 2020 At the end of the video, Hannah does address that their decision to get legally married was also slightly influenced by the fact that they were worried about the hate they might receive if viewers found out they were not actually legally married. Even though they love each other, and were married in their own eyes, they didn’t want to give more reasons for people to devalue their marriage.  In their response video Shane says, “…and I know the reaction to that from all of you will be, ‘oh just ignore them, they’re dumb,’ but when you’re email is filled every day with dozens of messages from mean people telling us that Hannah is only after my money, or that she can never love someone as disabled as me, and you have to go through and delete them so that you can find your real emails- you’re going to understand why we don’t want to add fuel to the fire.”  Shane and Hannah have always educated people on what it is like to be an interabled couple, and their marriage was no different. It is disheartening to see that despite so much effort on their part to educate others, there are still some that are ignorant and ableist. Any couple knows that invalidation from the outside can cause strain on a relationship, but Hannah and Shane remain strong as ever. Their response video and Hannah’s Instagram post show their resilience towards the haters, proving to those that “disabled people are worthy partners.”  We are wishing congratulations to the newlywed couple and we can only hope their future together is bright. 

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Backlash Against Peloton Billionaire During Pandemic

This pandemic is really only making the poor poorer and the rich richer. But does it really matter which side you’re on when you’re getting fitter? Today Business Insider announced Peloton’s founder, John Foley, is the latest to become a billionaire during the pandemic.  John Foley joins Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and other notable names in the billionaire club as the rise in Peloton stock has brought his wealth to $1.3 billion.  Peloton crushed earnings estimates for its fiscal Q4 and raised its guidance. “We think that post-COVID, this is still an incredible growth story,” CEO John Foley says. — CNBC (@CNBC) September 11, 2020 The Bike Peloton is self described as an “American exercise equipment and media company,” with a mission to bring boutique fitness to your home. To the untrained eye, the Peloton bike looks like a stationary bike with a tablet connected to the handlebars. But in fact, the Peloton team has found a way to bring all the joys of group fitness classes to the convenience of working out at home with innovative technology and talented fitness instructors.  [embedded content] The whole ensemble creates quite the package. Let’s take a look at the price of everything, shall we? The Peloton bike can be purchased for $1,895, and the Peloton Bike+ (shown in the above video), their newest model, can be purchased for $2,495.  Despite the high price tag, the clips can still be tricky!  If anyone wanted to rob my house just wait until I click in my cycling shoes on the @onepeloton it takes me 30 minutes to figure out how to un-clip, you could steal everything in that time. — Tim Lockwood (@timlock21) September 9, 2020 At first glance that number does seem horrendous. But in comparison to paying for work out classes, it is actually not terrible. One person can easily spend over $1,656 purchasing classes at other indoor cycling classes such as SoulCycle, rental shoes not included. If you are a novice stationary bike rider, you might be wondering What’s so great about a Peloton? Genuinely curious — Ryan Henderson (@CCM_Ryan) September 10, 2020 Let’s dive in! There is an additional $39 per month fee attached to buying a bike that covers the tech side of Peloton. With this, a rider has access to the entire Peloton library, live classes, and other types of workouts available on the app. Not to mention cool features such as individual user profiles, streaming abilities from different devices, real time data from your workout, programs and challenges.   The Community  BUT WAIT! There’s MORE! Like many cult-like boutique workout classes, the community aspect is strongly emphasized as being part of the Peloton experience. With the Peloton app riders are able to ride along with other members live. Riders have the ability to filter by age range and gender… talk about community. But they do host fun special event classes open to all and attended by many. It’s a “movement” that’s “a million members strong.” But the community seems to extend outside the bike app.  Peloton has a REAL community of riders behind it. Just saw a woman say her husband lost his job and she has 4 kids and can’t afford to keep the bike and asking for a resell group and members venmo’d her enough money in two hours to keep her bike for life. ❤️ — Allison Esposito Medina (@techladyallison) September 10, 2020 So after all that, you can tell why so many people have been excited to be Peloton owners! The much anticipated wait is finally over. My peloton is here! @onepeloton #pelotonnewbie #peloton — Jennifer Salas (@jennsalas143) September 11, 2020 Peloton’s fiscal fourth quarter sales have risen to over 172% according to CNBC. The company’s share prices were also up almost 8% in after-hours trading. This is all thanks to the high demand of working out from home due to the pandemic. Without access to gyms or in-person work out classes, Peloton saw numbers soar. Even as more and more gyms begin to re-open, people are still opting for their personal stationary bikes. Foley told investors, “Organic demand for our bike remains strong and member engagement remains elevated, despite improving weather and the gradual opening of brick-and-mortar fitness locations.” I’m still scared to go to gym ? I will workout from home until I feel comfortable with the idea of going to gym — YouTube: Shadi L (@ShadiL_) September 8, 2020 Product Demand In fact, so many people seem to want a Peloton bike, that the company seems to be struggling to meet the demand. Bike shipments are being delayed up to two months, and customer service is being swarmed. Peloton executives say that they expect delays through June 2021.  Had a friend order one recently and took about a month. The tread is also incredible but pretty sure those aren’t even shipping at all ? — iJustine (@ijustine) July 30, 2020 anyone have a spin bike they LOVE, from a company that’s still shipping, that isn’t a peloton*!? *because everyone else panic bought one & I don’t want to wait 7 weeks to get it… — Dorothy Beal • I Run This Body® (@MilePosts) April 13, 2020 @onepeloton I’ve been on hold since your call center opened. Customer service? Questionable. (And yes this is concerning a refund) #peloton — Kylee Alexander (@KyleeAlexander_) September 10, 2020 But Peloton seems to be giving all their attention to their bikes, even delaying the release of their new treadmill. Foley even seems to want to make an effort to keep his product affordable. He slashed prices of the original bike when the company came out with Bike+ model. The original model of the Peloton was $2,245, which is $350 more than today’s market price. Customers who just got their bike were about to throw a fit when they found out they paid a higher price for their original bike, but Peloton bit the PR crisis in the butt. They offered a credit to all customers who bought an original bike before the prices were marked down.  Lolol I was JUST telling @jenfrytalks and @drashleybaker that I was about to call Peloton as soon as the announcement dropped and get my coins back, but look at this great customer service. I appreciate them running me my coins. ?? — Jenn Hunter, JD (@_JennHunter) September 8, 2020 Ok, I know we felt a way about @onepeloton a while back. But I’m completely in. I bought a bike last month, still waiting on it. They lowered the price and refunded me the $350 difference. THAT is customer service. — Jasmine Styles (@JasmineStylesTV) September 11, 2020 Foley has also discussed other ways to make Peloton more accessible to others, throwing out the possibility of a rental program for the future.  Billionaire Bad Guy Dilemma While all this excitement with Peloton sounds great, becoming a billionaire comes with lots of resentment and backlash. Especially when you happen to be directly profiting off the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the unemployment of 13.6 million people in the U.S.  This is disgusting – purely profiting off a pandemic. If Apple did this they would be DESTROYED. @onepeloton should not be able to do this and get away with it. — Vanessa Gilmore (@VCGilmore) September 9, 2020 Profiting off a pandemic brings up a whole new ethical debate. Chema Vera, executive director of nonprofit group Oxfam International, said, “The economic crisis we are suffering because of the pandemic has been fueled by a rigged economic model. The world’s largest corporations are making billions at the expense of low wage workers and funneling profits to shareholders and billionaires — a small group of largely white men in rich nations.” While Foley definitely seems to fit the “white rich men” billionaire mold, he is not the only one who’s wealth has grown during the pandemic, nor is he getting much heat surrounding his profit. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos seems to be the brunt of many people’s frustrations about billionaires profiting at the expense of others, especially during the pandemic.  Well Jeff bezos has acquired his wealth through the cruel exploitation of his workers while Beyoncé and jay z mostly profit off of art?? No one should be this rich tho and they should both be taxed. So. — bitch (@dragonnqueen) September 11, 2020 It's really sad to see small businesses knowing they can't compete with Jeff Bezos and Amazon so then they feel compelled to join him by putting their company in his hands so he can profit off of them, taking nearly 20% of all profits + a $35 monthly fee to keep their shop there — HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON⁷⟭⟬?⟬⟭²⁰¹³ (@joonstardust) September 9, 2020 A single person making the federal minimum wage can not afford a one bedroom apartment in any of the 50 states of america but jeff bezos just bought a house in washing dc with 25 bathrooms ?????? america where working doesnt matter and profit over everything — Jay Freeze (@MrJFreeze45) September 4, 2020 If Bezos wasn’t taking the heat though, would Foley be met with more resistance? Maybe not since his product does give people endorphins after all!  Whether or not you think profiting off of a pandemic is moral or not, you must admit that John Foley is definitely doing something right with Peloton. Would you ever buy a stationary bike? Is working out from home just asking for too much?

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