Constitution Day: A Reminder of Liberty in the COVID Era

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here This time each year, we honor the Constitution of the United States. This foundational document, created September 17, 1787, and the Bill of Rights that quickly amended it have safeguarded the freedom of Americans for more than two centuries. However, over the years, it has been further modified, misinterpreted, and even ignored entirely. As I wrote last year in remembrance of the Republic, “the United States they created was not quite the nation we know today.” And in this, the first year CE (COVID Era), that statement rings truer than any of us could have imagined this time last year. From the lockdowns and business closures to the mask-wearing and social distancing ordinances, leaders at all levels of government across the nation have been flexing their authoritarian muscles since the pandemic declaration. As seems to always be the case, the crisis was quickly used to justify more government authority in the lives of the people – for our own good, of course. Ostensibly this is temporary – but is it? When was the last time the government took more power for itself to see us through a crisis – whether the government solution worked or not – and then actually relinquished that power? In the COVID Era, we have thousands of private businesses closed and millions of Americans living off government benefits. Schools are finally reopening and some of the unemployed are returning to work, but at what cost? Many schools have pushed parents out of the equation as much as possible, and some colleges are holding education hostage by requiring students surrender more of their freedoms than ever before. As Liberty Nation’s Laura Valkovic explained in August, one college in Michigan requires every student to install an app that tracks their location and reports them if they leave campus. Another Michigan institution wants students to wear a device that measures vital signs and comes with a handy Bluetooth contact-tracing feature. This grasping for control should come as no surprise from the bastion of statist thought that is American academia. The real shock should be the Supreme Court – the body tasked with interpreting the Constitution and whether laws are in compliance with it – ruling against a church in what seems like a clear-cut violation of the First Amendment. Steve Sisolak, the Democrat governor of Nevada, decided that churches could only seat 50 people at most, while casinos were free to operate at 50% capacity. Calvary Chapel offered to exceed the state recommendations for social distancing, if only they were allowed the same capacity as the casinos. With a sanctuary capable of seating 200 worshipers, Calvary Chapel wants simply to allow a maximum of 90, sitting 6 feet apart from each other and wearing masks. But the governor wouldn’t allow it, and the Supreme Court refused to help. As Liberty Nation’s Scott D. Cosenza wrote at the time, “Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley thought the Constitution would give them the same rights at least that casinos had. Four justices agreed, but only four, and so the churches must turn away their flock as bets are placed across town.” As the year wears on, many wonder when – indeed, if – life will ever get back to normal. Some say that this or something like this may very well be the new normal. Those are dire warnings that must not go ignored. We know that governments have a tendency to gobble up more power and grow at every opportunity, but what can we do to stop it? Treasure Coast News, a USA Today affiliate out of Florida, has a wise suggestion for how to celebrate Constitution Day 2020: Remember and read the Constitution. Heck, don’t stop there. Read the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence as well – then read the various letters and speeches of our Founding Fathers. Don’t allow the promise of government security erase the memory of what they fought for. Last year, I concluded that “In spite of those who would gladly trade individual liberty (and responsibility) for the security and care of the government, we haven’t entirely fallen back to being serfs to the crown … yet.” This year, I am beginning to wonder. ~ Read more from James Fite.

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Gunslingers for Liberty: Gunning for the Second Amendment – 9.13.20

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Editor’s note: Miss some of this week’s news, public policy, and politics? Stay current, keep up, and get out ahead of the pack with Liberty Nation’s Sunday News Round-up. Yeehaw! Mobs Yes, Guns No! Remember the McCloskeys – the couple from St. Louis who defended their property at gunpoint from a horde of angry activists? Well, they’re facing felony charges, which could quickly result in the suppression of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. But what about the angry mob of trespassers, you ask? Some might face as much as 90 days in jail and a $500 fine – if charges are even filed. How can it be that Americans could face stiffer penalties for defending their home – without having to resort to actual physical violence – than the violent mass of trespassing vandals who tore down a gate to march onto private property? Will the McCloskeys actually do time? Liberty Nation’s Leesa K. Donner has the most likely answer: “It is unlikely the McCloskeys will see any jail time. Governor Mike Parson has signaled that if they were convicted, he would pardon the couple. Still, this event should be an open and shut case of a citizen’s right to self- defense instead of a politically charged hot potato. Such as it is gun rights have become the third rail of American politics that even the Supreme Court fears touching. When you come down to the essence of this debacle, one can see that it is riven with opportunities for the miscarriage of justice.” Politics, of course – what else? What to Watch for As the November election draws near, expect the left to only get louder in supporting Antifa and BLM – and denouncing anyone who, like the McCloskeys, dares defy them. State Education at its Finest A 12-year-old boy was recently suspended from school for possession of a firearm. A toy firearm, that is. Oh, and he didn’t take it to school – he didn’t even go to school. During a virtual class, the young student moved his clearly-not-a-real-gun Zombie Hunter toy from one side of his desk to the other. He didn’t brandish it toward the camera or threaten anyone. Still, the instructor saw the toy and called the police, who showed up without notifying the parents. Then, despite the fact that the kid’s offense was simply that he had a toy gun in his room at home, the school suspended him. After being refused access to the recording of the virtual class, the parents did get to see the police body cam footage. The boy was eventually allowed to return to class – after his parents raised a news-worthy stink about the situation. But the damage was done; the poor kid was terrified when the police arrived. Liberty Nation’s Sarah Cowgill summed up the situation well: “Americans are struggling to embrace distance learning, and, granted, educators may be under stress to mind-control their students through the internet … Heck, now, when the cops are called by a heavy-handed principal to issue arrest threats to a minor child, parents aren’t to be notified? The schools won’t release tapes, as they clearly seem to think a toy gun may be a gateway to a life of crime, and that they are better equipped than the rest of us mere mortals to make decisions.” What to Watch for Think this story is ridiculous? It’s a mere harbinger of things to come should the Democrats come out on top this election cycle. Biden boasts about his work on the previous assault weapons ban and makes it perfectly clear that once again hamstringing the Second Amendment would be one of his top priorities as president. Washington Whispers & Other Juicy Tidbits Be on the lookout for: legally acquiring a new handgun just got a little harder in North Carolina. An employee in the Wake County Sheriff’s Office has tested positive for COVID-19, a development that is expected to cause a disruption in responding to an unprecedented number of pistol permit applications. If only the state didn’t insist gun owners jump through such hoops, the Second Amendment right could be exercised freely and without infringement, as intended. Stay dialed into all the latest news, public policy, and politics affecting your liberty and freedom with Liberty Nation, where we like to say that Truth is Making a Comeback because Facts Matter. Bookmark our page, download our LN News & Commentary App, or sign up to our Daily Briefing. Check Out Our Gunslingers For Liberty [embedded content] ~ Read more at

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