Hunter Biden Emails Send Dad’s Campaign Into Panic Mode

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Democratic President candidate Joe Biden avoids responding to a lot of crucial questions. However , He might not make it to election day, Nov 3, without having to respond to a restored examination of his son’s involvement along with Burisma

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Science, Politics, Lies, and Fear

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here In November 2009, climate change crusader and failed presidential candidate Al Gore made an appearance on The Tonight Show, hosted by Conan O’Brien. While talking about geothermal energy, Gore made an astoundingly unscientific claim – a claim so far beyond the bounds of reality that one might have thought he

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Update on President Trump’s Condition – 10/03/20 11:40 AM

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here At 11:40 AM on Saturday, October 3, White House physician Sean Conley provided an update on President Trump’s condition. On Friday, Mr. Trump revealed that he and the first lady had tested positive for COVID-19. Out of what the White House described as “an abundance of caution,” the president later departed the White House for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, where he is expected to remain for several days. A team of physicians from Walter Reed accompanied Dr. Conley at the briefing. The doctor said the team was “extremely happy with the progress the president has made.” The president had a cough and also a fever Thursday into Friday but, according to Conley, has been fever-free for more than 24 hours. Mr. Trump has not needed supplemental oxygen – a fact that appeared to disappoint members of the media who were present at the briefing. Seemingly to his amusement, Dr. Conley was asked several times if the president was, or had been, receiving oxygen. Conley said that Trump was walking around, working, and was having no difficulty breathing. Earlier today, the president was apparently in good spirits and told the medical team: “I feel like I could walk out of here today.” First Lady Melania Trump is still at the White House and is said to be coping well with mild symptoms. No definite timeline was given, regarding the president’s discharge. Due to the treatment he is receiving, the president could remain at Walter Reed for up to five more days, though Conley would not say for sure.

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Trump Weekly Report: Just The Facts – 09.27.20

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Editor’s Note: Everyone’s got an opinion, but who has the facts? At, we like to say, “Truth is Making a Comeback because Facts Matter.” Each week, we cut through the noise to bring you some of the lesser-reported highlights of the president’s week. Monday, September 21President Trump traveled to Dayton, OH, where he delivered remarks on “Fighting for the American Worker” at Dayton International Airport. Afterward, Mr. Trump hosted a Great American Comeback Event at the Toledo Express Airport in Swanton, OH. Trump also announced new sanctions on Iran, enforced by Executive Order. In part, a statement from the president read: “My actions today send a clear message to the Iranian regime and those in the international community who refuse to stand up to Iran. The United States will not allow the Iranian regime to further advance capabilities to directly threaten and terrorize the rest of the world.” Tuesday, September 22Mr. Trump held another Great American Comeback Event at Pittsburgh International Airport in Pennsylvania. The president also delivered a pre-recorded address to the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. His speech was critical of China’s actions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as that country’s conduct concerning several other issues, including pollution. In concluding his address, Mr. Trump told the UNGA: “For decades, the same tired voices proposed the same failed solutions, pursuing global ambitions at the expense of their own people. But only when you take care of your own citizens will you find a true basis for cooperation. As President, I have rejected the failed approaches of the past, and I am proudly putting America first, just as you should be putting your countries first. That’s okay — that’s what you should be doing.” Wednesday, September 23The president delivered remarks from the East Room of the White House in honor of Bay of Pigs veterans. Later, he spoke with State Attorneys General on the subject of protecting consumers from social media abuses. During an evening press briefing, the president was asked about the Breonna Taylor killing in Kentucky. In response, Mr. Trump quoted a statement by the state’s attorney general: “Justice is not — justice is not often easy.  It does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform to shifting standards. It answers only to the facts and to the law. If we simply act on emotion or outrage there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice.  Justice sought by violence is not justice – it just becomes revenge.” Thursday, September 24President Trump and the first lady went to the United States Supreme Court to pay their respects to the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Later, Mr. Trump traveled to Florida, where he hosted a Great American Comeback Event at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville. Friday, September 25On Friday morning, the president hosted a Latinos for Trump Roundtable in Doral, FL. In the evening, he was back in Washington, D.C., where he hosted a roundtable with supporters at Trump International Hotel. Later, Mr. Trump participated in a Great American Comeback Event at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.

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2020 Election Battleground: Georgia

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here While Georgia has been a reliably red state since 1996, its 16 electoral votes make it a prize the Democrats would dearly love to turn blue. In terms of how residents of the state have voted in federal elections, though, it is hard to discern a Republican to Democrat trend. Georgians have not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992, they have not elected a Democratic governor since 1998, and they haven’t sent a Democrat to the Senate since 2000. Republicans also command majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. From 2002, the state had 13 congressional districts; either five or six of those were represented by Republicans over the period of a decade. Georgia gained a 14th district in 2012 and had six Democratic representatives. Currently, the state has four Democratic and nine Republican seats in the U.S. House, with one vacancy. In 2016, President Donald Trump carried the state by a margin of almost six percentage points. Whether he or his Democrat challenger will carry Georgia in November is not an easy prediction, if one believes the polls. As of Sept. 22, the Real Clear Politics average of polls gives Trump a one-point lead over Joe Biden, and the latter’s campaign is targeting the state with a major ad buy. Senate Races David Perdue One of Georgia’s two Republican senators, David Perdue, is up for re-election in November, in line with the regular congressional schedule. However, Sen. Kelly Loeffler was appointed by Gov. Brian Kemp to fill the Senate seat vacated by the retiring Johnny Isakson in 2019. That means Loeffler will also be fighting for her seat in a special election. Perdue’s challenger is Democrat Jon Ossoff, who became famous for losing the most expensive congressional race in history in a 2017 special election. Perdue currently leads Ossoff in almost every poll by a margin of between two and seven points. Loeffler faces a far less straightforward race. In what is generally known as a “jungle primary,” multiple candidates from the same party will challenge the appointed incumbent. In all, 21 candidates qualified to contest Loeffler’s seat, including five other Republicans, eight Democrats, and five Independents, along with one Libertarian and one Green Party candidate. Among the challengers are Representative Doug Collins (R-GA), who currently represents the state’s 9th district, and former Senator Joe Lieberman’s son, Matt, a Democrat. House Races Georgia’s 5th congressional district, formerly represented by John Lewis (D), will be contested in a Sept. 29 special election – and is a safe Democrat seat. The 6th and 7th districts, currently represented by Democrat Lucy McBath and Republican Rob Woodall, respectively, are the only Georgia districts considered less than safe for the party now controlling them. If Georgia were to turn blue, future Republican presidential candidates would find that winning the Electoral College becomes a lot more challenging. It is why Democrats have been working hard, for several years, to swing the state in their favor – along with Texas and North Carolina. The trends mentioned earlier, though, do not indicate a significant red-to-blue switch among the state’s electorate. Like many other states, Georgia is mostly red or deep red everywhere outside the larger metropolitan areas. ~ Read more from Graham J. Noble.

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Russian Bounties on US Troops Unproven – Democrats Furious

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Another disgraceful chapter in the decline of the establishment media continues to unfold as the U.S. military on September 14 revealed that it had been unable to corroborate the details of an alarming New York Times article from June. Although it continues to investigate an allegation that the Russian government has offered cash rewards to the Taliban for the killings of American military personnel, a senior Marine Corps general told NBC News that he had uncovered no evidence to support the story. What is more likely, then? That high-level people are willing to go on record denying something they know is true, or that The Times’ anonymous sources either do not exist or are lying? Falsehood Flies, the Truth Limps When it comes to negative stories about the Trump administration, one must be careful. It is always worth weighing the likelihood that someone is perpetrating a smear, against the possibility that honest government officials have uncovered a terrible secret that the president or cabinet officials have been keeping under wraps. In all honesty, both scenarios are almost equally likely when it comes to any U.S. president – or any other world leader, for that matter. A portion of Americans will immediately choose to believe that the story in question is nothing more than a fabrication. Another group will accept without hesitation whatever accusation has been made – needing no further evidence or investigation. Therein lies the payoff for media organizations that, like The New York Times, are interested in only one thing: discrediting and disparaging President Trump and doing all they can to ensure that he does not win a second term in the White House. These media organizations do not care if the tales they put out are debunked or later denied by numerous identified sources – as the Russian bounty story has been. Once it is out there in the public consciousness, nothing else matters. On Twitter and Facebook, the original report will be shared tens of thousands of times. The refutation, when it comes, will be passed around far fewer times. As the Anglo-Irish satirist and author, Jonathan Swift, wrote in 1710: “Besides, as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no farther occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…” Case in point, the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. The special counsel concluded that there was no proof of deliberate conspiracy between then-candidate Trump and the Russians. Reams of documents have since come to light, proving multiple instances of political bias on the part of the FBI investigators. Protocols and, in at least one case, laws were broken. Still, the majority of Americans who dislike Trump to this day insist that the president and the Russians collaborated to steal the 2016 election. So it is with the Russian bounty story. Even on the same day that General Frank McKenzie told NBC: “It just has not been proved to a level of certainty that satisfies me,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) tweeted: “Plain & simple: Donald Trump has gone 80 days without condemning [Russian President] Putin for putting reported bounties on our troops. This is unforgivable.” Despite including the word “reported,” Duckworth deliberately perpetuated an unfounded allegation for which not a shred of evidence has been presented and behind which stand only anonymous sources. Anonymity is For Cowards The anonymity of these sources brings up another point. Why would an intelligence official, having discovered that a foreign government was offering financial rewards to a U.S. enemy for killing American soldiers, not want to come forward publicly and reveal themselves? Because doing so would hurt their career, perhaps? Putting one’s career ahead of exposing such a scheme is nothing less than an act of rank cowardice. Gen. McKenzie did not simply decide to issue an off-the-cuff denial, either. The military has investigated the matter, analyzing intelligence relating to Taliban attacks against American personnel over the past several years. Thus far, no connection to any agreement with the Russians has been discovered. The case is not closed yet, and McKenzie’s admission of that fact demonstrates that he is not operating with an intent to kill the story – if he were, he would have deliberately left NBC with the impression that the investigation had concluded. The most likely scenario, here, is that The Times – probably in consultation with anti-Trump intelligence officials and perhaps even Democratic politicians – decided that this would be the perfect story to damage the president in two ways. It would maybe drive a wedge between Mr. Trump and the military and, at the same time, breathe a little air into the rotting corpse of the Russian collusion fable. Perhaps, too, the establishment media knows that President Trump has single-handedly discredited them more than any other person in American history. For that, they hate him and they know that, if they fail to bring him down, they are finished. It is not about Russians and the Taliban – this seemingly concocted scandal is one more Hail Mary pass into the November end zone. Four more years of Trump will destroy The Gray Lady and all of her elitist media co-conspirators. ~ Read more from Graham J. Noble.

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Robert Mueller, the Missing Cellphone Data, and a Duck

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here At this point, the following statement is not breaking news, even though it has probably never been spoken of in the establishment media. It is worth reading, though – very slowly, so that you can ponder its meaning and implications: Robert Mueller’s Office of Special Counsel (OSC) team erased all data from at least 15 cellphones after those devices – or, more specifically, the data on those devices – had been requested by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. All of these phones, we are being told, were wiped clean (no, Hillary, not with a cloth) by accident. Really? Are we supposed to believe that? Here’s another statement you should read and think carefully about. This one might be from a Shakespeare play, but probably not. It is, however, one of the most useful pieces of advice one could ever hope for: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Wise words indeed. These “unintentional” acts of destruction of evidence occurred, of course, during the OSC’s investigation into the now-debunked Trump-Russia collusion affair. The phones were wiped of data by people who – like most human beings in the developed world – use a cellphone frequently. The Cellphone Complexity It’s not as if these were complex, scientific devices unknown to their users. The individuals who worked under Robert Mueller in this investigation – one of the most important and consequential in American history – were high-rollers in their respective fields. Even in the private sector, between fielding calls to and from clients, district attorneys, law enforcement agencies, their personal assistants, making donations to the Democratic Party, and playing Sudoku, these men and women were using cellphones on a daily basis. The prosecutors, investigators, and administrative staff of the OSC were entirely familiar with the operation of these electronic marvels. Resetting a cellphone to factory specifications is not something that is accidentally done while reaching for a paper towel to mop up the coffee you spilled because your wife just sent you an incredibly hilarious cat video. It is inconceivable that we are now supposed to believe that 15 or more cellphones simply were mishandled by these top-tier professionals engaged in the most politically sensitive investigation of our lifetimes. The Crooked Investigation Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between President Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Russian agents was crooked from the start. It had to be. We know this for several reasons. First, because it was an evolution of an FBI counterintelligence operation that was being run by people who utterly despised Trump. That fact has been verified by their electronic communications at the time and from remarks they have since made. We know because Trump associate Roger Stone, who may be a sleazy character but was not a man who presented any physical danger to anyone, was marched out of his house in a predawn-raid at gunpoint by an army of heavily-armed police officers. We know because Michael Flynn was coerced into pleading guilty to lying to FBI agents. We know because Mueller himself and his favorite pitbull, Andrew Weissmann, both have questionable prosecutorial records. We know because the lead FBI agent on Mueller’s team, Peter Strzok, indulged in an epic exchange of text messages with his mistress – also an FBI employee assigned to Mueller’s team – on the subject of how much they loathed Donald Trump and his supporters. In order to regain our trust in the justice system and in the notion that nobody – as Democrats love to remind us – is above the law, we must hope that Attorney General Bill Barr and federal prosecutor John Durham do not take this cellphone debacle lightly. Perhaps someone should mail to each of these two esteemed officials the latest ornithological guide, so that we may be assured that they know a duck when they see one. ~ Read more from Graham J. Noble.

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Trump Weekly Report: Just The Facts – 09.13.20

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Editor’s Note: Everyone’s got an opinion, but who has the facts? At, we like to say, “Truth is Making a Comeback because Facts Matter.” Each week, we cut through the noise to bring you some of the lesser-reported highlights of the president’s week. Monday, September 7President Trump had no public engagements on Monday, but he did participate in a White House press briefing. In response to a question about why he was not meeting with congressional Democrats to negotiate a new Coronavirus relief package, Mr. Trump said: “I don’t need to meet with them to be turned down. They don’t want to make a deal because they know that’s good for the economy. And if they make a deal that’s good for the economy, and therefore it’s good for me for the election in November — November 3rd, and therefore they’re not going to make a deal.” Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Tuesday, September 8In Jupiter, FL, the president delivered remarks on Environmental Accomplishments for the People of Florida. He announced an extension of the moratorium on offshore drilling along the state’s Gulf Coast. Mr. Trump also extended that ruling to Florida’s Atlantic coast and widened its scope to include the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. Before returning to Washington, D.C., the president stopped in North Carolina, where he made remarks from Smith-Reynolds Regional Airport in Winston-Salem. Wednesday, September 9Mr. Trump presented his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Most were attorneys or federal judges from various jurisdictions, and a few were more well-know names, including Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AK), and Josh Hawley (R-MO). Thursday, September 10President Trump traveled to Freeland, MI, to make a campaign speech at a hanger of Avflight Saginaw. “This is not a crowd of a person who comes in second place,” Trump told the crowd, and later described his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, as the “worst presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics.” Friday, September 11The president and the first lady traveled to Pennsylvania, where they visited the Flight 93 National Memorial at Shanksville. Flight 93 crashed, killing everyone on board, when passengers tried to overpower Al Qaeda terrorists who took control of the aircraft on September 11, 2001. The passengers undoubtedly foiled the terrorists’ plans to fly the plane into a target somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. Later, back at the White House, President Trump announced that Bahrain had joined the United Arab Emirates in signing a peace agreement with Israel.

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