Now the left wants you to “reimagine” your Second Amendment rights in order to eliminate them

(Natural News) Because the Ivy League knows better than everyone else how to interpret the rights enshrined in our Constitution – this is sarcasm, just to be clear – there is a new effort afoot out of Harvard University to convince Americans that the time is now to “reimagine” the Second Amendment. A report by Harvard’s Kennedy School Carr Center for

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Facebook, Twitter censoring bombshell Biden story because their executives work for his transition team

(Natural News) If you have encountered difficulties sharing to social media the bombshell New York Post story exposing Joe and Hunter Biden as treasonous criminals, the answer lies in Big Tech’s incestuous relationship with the Biden campaign. As it turns out, two – that we know of – executives both from Facebook and Twitter, respectively, recently quit their high-level jobs

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Twitter lies about Hunter Biden's laptop, which was rightfully seized under repair policy

(Natural News) The latest excuse by Big Tech for not allowing the New York Post Biden bombshell story to be shared on social media is that Hunter Biden’s damaged laptop was supposedly “hacked,” a falsity that is easily debunked simply by looking at the repair contract. As signed by Hunter himself, the contract clearly states that any equipment “left with

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JJ halts Covid-19 vaccine trial after participant develops “unspecified illness”

(Natural News) Another human guinea pig has come down with a serious illness after being jabbed for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), this time in Johnson & Johnson’s Phase 3 clinical trial. Reports indicate that J&J’s 60,000-person vaccine experiment will be temporarily paused while the company and the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMD) investigate the individual’s “unspecified illness.” Providing very

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Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden executed SEAL Team Six – here's the proof

( Natural News ) A trove of evidence has been incrementally released showing that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden knowingly and deliberately executed SEAL Group Six because the unit knew a lot of about the treason being committed with the Obama administration. A newly released job interview with CIA whistleblower Alan Harrow

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Democrats call for non-Democrats to be sent to the guillotines

(Natural News) Project Veritas is on a roll lately with a new video release depicting a Democrat organizer in Denver calling for his political opponents to be sent to the guillotines. Khristopher Jacks, a Colorado Democrats executive committee member and chairman of the far-left “Our Revolution” group, revealed much in an undercover video about what he and his comrades have

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Six poultry industry executives indicted for price-fixing

(Natural News) The $65 billion poultry sector is taking a major hit after six current and former company executives found themselves indicted by the Department of Justice (DoJ) on price-fixing charges. According to the allegations, top executives at Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., Claxton Poultry Farms, Tyson Foods Inc., Perdue Farms Inc., Koch Foods Inc., and George’s Inc. colluded between 2012 and

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States that “overpaid” covid unemployment benefits now demanding restitution

(Natural News) Multiple states are claiming that they “accidentally” overpaid workers who were unemployed and stuck at home during the worst of the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) plandemic, and now they want all that money returned. Though said funds have long been spent by most of the cash-strapped individuals who received them, state governments are demanding that excess unemployment aid they

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Postal carrier arrested for tampering with election, trashing “large quantity” of mail-in ballots

(Natural News) New Jersey mail carrier Nicholas Beauchene, 26, has been arrested on charges of delay, secretion, detention and obstruction of mail after “a large quantity” of mail-in ballots along his route were found discarded in a dumpster. An analysis of the recovered mail found that it came from two different postal routes scheduled for delivery on two different dates.

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Protect the Vote aims to save election from Democrat fraud

(Natural News) To combat relentless voter fraud by the left, conservatives have launched the “Protect the Vote” initiative, which aims to “aggressively fight back against the Democrats’ assault on the integrity of our elections.” Using the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) as an excuse, the left is pushing all across the country to legalize so-called “ballot harvesting,” which involves sending ballots to

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Heathrow Airport in London testing covid-19 “passport technology” that will force air travelers to submit to vaccines

(Natural News) Air travelers wanting to fly in and out of London – and eventually all other cities – will soon have to show their Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) digital passports, the initial trial runs of which are right now taking place at Heathrow Airport. Passengers traveling via United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways are reportedly the first to test out

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Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking

(Natural News) After just three short days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, President Trump was back in the White House touting his “miraculous” recovery from the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), crediting Big Pharma while saying absolutely nothing about the vitamin D and zinc he also took as part of his recovery. Pandering to senior citizens less than a month

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STUPID-19: Newsom says Californians should wear a mask between bites while dining out

(Natural News) Just when you thought the covidiocy in America could not get any more deranged, California Gov. Gavin Newsom opens his mouth and proves us all wrong once again. In a recent tweet, Newsom’s office told Californians that they should only go out to eat with members of their own household. And while dining, they should mask up in

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Netflix indicted for promoting pedophilia in “Cuties”

(Natural News) A grand jury in eastern Texas’ Tyler County has indicted Netflix for its “promotion of lewd visual material depicting a child” in the controversial film Cuties. The indictment states that Netflix knowingly promoted “visual material which depicts the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18

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And just like that, the entire Left became covid conspiracy theorists thanks to Trump

(Natural News) Those on the left who bought into all the doomsday fear about the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) being an almost certain death sentence for the elderly are now experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance following President Trump’s miraculous three-day recovery. CBS This Morning host Gayle King, one of the latest Democrats to join the ranks of the covid conspiracy theorists, recently

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Is COVID-19 a product of the Chinese military?

(Natural News) A Chinese scientist has come forward with evidence that she says proves the communist Chinese government is responsible for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a medical researcher who works in Hong Kong, recently published an article suggesting that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was synthesized in laboratories controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Entitled, “Unusual

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Don't miss “The Truth About Vaccines 2020,” a 10-part docu-series available for FREE viewing starting Oct. 13

(Natural News) If you missed our last streaming event, The Truth About Vaccines docu-series, updated for 2020, will once again be available for a free viewing starting on Oct. 13 – this time with an additional 10th episode that you will not want to miss! The all-new, 10-part series will reveal facts you have never heard before about vaccine safety,

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Justice Clarence Thomas says same-sex marriage ruling issued under Obama has unleashed torrent of anti-Christian bigotry

(Natural News) The way it was written and ruled on, Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), the landmark case under Barack Obama that effectively “legalized” same-sex “marriage” nationwide, set an egregious new precedent legitimizing anti-Christian hatred and bigotry, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has announced. Because it was done outside the proper jurisdiction of Congress and with absolutely no regard for religious

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Trump funneled billions to Operation Warp Speed vaccine companies through defense contract management firm, completely bypassing regulators

(Natural News) The more than $6 billion that the Trump administration awarded to pharmaceutical giants Novavax, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Johnson & Johnson to develop vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) cannot be publicly accounted for with transparency because it was first funneled through a defense contract management firm, we have learned. NPR, doing the type of investigative work that the

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Dr. Li-Meng Yan's mother arrested by Chinese Communist Party operatives in coronavirus cover-up

(Natural News) The mother of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Hong Kong virologist and Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) whistleblower, has reportedly been arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a show of retaliation against Dr. Li-Meng for telling the world that the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory. Miles Guo, appearing on “Bannon WarRoom” Ep. 419, explained to

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Covid-19 has been a boon for the gun industry, which is seeing record sales

(Natural News) Fresh data released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that Americans have been purchasing firearms and ammunition in record numbers ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) was declared to be a “pandemic.” While many other industries are suffering due to continued lockdowns and other economic restrictions, the gun industry

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Loving, tolerant leftists celebrate Trump having covid-19, hoping for his death

(Natural News) Considering how relentless they are in trying to convince the world that they are “compassionate and generous and try to find the goodness in others,” leftists sure are spewing a whole lot of hate in response to President Trump announcing that he tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19). Following Trump’s announcement, former Hillary Clinton campaign spokeswoman Zara

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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says capitalists will be first ones “lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution”

(Natural News) After learning that cryptocurrency firm Coinbase does not promote political activism and so-called “social justice” within its corporate culture, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo went on a tweeting rampage, suggesting that non-“woke” capitalists like Coinbase head Brian Armstrong will be among “the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.” Costolo, who is apparently a firm believer in employee indoctrination, described corporate heads who disagree with his approach as “me-first capitalists.” He added that it “isn’t great leadership” to simply run a company without teaching white employees that they are all “racists,” for instance. “We don’t engage here when issues are unrelated to our core mission, because we believe impact only comes with focus,” Armstrong wrote in a blog post on, triggering Costolo into threatening him with violence. “We don’t advocate for any particular causes or candidates internally that are unrelated to our mission, because it is a distraction from our mission,” he added. “Even if we all agree something is a problem, we may not all agree on the solution.” Costolo considers such an approach to be “abdication of leadership,” adding that “it’s the equivalent of telling your employees to ‘shut up and dribble.'” With an amassed personal fortune of somewhere in the vicinity of $300 million, Costolo has further promised to “happily provide video commentary” as people like Armstrong are lined up and shot by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM), two far-left movements that have as part of their joint agenda the destruction of society. So promoting mass genocide is okay on Twitter? Many took notice of Costolo’s tweet, noting that they have been suspended or banned from the platform for tweeting things far less offensive. Commentator Michelle Malkin, for instance, wrote that she was suspended from Twitter “for opining that violent criminal looters should be [CENSORED].” Meanwhile, Costolo is allowed to “gloat about anti-woke capitalists being ‘lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.'” Carmine Sabia pointed out that the former CEO of Twitter is “calling for the murder, yes the murder of his political opponents.” “But they will not do anything to him,” Sabia added about Twitter’s handling of Costolo’s offending comments. “Rules are for the peasants.” Sarah Haider pointed out that despite being a capitalist worth hundreds of millions of dollars himself, Costolo sees nothing wrong with vilifying his political enemies and advocating for their deaths via execution. “Never forget: Wokeism / champagne socialism is a bourgeoisie religion,” she wrote. Keep in mind that President Trump was censored by Twitter over allegations that he “glorified violence.” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) has likewise been accused of glorifying violence for calling out BLM and Antifa terrorists who are burning down buildings and assaulting people. In other words, Twitter sees nothing wrong with promoting violence and even genocide, so long as you are a leftist. But if you are a conservative, then anything you say is considered “hate speech” and worthy of censorship. “He thinks he’s saving his own rotted soul,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter about Costolo sucking up to the globalist establishment with his vile comments. “Little does this cowardly sicko realize that they will come for him as quickly as they come for us.” “Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has the same opinion that the German Nazis had toward business,” wrote another. “It is also the same objective and focus of the Communist Chinese upon their economy and state-sanctioned businesses. Message to Crony Capitalists: Move to China!” For more related news about Twitter, be sure to check out Sources for this article include:

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Michael Moore prays for coronavirus to kill Trump

(Natural News) After hearing about President Trump’s positive test for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter to offer his “thoughts and prayers” not for the Commander-in-Chief, but for the virus. Describing it as a “poor virus” that “got sucked into his body and is now trapped there,” Moore joked that the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) now has to figure out how to escape Trump’s body. “He wants to use it as a prop,” Moore wrote about Trump’s alleged intentions with his positive diagnosis. “‘See this China Flu? I BEAT IT! Just like I’ll beat Biden! They’re both a hoax!'” Moore further joked, pretending to speak for Trump. In the conclusion of his tweet, Moore callously wrote that his “thought and prayers, too, are with Covid-19,” insinuating that Moore hopes the virus will eventually kill Trump. Responding to Moore, one of his supporters and fellow Trump-haters joked that his thoughts and prayers are “that the coronavirus makes a speedy recovery,” disdain dripping from his every word. Just before 10pm on Oct. 1, Trump tweeted that he and Melania had both tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), and would consequently be quarantining and recovering alongside each other. “We will get through this TOGETHER!” Trump wrote. The next day, Moore accused Trump of “lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game,” the goal being to “gain sympathy” ahead of the Nov. 3 election. “Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon and a dummy and a jackass,” Moore wrote in a lengthy Facebook rant. “Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever. He outfoxed Comey. He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent.” According to Moore, Trump is an “evil genius” who is fully capable of lying about having the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) in order to seize the opportunity for reelection in a few short weeks. “He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy,” Moore whines. “He’s not above weaponizing this.” Conspiracy theorist Michael Moore says Trump’s coronavirus test was fraudulent Even though Trump’s doctors and the entire medical team at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center confirmed Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) diagnosis, Moore thinks it is all a hoax, showing his true conspiracy theory colors. In a full denial of science, Moore accused Trump of being a “professional liar,” insisting his positive Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) test cannot be trusted. “There is one absolute truth about Trump: He is a consistent, absolute, unrelenting, fearless, and professional liar,” Moore declared. “A serial liar. A factually proven liar.” “How many lies now has the Washington Post proven in these four years? 25,000? A lie at least twice during every waking hour? Think of all the bad people you’ve known in your life. Even the worst ones you couldn’t say that about. Why on earth would we believe him today? Has he earned your trust now?” Much like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donna Shalala, and many other Democrats, Moore is suddenly of the persuasion that the prevailing Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) narrative up until this point is a scam now that Trump has tested positive. There is also a growing wave of far-left anti-vaccine skepticism concerning the safety of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccines simply due to the fact that they are being developed under a Trump presidency. “Trump has a history of lying about his health,” Moore says, adding that Trump “MAY USE THIS TO PUSH FOR DELAYING/POSTPONING THE ELECTION,” which he wrote in all caps. More related news about the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) can be found at Sources for this article include:

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After recovering from coronavirus, Trump orders Obama administration spy records declassified

(Natural News) Just as promised, President Trump is back to work following a brief and minor stint with the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19). On Monday, the president asked White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to initiate the process of declassifying more documents exposing the Obama administration’s treasonous spy program against the Trump campaign. Speaking to “Fox and Friends,” Meadows explained that Trump has requested “getting some declassification rolling in follow-up to some of the requests that Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and others have made,” Nunes being the House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member. Though he did not elucidate on this, it has been speculated that Meadows was referring to two summary documents that Nunes told “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo he is hoping to declassify, which would expose Igor Danchenko, the primary source of the phony Steele dossier. A Washington-based Russian national, Danchenko was investigated by the FBI for being a suspected Kremlin spy. Danchenko also made specious claims, all unsubstantiated, that were included in the Steele dossier as facts. As it turns out, Danchenko is not a Russian spy, but is rather “a run-of-the-mill Washington analyst who sourced his information from childhood acquaintances.” “The American public needs to see the three reports that we know about at least from the Democrats’ Russian spy they hired,” Nunes is quoted as saying. You can keep up with the latest news about the Democrat agenda to unseat President Trump by visiting CIA knew Hillary Clinton was behind Russian collusion conspiracy theory Nunes also referred to more classified documents tied to Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe. In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Ratcliffe revealed that the CIA obtained a Russian intelligence analysis back in 2016 linking failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory. We now know that Clinton approved the plot on July 26, 2016, which immediately kicked into high gear to paint the Trump campaign as being in bed with the Russians, a phony narrative that has persisted among leftists ever since. The goal was not only to make Trump look like a traitor, but also to deflect from Clinton’s own email scandal, which to this day has not been brought to justice. “The Clinton campaign created this sick fantasy,” Nunes noted. “Then they went out and hired avatars to do it.” According to Nunes, the documents he has already seen are “smoking guns,” and the American people need to see them. Trump would seem to agree, which is why he has called on Meadows to make it happen. “That information definitely needs to be made available to the American public,” Nunes is quoted as saying. “And from what I understand there is even more underlying evidence that backs up what Director Ratcliffe put out.” It is unfortunate that it has taken several years for this pertinent information to finally come out, seeing as how Nunes and his colleagues have been asking for it since early 2017. “We want every damn bit of evidence that every intelligence agency has or it’s maybe time to shut those agencies down, because at the end of the day our liberties are more important than anything else we have in this country and they have been stampeded over by these dirty cops and the Democratic Party and the media [which] fails to report on it,” Nunes added. CIA Director John Brennan personally briefed Barack Obama back in July 2016 about the Clinton intelligence, this according to Ratcliffe who cited notes taken by Brennan himself. This intelligence was also passed on as a criminal referral to then-FBI Director James Comey, along with special agent Peter Strzok. Sources for this article include:

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Demon-possessed woman goes insane on airplane, screaming obscenities while climbing over seats

(Natural News) Perhaps it was lack of oxygen due to her mask, or maybe she just needed deliverance from some type of demonic possession. Whatever the case may be, a deranged woman traveling on a commercial flight to Detroit the other day had an Exorcist-style meltdown in the cabin that left other passengers and flight crew shell-shocked. Video footage shared by World Star Hip Hop – be warned, the footage is very graphic and full of vulgarity, and is not suitable for younger viewers – shows the unidentified woman climbing over seats with her legs arched across the aisle, mask pulled down, screaming obscenities and gyrating like a scene out of the 1973 thriller The Exorcist. Flipping around and climbing wherever she could grab hold, the woman at one point kicked out an overhead luggage bin, knocking out items and putting other passengers at risk of injury. She also mounted two armrests and began screaming, “B******, we’re going to f*** all night!” while howling, screeching, and banging whatever was around her. The woman did not appear to be targeting anyone in particular with this horrific display, but her movements did put others at risk, prompting two men to eventually approach the woman in order to lead her off the aircraft. Other passengers were seen pretending as though they were unaware of what was going on, trying to avoid being kicked or punched while they waited for someone else to do something. Reports are very vague as to which airline was involved, and what ended up happening to the woman. But we wanted to bring it to your attention to show that people are increasingly having meltdowns and displaying overtly demonic behavior in public places, a sure sign of the times in which we live. “Commenters on World Star Hip Hop compared the freak-out to the memorable exorcism scene from the 1973 horror classic, in which a possessed 12-year-old girl (portrayed by actress Linda Blair) performs a series of bizarre acts,” writes Tamar Lapin for the New York Post. Is demonic possession on the rise? Far from humorous, this woman’s behavior would seem to be a powerful example of what Dr. Richard Gallagher, a researchers with degrees from both Princeton University and Yale University, warned back in 2018 was fast-becoming an epidemic of demonic possession. According to Gallagher, demonic possession is very real and exceptionally rampant in today’s world. A private psychologist, Gallagher is well-versed in behavioral abnormalities, and claims to be able to discern between human and non-human characteristics of evil. Many people who are demonically possessed, he says, were outsmarted by demons that are far more advanced cognitively than the average human. In many cases, demon-possessed people, which possibly includes the woman on the airplane, do not even know that they are under demonic influence when they are committing horrors in front of, or against, other people. “They’re very, very smart,” Gallagher is quoted as saying. “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.” With that said, looking closely at the aforementioned video footage reveals striking behavioral abnormalities that are suggestive of demonic possession – hence why many are asking what may have possessed the woman to act that way, for no apparent reason. With escalating social conflict, continued lockdowns and mask restrictions, and other societal upheavals barraging people day in and day out, with no end in sight, we can only speculate that such behavior will only continue to become more mainstream as people become increasingly unhinged. More related news stories can be found at Sources for this article include:

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Elon Musk says he and his family will not be getting vaccinated for covid-19

(Natural News) Despite being a certifiable liar when it comes to his so-called “self-driving” cars, Elon Musk got one thing right when he stated publicly that there is no chance he or anyone his family will get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19). The SpaceX and Tesla founder told Kara Swisher during a recent podcast interview that because neither he nor his children are at risk for contracting the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), there is simply no need to get vaccinated, despite what the “experts” say. “This is a no-win situation,” Musk stated. “It has diminished my faith in humanity, this whole thing … the irrationality of people in general.” Musk is outraged that people allowed their governments to shut them up inside their homes under the guise of protective lockdowns, suggesting that it is “unethical” for any politician to force a person into “de facto house arrest.” The only people who should have stayed at home, Musk says, are those at the highest risk of illness or death. These folks, he indicated, should have waited it out “until the storm passes.” Everyone else, though, never should have been restricted at all. Elon Musk calls Bill Gates a “knucklehead” for criticizing him over lockdown skepticism When asked about the potential risk to employees who work in his car factories, along with their families, Musk simply stated that “everybody dies.” “We’ve been making cars this entire time and it’s been great,” he added, noting that the Tesla factory kept its factory doors open in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s closure orders. SpaceX has likewise been fully operational throughout the so-called “pandemic.” “Through this entire thing, we didn’t skip a day,” Musk says. “We had national security clearance because we were doing national security work. We sent astronauts to the space station and back.” As for Bill Gates, who has aggressively pushed lockdowns, mask-wearing, and prolonged business closures until one of his vaccines becomes available, Musk had nothing good to say about the Microsoft co-founder-turned-philanthropist. “Gates said something about me not knowing what I was doing. It’s like, hey knucklehead, we actually make the vaccine machines for CureVac, that company you’re invested in,” Musk stated, referring to the fact that Tesla currently manufactures machines for CureVac. Musk further explained that he has been working closely with an epidemiology team from Harvard University that is developing Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) antibody studies. Sometimes Musk is right, despite mostly being profoundly wrong There really have been a few things that Musk has gotten right over the years, despite being a knucklehead himself. One was his warning from back in 2014 that artificial intelligence, or AI, is a threat to humanity that could eventually lead to our extinction. Musk also deleted his personal Facebook account in 2018, encouraging his followers to do the same after it was revealed that the Mark Zuckerberg empire was illicitly harvesting user data with the help of a consulting firm known as Cambridge Analytica. His cars might be a pile of junk, but Musk occasionally has good things to say that inspire people to question illegitimate authority and take matters into their own hands when the situation requires it. And for this we will give him credit when credit is due. “I’m glad Musk is speaking out against the madness that is going on,” wrote one RT commenter. “We need more of the elite expressing their displeasure.” “Barricading the whole population when only a small percentage of people is at risk indicates incompetence and/or a nefarious agenda about population control (before an election),” wrote another. For more related news about the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, be sure to check out Sources for this article include:

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COVID-19 never would have been a problem had China acted honestly, instead of BETRAYING humanity

(Natural News) The Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee have issued a new report blaming communist China and its partners at the World Health Organization (WHO) for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) upon the world. Dubbing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the WHO as “culpable” in the spread of the virus, the GOP now says that the plandemic could have been avoided entirely had the two entities handled the situation differently. Rather than try to cover up information about the spread of the virus early on, the CCP and the WHO should have told the world the truth, House Republicans insist. Doing this would have greatly minimized the fallout, they claim. “It is beyond doubt that the CCP actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world,” the 90-page report claims. “Research shows the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China by up to 95 percent had it fulfilled its obligations under international law and responded to the outbreak in a manner consistent with best practices.” Citing a study published on MedRxiv, a preprint server linked to Yale University, the GOP document strongly suggests that the plandemic “could have been prevented” if things were handled much differently early on when the virus first started to spread outside of Wuhan. “It is crystal clear that had the CCP been transparent, and had the head of the WHO cared more about global health than appeasing the CCP, lives could have been spared and widespread economic devastation could have been mitigated,” said Michael McCaul (R-Tx.), the lead Republican of the committee, in a statement. “Revealing the truth is just the first step,” he added. “We must hold both the CCP and WHO Director General Tedros accountable for the suffering they have allowed the world to endure.” House Republicans call for major reforms to the WHO In their report, House Republicans make four recommendations about what should happen moving forward. First and foremost, they want to see a major change in leadership at the WHO, as well as the allowance of Taiwan to be re-admitted to it as an observer. Another recommendation involves implementing concrete reforms to the International Health Regulations (IHR), which guide global health policy. Reforming the WHO seems long overdue, as the global body of the United Nations was caught earlier in the year conspiring with communist China to develop bioweapons, and possibly even the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) itself. House Republicans want the United States to partner up with other likeminded WHO member states, as well as with Taiwan, to conduct a full-scale international investigation in both the CCP’s coverup of the effects of the virus, as well as the WHO’s complicity in propelling the CCP’s narrative surrounding it. According to the report, the CCP had more than enough information about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in late December of last year to know that it should have informed the WHO about how to respond. In fact, the report suggests, the CCP was “legally obligated” to do this, and yet failed or refused. The outbreak in Wuhan alone constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, also known as a PHEIC, and yet the CCP did not declare this, nor did it warn the WHO or anyone else about what would soon transpire as the virus spread around the world. “The WHO has repeatedly parroted CCP talking points while ignoring conflicting information from reputable sources,” the report further explains. To keep up with the latest news and information about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), be sure to check out Sources for this article include:

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Why isn't Jenny Durkan being criminally charged for allowing left-wing terrorists to take over Seattle?

(Natural News) Rumors are circulating that Attorney General William Barr has asked federal prosecutors to investigate whether criminal charges should be filed against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for allowing the infamous “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” (CHOP) to occupy city streets for several weeks back in the summer. The New York Times reported, as we also did, that Barr has supposedly been floating the idea of filing sedition charges against violent rioters, some of whom have clearly been coming from out of state to “hot” protest zones in order to commit acts of violence. The Times contends that Barr “has also asked prosecutors in the Justice Department’s civil rights division to explore whether they could bring criminal charges against Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle for allowing some residents to establish a police-free protest zone near the city’s downtown for weeks this summer, according to two people briefed on those discussions.” While it would certainly mark a change in the administration’s current policy to finally start going after those pretending to be protesters but engaging in domestic terrorism, a spokesman from the Department of Justice (DoJ) claims that Barr never issued any directive towards this end. Brian T. Moran, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, also indicated in a statement that throughout “this lengthy period of civil unrest” he has had “multiple conversations with [DoJ] leadership.” And at no time during these conversations has the suggestion been made that Durkan be pursued for criminal prosecution. “As U.S. Attorney I would be aware of such an investigation,” he stated plainly. Republicans are all talk and no action After learning about the rumors, Durkan herself tweeted that these unsubstantiated reports are “chilling.” She added, as Democrats routinely do over such contentious matters, that it is just the latest example of “abuse of power from the Trump administration.” “This is not a story about me,” she continued in a tweet. “It’s about the (sic) how this President and his Attorney General are willing to subvert the law and use the DOJ for political purposes.” A former U.S. attorney herself, Durkan contends that because she “took an oath of office to protect the Constitution,” her delayed response in dealing with the CHOP, which was essentially a war zone right in the middle of Seattle, is fully justified. “I will continue to fight for what I believe is right, and I will not be distracted by these threats from meeting the challenges facing our great city: a pandemic, an economic crisis, a climate crisis, and a civil rights reckoning.” For the majority of its existence, Seattle’s CHOP was both allowed and sanctioned by Durkan as an appropriate response to the death of George Floyd, or whatever the excuse was for all the assaults, rapes, robberies, shootings and murders that occurred within the borders of the CHOP. As you may recall, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, whose hands were tied by Durkan, announced her retirement not long after the CHOP was formed, lamenting the fact that, at the time of her resignation, two black men were found dead in the area, along with “multiple other incidents” of violent crime. When things became so out of control that the continued existence of CHOP could no longer be tolerated, Durkan reluctantly issued an executive order calling for it to finally be abolished. But we wonder: Why hasn’t Durkan been prosecuted for allowing it to exist at all? Barr, in lieu of actually doing something to hold Durkan and her fellow comrades accountable, has simply vocalized his opposition to the Democrat Party “not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts.” More of the latest news about the riots can be found at Sources for this article include:

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One stated goal of Black Lives Matter is to destroy the family unit

(Natural News) After having its true agenda outed, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network was caught quietly removing information from its official website indicating that one of the organization’s goals is to eradicate the family unit from society. While claiming to fight for justice, freedom and liberation for people with dark skin, BLM has actually been working to “dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work ‘double shifts’ so that they can mother in private even as they participate in public justice work.” The aforementioned quote has since been removed from the “What We Believe” section of BLM’s website, along with the following disturbing quote about BLM’s plan for destroying the nuclear family unit: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” In other words, the mother-father-children family unit is incompatible with the goals of BLM, which exists to create a new type of “family” where people living under Marxism decide to “collectively care” for one another as if they were actual family. Whether this actually happens in reality or is just another BLM pipe dream is anyone’s guess. But it is a stated goal of BLM – or at least was before the far-left organization pulled this information from its website. BLM is also an LGBTQ-promoting purveyor of perversion Another stated goal of BLM is to create and advance “a queer-affirming network” of LGBTQs that is “free from ageism” and “state-sanctioned violence,” hence the push to defund and eradicate the police. When asked for comment by The Epoch Times about why these pages were deleted, the BLM Global Network failed to respond in a timely manner before publishing time. Founded in 2013 by far-left activists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi following the death of Trayvon Martin, BLM exists as a full-fledged movement pushing communism. Both Cullors and Garza have described themselves as such, calling themselves “trained Marxists.” While millions of Americans have been led to believe that BLM is a politically neutral movement seeking racial justice, its true colors are being revealed as a pro-communist, pro-LGBTQ domestic terrorist group actively fighting to dismantle the foundations upon which America was built. After televangelist Pat Robertson suggested on an episode of his show that BLM has “a very, very radical anti-family, anti-God agenda,” describing its goal as “a lesbian, anti-family, anti-capitalist, Marxist revolution,” Cullors had this to say in response: “We believe those of all religious views and backgrounds, or disbelief; all genders as equal; Black lives not being eradicated using guns and knees in our necks; the elimination of the constant betrayal of our poor and oppressed communities; and, certainly, continuing to foster a united country that works for everyone despite their actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, disability, immigration status, or intergenerational way of life.” What Cullors failed to mention is that BLM is also working to protect “black criminals,” as evidenced by the chants heard loud and clear during a recent BLM march through Washington, D.C. BLM is also a religious cult, with adherents who blindly follow the narrative without a second thought as to what it truly seeks to accomplish. “Because these folks don’t really believe in anything except destroying what others value – it’s not at all hard to ‘disappear’ controversial declarations when electoral polls dictate,” wrote one Epoch Times commenter about BLM’s deletion of key information from its website. “Once they secure power, it will simply reappear. And inconvenient, non-compliant citizens will begin to ‘disappear.'” More of the latest news about the true agenda of BLM can be found at Sources for this article include:

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SHOCK: Melbourne to start arresting COVID-19 “conspiracy theorists” and throwing them in concentration camps

(Natural News) A new proposal by Daniel Andrews, the 48th incumbent Premier of Victoria in Australia, would make it so that residents of the state who violate its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions – or even just spread what the government deems to be “conspiracy theories” about the plandemic – can be locked up or thrown in concentration camps by any “public servant.” The power-crazed politician of the far-left Australian state has already made global headlines for sanctioning breaking into people’s homes and smashing their car windows upon suspicion that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are being flouted. Now he wants to start arresting and detaining people without any evidence of a crime being committed, all to keep people “safe” from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Otherwise innocent Victorians, should Andrews’ proposal be enacted, would be subject to arrest by any “public servant,” not just a police officer, if they are merely suspected of having the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Arrests would also be permitted of those who question the official plandemic narrative, which the government considers to be the spreading of dangerous “conspiracy theories.” The proposal also contains provisions for how to handle people who are suspected of breaching Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) rules at their homes and workplaces. Snitches would be able to call a government tip line to report potential violations, prompting “public servants” to come out for an inspection or to make an arrest. More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at Don’t let this happen here, America Responding to the proposal, 18 former judges and lawyers, all of high esteem, wrote an open letter warning that Andrews’ proposal is “unprecedented, excessive and open to abuse.” Ross Gillies QC, one of the lawyers, told the media that he is fearful the measure would be widely abused by power-hungry government officials who are eager to cause a fight. “I don’t trust someone who is nominated by a public servant with the power to make arrests,” Gillies is quoted as saying. “I have real abiding concern that power is a very dangerous thing.” “Some people are excited by power and the ability to exert authority over someone else,” he added. “There is the potential for enormous injustice. Someone might grab someone and say, ‘I have reason to believe you are a COVID carrier or know someone who has COVID and I apprehend you. There would be no remedy in that situation. That may be the worst-case scenario but we know that can happen.” Chillingly, Andrews’ bill has already passed the lower house, and will now move on to the upper house which has the power to either vote it down or amend it next month. Gillies is urging the upper house to reject it, for obvious reasons, calling it “draconian.” Another signer of the letter, James Peters QC, expressed similar concerns about the measure, noting that power “is very intoxicating and only some people can exercise it carefully such as very well-trained groups.” When asked if he can envision a scenario in which innocent Victorians are being arrested in the streets by people who are not police officers, Peters indicated that he can, and that it’s “a very big risk.” While it is normally the case that arrests are followed by being brought before a bail justice, the proposed new law would eliminate that process entirely. Worse yet, if emergency powers are enacted alongside it, Victoria could quite literally see a Fourth Reich type of situation manifest within its border. “We have a traditional understanding of police power and redress to the courts if you have concern about how powers are exercised,” he says. “But how are you able to effectively test the belief upon which you were restrained? You might not find out about it [why you were arrested] until you get to court.” Sources for this article include:

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Big Pharma abandons all remaining traces of reputable science with mad rush to release COVID-19 vaccines

(Natural News) Describing the approach of Pfizer in getting its “warp speed” Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to market before anyone else, Eric Topol, the editor-in-chief of Medscape, used the words “Olympic record” to suggest that the process is being rushed with little regard for sound science. As the company competes with other drug giants like AstraZeneca to unveil the world’s first plandemic jab, Pfizer, in partnership with BioNTech of Germany, is aiming to cross the vaccine trials finish line by as soon as Sept. 27. If successful, Pfizer will presumably launch its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine not long afterwards, just in time for the Nov. 3 election. And it is all thanks to President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program to fast-track approval for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines at the speed of light. “I’ve never seen a trial where there were four interim analyses,” Topol, who also directs the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, Calif., explained. “It’s obvious why it is being done: so you can just keep looking at the data to try to win a race.” Of the roughly 44,000 people that have participated in Pfizer’s vaccine trials, 32 are confirmed Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. Pfizer’s goal is to reach 164 cases, though these four interim analyses are designed to capture a preliminary result even before that target. While AstraZeneca has had to halt its trials due to participants developing severe adverse events, Pfizer is plugging right along to beat out its competitor, and hopefully gain favor from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to Marie-Paule Kieny, a former official at the World Health Organization (WHO) who now heads up research at the French health-science company Inserm, these four early looks by Pfizer could give the company an “easy route” towards FDA approval, as the agency is only requiring that vaccine candidates reduce the number of symptomatic cases by half. “It seems that there are different levels of stringency,” Kieny stated during an interview, noting that the Pfizer-BioNTech trial does not come out “as a star of stringency.” FDA approving new COVID-19 drugs, vaccines based on “limited data” Pfizer, by the way, colluded with Merck during the Obama years to obstruct health care reform and align it more with Big Pharma’s interests in mind. Moderna, meanwhile, in partnership with Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has its own case target of 151 diagnoses. Currently, the tally is somewhere around 53 cases. “All trials have set the bar quite low for what they test against,” admitted Rasmus Bech Hansen, CEO of Airfinity, a London-based analytics firm that is tracking all of Big Pharma’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trials. Company spokeswoman Amy Rose told Bloomberg in an email that Pfizer’s trial was specifically designed to evaluate its vaccine candidate “as fast as possible.” This is evidenced by the company’s four interim analyses, the summation of which are expected to yield results by as soon as October. Even if Pfizer’s vaccine, along with the others, makes the November election deadline indicated by Trump, none of the drug companies involved will have definitive data about whether or not their vaccines reduce hospitalizations until at least February. And yet they still could gain emergency approval a lot sooner. “Treatments such as Gilead Sciences Inc.’s antiviral remdesivir and convalescent plasma – a soup of immune factors taken from the blood of recovered Covid-19 patients – have already been authorized on the basis of somewhat limited data,” writes Robert Langreth for Bloomberg. More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and a rush towards a vaccine can be found at Sources for this article include:

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Portland, Seattle and NYC dubbed “anarchy” zones by DOJ

(Natural News) What has transpired over the past several months in far-left cities like Portland, Seattle and New York City is evidence that the governments in charge of these locales have allowed them to become anarchy zones, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). In a Sept. 21 announcement, DOJ officials suggested that all the “protesting” – meaning chaos, looting and rioting – has so degraded the quality of life in these cities that they can no longer be regarded as existing under the rule of law, especially since government officials are doing nothing to clean up the streets. “When state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, it endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest,” stated Attorney General William Barr. “We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance,” he added. “It is my hope that the cities identified by the Department of Justice today will reverse course and become serious about performing the basic function of government and start protecting their own citizens.” Following Barr’s announcement, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – all Democrats – issued their own joint statement suggesting that the Trump administration’s efforts to strip federal funding from their respective cities is “thoroughly political and unconstitutional.” “The President is playing cheap political games with Congressionally directed funds,” they contend. “Our cities are bringing communities together; our cities are pushing forward after fighting back a pandemic and facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, all despite recklessness and partisanship from the White House.” “What the Trump Administration is engaging in now is more of what we’ve seen all along: shirking responsibility and placing blame elsewhere to cover its failure,” they added. Defunding the police is fine, just don’t defund the rest of the city In her own separate statement to The Epoch Times, Durkan suggested that by trying to defund her city rather than just the police, President Trump is engaging in a “gross misuse of federal power.” “Trump, the Department of Justice, and Barr’s obsession with Seattle and me is irrational and most importantly, a huge distraction,” she is quoted as saying. Durkan went on to explain that regardless of what Trump does, her city will continue to remain focused in addressing what she described as “the four crises in front of us: the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented economic downturn, the greatest civil rights reckoning in decades, and the continued threat of climate change.” De Blasio had similar things to say, arguing that there is no anarchy in NYC because upon visiting a borough of Queens on Sept. 21 he personally “saw anything but anarchy.” The DOJ’s designation of these three far-left cities comes on the heels of a memo issued by Trump back on Sept. 2 directing his administration to reevaluate the allocation of federal funds to several of the “hot” cities where “protests” were creating mass chaos, destruction and death. Several of the criteria used to determine whether or not a city “permit anarchy and destruction” included looking at which jurisdictions forbade police officers from intervening to restore order; which jurisdictions slashed funding to police departments; and which jurisdictions refused assistance from the federal government to try to fix the problem. Portland, Seattle, and NYC have all seen skyrocketing crime in recent weeks, including not just property destruction and thefts but also violent behavior like assaults, rapes and murders. The mayors of all three cities have nevertheless declared that they “are not President Trump’s political pawns,” and will not be deterred from continuing on with business as usual. They whined, along with Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, that Trump is “attack[ing]” them with “unlawful” and “unconstitutional” threats of federal defunding. For more related news, be sure to visit Sources for this article include:

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Ginsburg died peacefully, unlike the tens of millions of babies whose violent murder she advocated

(Natural News) Just 45 days before the 2020 election, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Jewish female justice of the Supreme Court, died from “complications of metastatic pancreas cancer,” triggering a wave of weeping and gnashing of teeth among leftists who worshiped her for supposedly being a “champion of justice.” But what about justice for the tens of millions of unborn human lives that were terminated in the womb, thanks to Ginsburg’s aggressive support for abortion? The pro-death, pro-LGBTQ justice is a long-beloved icon of the far-left who, according to Shannon Bream, “died peacefully” while surrounded by her friends and family. The same, however, cannot be said of the untold millions of innocent babies who under Ginsburg’s rule were violently ripped from their mothers’ wombs and destroyed in the name of “women’s rights.” Despite supposedly being “passionate about Judaism’s concern for justice” and “shaped in the crucible of its minority status,” Ginsburg was a strong proponent of baby murder, believing unborn human lives to hold no value. Among many other pro-death positions, Ginsburg voted to strike down a law that would have banned partial-birth abortions in Nebraska, for instance. She also voted to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act back in 2013, after which she became the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a homosexual “wedding” ceremony. Murdering babies, even when they are fully developed and about to be born, is always a “woman’s right,” according to Ginsburg. She infamously declared that any laws or regulations that have “the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion of nonviable fetus’ violate the Constitution,” period. These and other far-left positions represent the bedrock of today’s Democrat Party, by the way, which is why many are now speculating that leftists will become even more unhinged now that Ginsburg is dead. To learn more, check out the following episode of The Health Ranger Report: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also a strong proponent of pedophilia and child rape Another little-known fact about Ginsburg is that she fully supported pedophilia and child sex abuse, having written in a book she co-authored entitled, Sex Bias in the U.S. Code: A report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, that the age of consent for sexual activity should be reduced to 12. Concerning laws specifically related to pedophilia and sexual abuse, Ginsburg openly suggested that the phrase, “carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years” be “eliminate[d]” and replaced with, “A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person .. (and) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.” Furthermore, Ginsburg also declared the Mann Act to be “offensive.” If you are unfamiliar with it, the Mann Act exists to punish people who engage in the interstate sex trafficking of women and girls.” “Is it any surprise disgraced former President Bill Clinton nominated and appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” reports Fulcrum News. “The same Bill Clinton that has been caught numerous times on the flight logs to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island?” Amazingly, Ginsburg is also an admitted racist, having stated during a 2009 interview that Roe v. Wade, the infamous case that legalized abortion in America, was necessary to address “population growth,” and “particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” “Ginsburg’s subtle racism promoting eugenics against minority communities makes it all the more baffling that Democratic and Progressive voters alike would view her as heroic,” Fulcrum News further reports. More related news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg can be found at Sources for this article include:

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WaPo goes all-in with domestic terrorism, now serves as haven for Antifa propaganda

(Natural News) On Sept. 11, 2020, The Washington Post (WaPo) published a “perspective” piece written by Rutgers University “historian” Mark Bray that praises the work of Antifa while decrying the group’s detractors. Published in the Sunday Outlook op-ed section of the left-wing paper, Bray’s “Five Myths” feature claims to debunk the narrative that Antifa is a violent domestic terrorist organization, which is how the group was classified by the Trump administration. Bray, author of the book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, contends that Antifa is a “staple of radical politics” both here and abroad for decades. Describing the group’s work as “militant antifascism,” Bray sees nothing wrong with Antifa, noting its “long history under the banner of the Anti-Racist Action network.” According to Bray, Antifa is not a single organization, but rather a loosely affiliated network of activists whose politics center around “revolutionary opposition to the far right.” Bray also opposes the idea that Antifa are the “masterminds” behind all the violence taking place at Black Lives Matter (BLM) “protests.” “… neither the Justice Department, the FBI nor the press have found evidence to corroborate the grandiose allegation that the most widespread and significant political upheaval this country has seen in half a century was masterminded by one shadowy organization,” he contends. Even though independent journalists like Andy Ngô have proven, with actual evidence, that Antifa militants are responsible for much of the rioting, looting and violence taking place across America, Bray wants people to believe that Antifa is innocent of most charges. As to the claim that Antifa are the “real fascists,” a popular rebuttal to the violent movement, Bray claims that this, too, is a misnomer. In his view, the fact that Antifa is derived from the word antifascist somehow proves that its goals and agenda are to defeat fascism rather than promote it. “Comparing antifascists to fascists only makes a bit of sense if one divorces the tactics from the underlying views that animate them,” he insists. “Such comparisons stem from the misguided horseshoe theory: that ultimately political extremes meet.” Antifa relies on capitalism to raise money for its anti-capitalism activities None of Bray’s arguments hold any weight, to be frank. Their presuppositions are inherently flawed and stem from Bray’s own misguided belief that Antifa truly is an antifascist movement rather than the fascist movement it has long proven itself to be. We know from the testimony of Kyle Shideler, director of the Center for Security Policy, that Antifa is both well-organized and well-funded. Its basic structure is an affinity group that Shideler described as: “A small cell of individuals, known to each other, who agree to come together to participate in ‘direct actions’ – including sabotage, vandalism, and premeditated assault.” “Affinity groups come together to form clusters, and larger clusters may organize actions using what are called ‘spokescouncils,'” Shideler explained. “Antifa ‘chapters’ form at the city level and join regional networks such as Torch Antifa, the largest Antifa network in the U.S., as well as national and international networks.” Antifa also receives funding from wealthy, far-left groups like the Democratic Socialists of America, The International Workers of the World, Refuse Fascism, and the National Lawyers Guild, as well as from other well-coordinated protest organizations. Antifa routinely requires these outside groups to sign so-called “memorandums of understanding,” forcing allies to agree not to interfere with their criminal activity. This affords a level of “protection” for these outside groups. Other ways Antifa rakes in funding is through crowdsourcing technology, event admission fees, cash donations and selling merchandise – the epitome of capitalism – at so-called “anarchist bookfairs.” If you enjoyed reading this story, you can find more like it at Sources for this article include:

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Extensive history of “pharmaceutical scandals” deterring Chinese people from getting flu shots

(Natural News) China’s state-run media is lamenting the fact that increasingly more Chinese people are rejecting flu shots, and presumably the upcoming Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, due to China’s extensive history of “pharmaceutical scandals.” While some Chinese people, stricken with fear over the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), are eagerly rushing out to get jabbed, others are more skeptical, recalling many instances in the past when drug corporations distributed faulty drugs and vaccines that harmed people. The communist Chinese regime is reportedly ramping up its clinic capacity to ensure that all Chinese residents can get vaccinated. The problem is that many of them are not planning to, which could prove problematic from the government’s perspective. According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) currently has enough capacity to increase the flu vaccine supply. But public demand “has remained low because of a lack of trust, a lack of public awareness, poor access, as well as cost,” reports the South China Morning Post (SCMP), a state-run media source. Another problem is cost, as some Chinese people, depending on where they live, have to pay out-of-pocket for a flu shot in the event that they decide to get one. “I’ve heard friends discussing it, saying this year is special because of the coronavirus and we are among the high-risk group,” says Xu Liang, a 68-year-old retiree who lives in Wuxi, located in China’s Jiangsu province. “But 100 yuan is too much for retirees like me,” he adds. “It’s five days of my family’s food budget.” Xu added that he has also never had a flu shot, and is unsure whether or not it would even work, or if it is even safe for him. “I know how effective it is,” he says. “And I doubt its quality. I remember there were scary reports of substandard vaccines years ago.” Communist China uses propaganda to convince residents to get flu jabs The reports Xu is talking about involved a Chinese vaccine manufacturer known as Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology, which reportedly sold more than 250,000 DPT vaccines in China’s Shandong province before tests conducted in Nov. 2017 showed that many of them were not effective. Changchun Changsheng was fined by a provincial regulator the U.S. equivalent of around $500,000, a relatively small sum for a company that during this same year raked in the U.S. equivalent of more than $83 million in profits. One year later, Changchun Changsheng was caught falsifying production data on its rabies vaccine, deceptively suggesting that the drug was safer and more effective than it actually was. It is kind of like what happened in Argentina when U.K. drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was fined a measly $90,000 by an Argentine court after illegal vaccine trials led to the deaths of at least 14 innocent babies – $90,000 being a drop in the bucket for this multi-billion dollar drug behemoth. “These scandals have eroded my confidence in vaccines made in China,” says Yi Jie, a 32-year-old computer programmer in Beijing who, despite all the scandals, still thinks she should probably get a flu jab this fall, even if it is made in China. “But I’ve been told by private clinics that imported flu vaccines have already been booked out so I’ll have to accept a domestic flu shot if there’s no other choice,” she adds. “My bet is domestic vaccines are safe after producers learned a lesson from the scandals.” This statement by Yi, of course, is at the end of the SCMP article, suggesting that other Chinese people reading it should follow her lead. Our suggestion, if you are somehow reading this article in China, is to think twice and remember that there is no turning back, no matter the outcome, once that needle is in your arm. For more related news about Big Pharma corruption and the dissolution of public trust in pharmaceuticals and vaccines, visit Sources for this article include:

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Bill Gates turns on CDC and FDA, insists they can't be trusted with Trump in charge

(Natural News) Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can no longer be trusted, according to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, because President Trump is not overseeing these agencies the way Gates would like. During a recent interview, Gates whined about how Trump is supposedly engaged in “political meddling” at the FDA, which, according to Gates, used to be “the world’s premier public health authority.” Speaking to Bloomberg News, Gates expressed what we can only describe as anti-vaccine skepticism, which is odd for a pharmaceutical fiend who quite literally lives to vaccinate. The CDC has also lost credibility, according to Gates, because its emphasis and methods have shifted with Trump at the helm. What Gates sees as credible and in the best interests of public health and welfare have become “casualties of a presidency that has downplayed or dismissed science and medicine in the pursuit of political gain.” Gates is particularly upset about FDA head Stephen Hahn’s decision to “backtrack” on the agency’s statement concerning convalescent plasma, which Trump recently announced as a treatment option for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. “We saw with the completely bungled plasma statements that when you start pressuring people to say optimistic things, they go completely off the rails,” Gates droned. “The FDA lost a lot of credibility there,” he added. As for the CDC, Gates says that this agency had likewise been “viewed as the best in the world,” but that “there’s been some cracks with some of the things they’ve said at the commissioner level.” Bill Gates loves Operation Warp Speed, but wants more money for “manufacturing and procurement” of vaccines The only good thing that Gates had to say about anything Trump is doing pertained to “Operation Warp Speed,” a program created by Trump and headed by a former GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) executive that aims to mass-distribute Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines just as soon as they come off the fast-tracked production line. If it were up to Gates, however, the program would be massively expanded to infuse considerably more funding for the “manufacturing and procurement” of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, especially in poorer areas of the world. Another $8-$10 billion in funding to create permanent supply chains for pharmaceuticals and vaccines in the Third World would save the U.S. “trillions” in lost economic output, according to Gates. “The inequity of this – whether it’s between citizens in the country, blue collar versus white collar, blacks experiencing a higher sickness rate than others – poor countries can’t borrow money and spend money like the U.S. and other rich countries have,” Gates contends. “Almost every dimension of inequity has been accentuated here.” When asked about the fact that tens of millions of Americans now see Gates as a “polarizing figure” in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) era, Gates dismissed the notion that he has ulterior motives as “conspiracy theories,” which he called “crazy.” Gates also blamed social media companies like Facebook and Twitter for accommodating the spread of these “conspiracy theories,” which Gates seems to agree has caused irreversible damage to his reputation and public image. This is in spite of the fact that Gates is not even remotely qualified to be talking about any of these subjects, let alone influencing public policy with his opinions. “To sum up: Gates doesn’t think you should trust bureaucratic institutions (which, by extension, includes Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx) anymore,” reports Zero Hedge. “Just trust him.” Asked about Gates’ comments during an interview on Squawk Box Tuesday morning, White House advisor Jared Kushner largely brushed them aside. If this story piqued your interest around the subject of mass vaccination and the plandemic, you can find more like it at Sources for this article include:

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“Regular attendee” of anti-police demonstrations in Seattle arrested for arson

(Natural News) A man whom media reports claim was seen strolling off the highway into a field carrying a lighter and cardboard in order to start a fire has been identified as 36-year-old Jeffrey Alan Acord of Puyallup, an alleged “regular attendee” of anti-police demonstrations in Seattle. According to local news affiliate KIRO 7, passersby along Highway 167 in Washington state were somehow able to see Acord holding not just the piece of cardboard but also a small lighter as he allegedly started one of the many fires that blazed across the region in recent weeks. While Acord says he merely witnessed the flames and decided to pull over in order to call the fire department, other drivers, we are told, indicated to police that they supposedly “watched the 36-year-old Puyallup man walk into a field carrying a lighter and cardboard.” Acord is said to be an outspoken proponent of “defunding the police,” and has appeared at numerous left-wing events throughout Seattle in recent months. Acord is also facing other charges for allegedly breaking into a gas station. Another individual, 28-year-old Jacob Altona, was also reported to have been arrested in connection to this arson incident. His arrest joins several others in supporting the narrative that potentially some of the major wildfires still ablaze may be linked to left-wing terrorism. At least one sheriff’s deputy, in Clackamas County, Oregon, has come forward to suggest that at least some of the fires were started by members of Antifa, though he was reportedly punished by his department for making this claim while on duty and wearing his uniform. Democrats shift blame from arson to climate change While the right busily pegs blame for the wildfires exclusively on arson, the left is instead blaming them on “climate change.” Bernie Sanders, for instance, has taken the opportunity to push for the Green New Deal as a “solution” to the wildfires, ignoring what Breitbart News suggests is “the reality of poor forest management and environmentalist policies.” Prescribed burning, many on the right insist, would help to thin out the forests and prevent them from so easily succumbing to massive wildfires. The left, however, has supposedly engaged a policy of “fire suppression” that only ends up exacerbating the problem. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is likewise blaming “global warming” for his state’s near-total collapse due to the fiery infernos. Standing before a charred, smoky background scene the other day, Newsom warned Americans that “the debate is now over around climate change,” as supposedly evidenced by all the burned trees smoldering behind him. “Just come to the state of California, observe it with your own eyes,” Newsom declared, grinning the entire time. “It’s not an intellectual debate. It’s not even debatable.” According to the National Interagency Fire Center, some 97 fires have already burned more than 4.7 million acres of land across the West Coast. More than 29,000 firefighters have been assigned to try to stop them, with evacuation orders currently in place for at least 40 of the largest blazes stretching across California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.” President Trump recently visited California to assess the damage, meeting with state officials in Sacramento for about two hours to discuss the situation. During this meeting, Newsom told Trump to reconsider “the plumbing of the world,” pushing him to support climate policies that would recreate the world as most people currently know it. “We’ll talk about forest management,” Trump rebutted. “I’ve been talking about it for a long time. They have to do that. You go to other countries and they don’t have this problem.” More of the latest news about left-wing terrorism as we approach Nov. 3 can be found at Sources for this article include:

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Cackling “View” hosts defend Black Lives Matter following violent ambush of police officers in Los Angeles

(Natural News) On Monday’s episode of The View, far-left hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Joy Behar went out of their way to defend Black Lives Matter (BLM) following the violent, point-blank shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who were ambushed over the weekend while sitting together in their patrol car. Even though BLM basically took credit for the shooting, having gathered outside the hospital where the two deputies were rushed in order to block the emergency room entrance while shouting we hope they die!, the hosts of The View want their viewers to know that they still stand with BLM and believe its cause to be both legitimate and righteous. “You-know-who used it as part of his law and order pitch at his mostly unmasked Nevada rally last night, and there’s no proof, there’s no connection to demonstrators,” Goldberg scoffed at both the president and others who believe that BLM domestic terrorists were responsible for this police shooting. “I want to point out there is no, there’s no proof, that this shooter has anything to do with Black Lives Matter,” Goldberg added. “They don’t know who it is. That’s why they’re asking for the public’s help. So I don’t want to marry those two things when we don’t know if they’re connected.” Haines, piggybacking on Goldberg’s claims, added that people should not “conflate the two,” referring to BLM and the cop shooting. She added that because she personally does not know “anybody that would support this sort of violence” that the culprit could not have been someone who supports BLM. “Black Lives Matter does not support this,” Haines further insisted. “Joe Biden doesn’t support it. Kamala Harris doesn’t support it. None of us support it.” Like CNN, “The View” hosts believe that BLM protests are “mostly peaceful” Behar and Hostin likewise, who believe that only liberals have a connection to God, joined in on the fun, blasting President Trump and accusing him of “manufacturing” this type of violence to suit his own agenda. Hostin is particularly incensed that most American voters, at least according to a recent Fox News poll, believe that the left-wing BLM “protests” are actually violent riots. “That’s scary because it’s feeding into the narrative that the Trump campaign has been putting out there, and if you really look at the facts, 93 percent of protests are nonviolent,” she declared, adding that whenever law enforcement shows up to a “demonstration,” the violence “ratchets up.” “So this is manufactured by the Trump campaign, and I just wish that people understood that and knew that, and just looked up the real facts about protests in this country,” Hostin further whined. According to Behar, who agrees with Hostin and the others, it is simply “impossible to know” who really shot those two police officers because the narratives differ between what is being presented by Fox News, for instance, and what is coming from The New York Times. The only View host who offered an even slightly different perspective was McCain, who brought up the fact that BLM protesters did, in fact, show up outside the hospital where the two officers are being treated to taunt them from the parking lot. “Twenty-seven percent of Biden supporters – that’s Democrats who support Biden – say he hasn’t done enough to condemn the rioting,” McCain stated. “I think it only has done a disservice to the Biden campaign.” McCain went on to blast the likes of CNN for promoting the erroneous “fiery, but mostly peaceful” narrative concerning the “protests.” “There has (sic) been around 34 deaths as a result of protesting and rioting since this all started at the beginning of this summer, and I think the media, particularly CNN has done a real disservice by trying to downplay the violence so much,” she added. More of the latest news about the BLM riots can be found at Sources for this article include:

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BLM invades Trader Joe's to protest lack of black access to grocery stores

(Natural News) A horde of mostly white Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters invaded a Trader Joe’s in Seattle the other day to scream about how blacks supposedly do not have enough “access to grocery stores.” This far-left occupation of one of America’s most cherished grocery chains involved protesters confronting random shoppers, blocking the entrance to the store, and being as obnoxious as possible while customers were simply trying to buy dinner for their families. The mob’s complaint is that “capitalism,” like the kind embraced by Trader Joe’s, “exploits the working class.” This is despite the fact that Trader Joe’s has repeatedly been praised by its employees for offering fair wages and good working conditions. Smashing capitalism and replacing it with socialism, the protesters blared, would somehow lead to more grocery stores like Trader Joe’s opening up locations in black neighborhoods where currently there are only hair salons and crime. “If Ballard residents won’t come to the protest, we’ll bring the protest to them!” tweeted “Morning March Seattle” alongside a photo of an unmasked, black BLM protester inside the Trader Joe’s lecturing shoppers about their “privilege.” “We stopped by the local Trader Joe’s this morning to share some education about lack of access to grocery stores in Black and Brown communities and the barriers that creates (sic), how capitalism exploits the working class, and of course gentrification.” The group went on to explain that “Manager Scotty,” the captain in charge of the Ballard Trader Joe’s, threatened to call the police to have the disruptors removed from his store. They also claim he “locked out his own customers” by securing the front door so as to protect customers from being accosted by the mob. “Remember y’all: if Black lives matter, you have to do what? PROVE IT!” the post arrogantly concluded. So we need Redistribution Joe’s instead of Trader Joe’s? The irony of this pathetic display is that it directly contradicts the message sent by far-leftists to Trader Joe’s back in 2019 when it opened up a store in a “gentrified” area of Portland. At that time, protesters lamented the fact that the area where the Trader Joe’s was opened also saw the “widening” of bicycle lanes,” which represents one of the “conflicts between white Portlanders and long-time black residents” who live in the area. “So … leftists block Trader Joe’s from building stores, and then protest the ‘lack of access’ to those stores,” writes Bryan Preston for PJ Media. “Why doesn’t this compute? Were there guards blocking these protesters from entering the store they protested over ‘lack of access?’ Were there any actual impediments to them entering? … Were the roads blocked? If they were, it was probably by another of these protest groups. Blocking people from doing things is their jam.” In other words, the schizophrenic BLM mob is demanding that grocery stores like Trader Joe’s not open up in areas where black people live because this represents “racism.” Simultaneously, the BLM mob is also demanding that more Trader Joe’s do open up in black areas because black people supposedly have no access to grocery stores. Talk about nonsensical mind games. The essence of BLM’s demands is that stores like Trader Joe’s need to be reinvented in order to become Redistribution Joe’s, where the food is free and blacks have unlimited access to it right at their doorsteps. Anything less is “racism,” and must be abolished. “Lack of access? They smashed windows and just walked in and looted,” joked one Twitter commenter about the absurd claim that blacks lack access to grocery stores. For more related news about the endless violence and disruption caused by Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, be sure to check out Sources for this article include:

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