As the economy is opening up, the authoritarian left is desperately trying to hold on

As the economy is opening up, the authoritarian left is desperately trying to hold on

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We’ve noticed that the national socialist media has reluctantly begun using a new phrase: ‘Quarantine Fatigue’. Trying to avoid giving voice to what the country and the world is feeling right now.

We use the word reluctantly because they really don’t want this to end. It’s become obvious that they are enjoying the partial shutdown. Leftists have a real fondness for disaster since they have trouble foisting their control agenda on society during normal times.

But now, like everyone else they are sensing a building wave of revulsion for their propensity for control. They have to somehow get in front of the wave, being ‘progressive’ and all, whilst milking the last bits of exploitation out of the diminishing crisis.

The lock-down bait and switch

More people are becoming aware of the massive bait and switch that was foisted upon us. As NOQ article by Stacey Lennox termed it: Once you flatten the curve, the Left will just move the goalposts. She detailed what it is and more importantly, what it isn’t:

“Anyone expecting COVID to disappear from our lives is under a serious delusion. As we open up, people are going to continue to test positive. Some will get severely ill. A small number will unfortunately die. What we can be assured of is that every patient will be properly cared for. We can also have great hope that treatment will continue to improve lowering the number of severe cases and fatalities.”

It wasn’t meant to protect us indefinitely or save every life because that is impossible. It was only to keep the caseload down to a manageable level.

The normalcy tidal wave.

We are now witnessing a tsunami of societal sentiment in putting all of this behind us. Perhaps it was all of the antibody studies that showed the partial lock-down didn’t really work. Maybe it was the sheer revulsion at people being arrested for exercising their essential human rights.

It could be that as a fundamentally free people, we take offence at micro-tyrants trying to reign supreme over everyone else, imposing their petty priorities in a time of crisis. They really failed to endear themselves to us when they tried to sow division by informing on each other like a modern-day Gestapo.

Never the less, what began as a small movement has grown into a tidal wave. People are flocking to the beach or simply going out to do things out of the purview of our supposed social betters. Columnists are calling for everything to be opened back up – without any control stipulations demanded by the left.

Flattening the curve to flattening the leftists

As is always the case with the authoritarians, they are attempting to exploit the crisis to enhance their power. The problem for them is that they have to keep people afraid for their lives and as many as possible locked in their homes.

But as more people become aware of the doctors who emphatically call for the economy to be opened up as well as the antibody tests that show the infection was widespread and the lockdowns didn’t work, they are going to be rightfully angry at the authoritarian-left for putting them through this ordeal.

More people are going to venture out and enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes of the beginnings of summer. This will have two effects that spell bad news for the left. The studies show that Temperature, Humidity and Latitude Analysis to Predict Potential Spread and Seasonality for COVID-19 and will reduce the caseload. Others will see this and be encouraged to venture out as well with a resulting snowball effect.

The authorities can, of course, lock-down some areas, but they won’t be able to do that everywhere. They also won’t be able to arrest everyone. The left would love to exploit this crisis for all it’s worth, from implementing Universal basic income to democracy destroying mail-in voting. The people taking all of this into their own hands will make all of their plans pointless and almost comical.

The bottom line: The left will have to go along or be shown to be powerless

There is nothing worse than an authoritarian with no teeth. The people will flaunt the law and it will become superfluous. Then it won’t matter what the authoritarians really want, they will have to stop trying to control everyone.

After a certain point, the people are going to show they have power in numbers. A recent poll shows that roughly 1 in 6 are past their breaking point, this is probably a low estimate. Everyone is champing at the bit to resume their normal lives. The leftists are just going to have to get out of our way.

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