AOC: Inaction on Climate Change Overlaps with Inaction on COVID-19

AOC: Inaction on Climate Change Overlaps with Inaction on COVID-19

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Socialist barbie is back, this time telling us all something we shouldn’t be surprised to hear: that the COVID-19 “crisis” foretells the result of climate inaction. So if you still think this pandemic is just about COVID-19 and nothing more than that, lol at you. Never let a crisis go to waste, am I right?

Who wants to take bets on how quickly the environmentalists are going to call for the flattening of the climate change curve? Oh wait, they already have.

Turns out all the alarmists really needed was a few cute phrases people could hashtag to feel better about themselves and viola, complete obedience to government authority. Really quite a genius move. Check out this other article I wrote about the herd mentality. That is if you’re okay with the idea that herd mentality is an actual thing.

Before you tell me I hate old people and the planet, understand that if you’re still going along with all of this without asking questions, you’re part of the problem. I’m sorry if that’s hard for you to hear, but someone needs to tell you. May as well be me, a stranger on the internet.

Governments and those who seek power have always wanted to gobble up more power. That’s expected. The only thing stopping a government from gobbling up too much power is the people saying no. But over the last six weeks, it’s become clear that all that’s necessary is to just cough and cite bad models predicting doom and gloom, and bye-bye rights.

So again. If you think globalists and climate alarmists aren’t taking notes on how the world has reacted to COVID-19, wake up. AOC is already tying the two issues together, and as we’ve seen, she’s not exactly an intellectual titan.

Be wary.

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