An Alternative to Bacopa?

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Hey there guys,

I’ve been finding tremendous success pairing Bacopa with Uridine, alongside other lifestyle changes such as a Mediterranean diet, running every other day and a mix of Yoga & Mindfulness.

I have tried many supplements, and I realise subjectively there is not much validity to just ‘feeling more focused’. But with that said, I feel like, especially in regards to taking Bacopa and keeping to a running routine, my focus is sharper, my mind is less distracted and I feel like genuine working memory problems are alleviated.

What do I mean by working memory problems?

  • I can wake in the morning and instead of feeling groggy and unable to concentrate, I can pick up a book on Postcolonial theory for example, and ingest the information with much more ease – for someone with Dyslexic-like problems this is incredible!
  • I can focus on people’s conversations more easily and readily. I don’t find myself drifting off as much.
  • I also just feel more motivated and less likely to procrastinate.
  • My internal monologue is less defeatist and more, ‘yes I can do this / get it done’
  • Sometimes I feel more creative, although I would link this more to the mindfulness – sometimes after a good mindfulness session I will want to create; paint / draw / or even start one of my many long-discarded short stories / article for my blog.

However, the problem is, I have long-standing gut problems – IBS and leaky gut. Even though I eat a lot of probiotic food – Yoghurt / Sauerkraut / Miso Soup and have used L-glutamine and Colostrum to help; there is no doubt about it, the Bacopa makes my gut a lot worse.

I was hoping to find a way to treat my gut alongside taking Bacopa, but it seems that it just doesn’t work – in the long run my gut being bad affects my whole body; fatigue is awful.

So, with that said, I have been looking at alternatives to Bacopa, which have similar mechanisms.

My research has lead me to Gotu Kola since it seems to work in a very similar manner. Can anyone pitch in with their experiences?

Does Gotu Kola have any gut issues?

Or any drawbacks?

I seem to remember one redditer mentioning Testosterone problems?

From the mechanisms being similar it seems like the best bet. Any thoughts? And did anyone else have issues with Bacopa and their gut?

TL;DR Bacopa is great paired with running; however it exacerbates my gut problems, is Gotu Kola a good alternative?

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