Against the Elements: Building a Fire in Rain, Wind, or Snow

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In the field, whether during your service or in the heart of nature, conditions are rarely ideal. As we venture further into our “Mastering the Flame” series, let's tackle one of the most challenging aspects of survival: and maintaining a fire in .

1. Building a Fire in the
Rain is a formidable adversary, but not insurmountable. The key lies in finding dry tinder and kindling, such as under logs or dense foliage. Creating a canopy or shelter to your fire area can be as strategic as setting up a defensive position in the field.

2. Lighting a Fire in Strong Winds
can be both a friend and a foe. A wind barrier is essential – just as you would shield a fellow soldier in combat. Positioning your fire near a natural windbreak or creating one can make the difference. Remember, the direction of the wind is as crucial as the direction of your approach in a tactical situation.

3. The Challenge of Snow
Snow requires you to think one step ahead. Building a platform with logs or stones to prevent your fire from sinking into the snow is a skill akin to navigating unpredictable terrains in military exercises. Use dry, dead branches from the lower sections of trees as they're often shielded from snow.

4. Woes
Wet wood is inevitable in these conditions. Your survival knife can be invaluable here, shaving off wet bark to reach dry wood. It's about perseverance and utilizing your tools effectively – qualities that you've exemplified throughout your military career.

5. Persistence Pays Off
Maintaining a fire in these conditions is a test of and persistence. Constantly adding small amounts of tinder and kindling can keep it alive, much like the steady, determined efforts you've put into your duties and responsibilities.

In our next email, we'll shift our focus from the physical aspects of fire to the ethical and safety considerations. As a veteran, the discipline and for protocols you've learned are crucial in ensuring fire remains a servant, not a master.

Fire, in adverse conditions, is much like life's unexpected challenges – it tests your resilience, demands , and strengthens your resolve.

Stay strong, stay prepared, and let the flame of never flicker out.

Prepare for the worst, but hope and pray for the best.
-Randy Salars

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