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~ Practical advice for troubling times

Randy Salars News And Comment has three primary purposes.

  1. To make you aware of what is really happening in the world around you by bringing you breaking news from vetted alternative news providers.
  2. To provide tips and tools on ways you can improve your life or situation in these changing economic times.
  3. To share an interesting and fun point of view on the world we live in each day.

While I may not be an intellectual I do have some pretty good common sense and a lot of experience in this life in many different areas (which you can read more about in my LinkedIn profile).

We are starting to live in some unusual times and I am bringing this site online in the hopes that I can bring more awareness to developing situations worldwide and help people out with some practical advice.

Thanks for dropping by!

~Randy Salars

Randy Salars is the owner and publisher at Randy Salars News And Comment.  He is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Author of ‘Stories Recipes From Soup Kitchen.’ A freedom lover, adventurer, and treasure hunter.  You can follow him at Salars.Net

Editorial Guidelines

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Aggregation And Using Stories From Out Site

“Valuable aggregation does two things well: It discovers relevant news stories and highlights the most relevant parts of those stories.” —Jeff Sonderman, digital media fellow, the Poynter Institute

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