2020: The most important election of our lifetime

2020: The most important election of our lifetime

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“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

~ Ronald Reagan

I have read this quote from President Reagan many times over the years but it has never rung true as poignantly as it does today. It almost seemed like a far-fetched notion that such a thing could ever happen in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. But few if any now could really dispute the fact that the day which he warned us about is already upon us. Indeed let us “Win one for the Gipper.” Moreover, let us win this one for our children and our grandchildren!


To that, I answer with a resounding NO! Quite the contrary, the Democrat Party is doing everything possible not to let a health crisis go to waste. We haven’t seen any Kumbaya moment like what happened on the Capitol steps after 9/11 during this COVID-19 pandemic. An inept Joe Biden and his DNC handlers are exploiting this opportunity to further their own political objectives with no altruistic motives whatsoever to do the right thing for our country.

The progressive media which they have in their pocket is ready to jump at every opportunity to undermine the incumbent President of the United States rather than to work together to keep Americans alive. There is never really a good time to change horses in midstream. The party which is out of power but refuses to admit that it is out of power is still playing the race card, using demographics to divert attention away from the real issues of the day.

There is a very slight case that Stacey Abrams might have some qualifications, though it is quite obvious that she would take this country in the wrong direction. But the thought of Michelle Obama as either VP or POTUS is absolutely absurd. If you thought Barack was bad… well, you know what I mean. Every new president who steps into the Oval Office has a steep learning curve. But to select a president and commander-in-chief on anything other than merit is tantamount to national suicide.


In a sense, both. Every new occupant of the White House will be different from everyone that preceded and everyone that will succeed him or her. Yes, we have seen Donald Trump grow into the unparalleled job that he holds. The key here is that there needs to be the raw material to work from. Trump is a successful businessman with an understanding of commerce and negotiations. National security and foreign policy are matters where much of it has been on-the-job training. It may have taken the death of a close friend in New York to fully get his attention that this is an existential crisis our country is facing today.

But I am seriously beginning to wonder if anything will ever get the due attention of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and the rest of their Democrat cohort. They are hell-bent on continuing to play politics as usual no matter what happens.


There isn’t a snowball’s chance on Waikiki Beach that the Democrats will allow the mentally deteriorating Joe Biden to be on the ballot in November. They are callous but they are also calculating. None of us, myself included, enjoys seeing the apparent dementia of Joe Biden. He isn’t even the person he was a year ago at the outset of this marathon campaign.

We need not speculate about how or when this sleight of hand shell game will occur. But it most surely will take place. Not even Barack Obama could save the hated Hillary Clinton in 2016 from going down to defeat. POTUS 44’s half-hearted endorsement of his 8-year VP will absolutely not turn the tide.

This is why it’s important that we all get out and vote. I said get out and vote but maybe that’s not the right choice of words. In today’s world with social distancing, perhaps more ballots will be mail in. The one-party Democrat machine here in Hawaii had already devised a mail-in system this year even before the pandemic began. But our votes are going to count as much as ever. In fact, this is the most important vote any of us will have cast to date.

So we probably should not focus too much on trying to out guess the Democrats as to their eventual nominee. That is their problem. Rather we need to ensure that Donald Trump is in the best position to prevail to win a second term.


President Donald Trump has a lot of crucial decisions to make. The very survival of the United States depends upon the right ones being made at the right time in the right way by the right person with the right input from the right advisors. When and how to begin reopening our economy right now is at the forefront. While it is not and should not be his main objective, handling this well will be a major influence in our choice at the ballot on November 3rd. Lessons from the Spanish Flu 100 years ago teach us that a pandemic can rebound at any time. We cannot afford to have an unprepared person at the helm should that occur next year or thereafter.

Of course, the coronavirus is not the only threat facing our country in today’s world. We have serious enemies in China, North Korea, Iran and elsewhere. If there is a new POTUS 46 after next January 20th, he or she would have to hit the ground running. You don’t have to look all that closely to see that nobody on the Democrat horizon is capable of doing that.

The last thing we need is a deer in the headlights stare from our next president and commander in chief when confronted with a crisis that needs a timely forceful decision. If he or she doesn’t already know the issues and have a plan of action already anticipated, it will be altogether too late.


Mike Pence is a good, decent Christian gentleman who has served our country well in a subordinate role under a very high profile Head of State. But, realistically, who is more likely to vote for Trump just because they like his #2 guy? In this case, virtually nobody. But there are other running mates who could add votes for the GOP ticket.

Since the Democrats are very likely to nominate a black female as VP, and probably as POTUS, a different running mate for President Trump can only enhance his chances of winning rather than detract from them if the right person is selected. As much as both parties touted diversity in 2016 and again in 2020, it has come down to a binary choice of two old white males. That’s why either Nikki Haley or Allen West could reinvigorate this election and keep it from being solely a referendum on Donald Trump’s track record and Donald Trump’s demeanor.

Nikki Haley proved her mettle as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Allen West has proven his mettle on the battlefield, in Congress and as a superb minority conservative spokesperson. Both would be excellent alternatives, however I personally lean toward Lt Col West. There is absolutely no one I’d rather see debate against a Democrat opponent. There is also no one else I would rather see as being one heartbeat away from the presidency. I would love to see Allen West positioned to run for President in 2024. Not only do I agree with 99.9% of everything I’ve ever heard him say, but he is one courageous son of a gun. I cannot visualize him ever backing down from anybody in the face of any sort of threat. Knowledge, wisdom and courage! These are the attributes that not only win elections but moreover enable the victor to serve in the position to which elected.


We all know how important it is to have control of both chambers of Congress. For any president to advance his or her agenda, it really makes a difference to have a legislative advantage. So, we all need to support conservative candidates for both Senate and House of Representatives.

Also, this current pandemic has revealed the significance of having good governors and mayors throughout the United States. All it takes is a bad apple at either state or municipal level to undermine everything that our national leadership does. This article is basically for a national audience so I won’t delve too much into the situation here in Deep Blue Hawaii. Suffice it to say that with a Democrat Governor of Hawaii and Democrat Mayor of Honolulu, we do not have leaders who recognize churches and freedom of worship as being essential during a pandemic as their conservative counterparts elsewhere do. So, this is a challenge to everybody everywhere to take every level of government seriously and to vote into office the best man or woman for each and every position.

It really has zero to do with race or gender or any other demographic factor. What it takes is a person with the brain and the heart to lead others in the right path. At this point, I am prepared to say that Donald Trump is the right person as President of the United States for another four years. But the person who serves as Vice President during his second term could very well be POTUS 46. For the future of the American Dream, we need to plan that far and beyond.

The authoritarian measures we see being imposed and implemented all around us today during this COVID-19 pandemic absolutely must not become the new normal. President Trump is ready to begin the process to reopen for business. We can’t afford to do a 180° turn and go back to the disastrous policies of Barack Obama and the progressive handlers who are trying desperately to put someone even more radical than him into office.

I have previously written about the warfare already being waged on many levels against the United States by the Chinese Communist Party. There are also regimes in Iran and North Korea that may commence hostilities at any time. Add to that Russia, Turkey and other nations under the rule of tyrants who pose a serious threat.

Those of us old enough to remember even before 9/11 when George W Bush was accused of being a puppet controlled by Dick Cheney, realize that was just another Democrat mischaracterization of reality. But, it is true that the Vice President should have the ear and the confidence of the President. That’s why we need someone with a sense of history and the courage to always speak boldly and act appropriately as well as one willing and able to assume leadership when the time comes.


Donald Trump respects loyalty to a very high degree. Mike Pence has earned that respect. But, I would call upon him to step aside in the interest of our country and to enhance President Trump’s re-election. I have already given you my recommendations for who should be his running mate, but ultimately President Trump himself will have to make that most crucial decision very soon.


Pray for President Trump.
Pray for our Governor.
Pray for our Mayor.
No groupthink.
Vote wisely!

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