💎 Shine On! –  3 Jan 2021 – Flickr

💎 Shine On! – 3 Jan 2021 – Flickr

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Hello Flickr friends ☺

Captured this scene a few years ago during a May sunrise (at 04:57).
Another one of those slightly cold (-1°Celsius) mornings where nature blessed us with calm winds and a powerful sun glow over mirror-like waters 🙂

Found this tree branch (& reflection) positioned like a diamond (or an eye) and had to hurry and take some creative shots before any large ships passed the area (as their waves would most likely reposition the branch or knock it over… which is exactly what happened a little while later!)

(( update: Many people commenting on this photo say they see two arms with intertwined hands / fingers, crossed in the sun glow… and now I see that too! ))

The warm sun glow caused a pretty mist to rise upon the water, which made the scene even more lovely for me 🙂
I captured this with my older Sony HX90V and cropped the photo quite a bit to remove land from the left side and also to reposition the ‘Diamond Eye’ from the center area.

Hope this golden glow brings a smile your way today 🙂

Please remember (especially during this new year), even when we face dark days, the sun will always rise again… and shine on! ☀️

Thank you dear friends for all your kindness & support… you are greatly appreciated 🙂
Wishing you all a wonderful 2021!

"You know a smile… never goes out of style"


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