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Learn all about health, including videos on strength, endurance, flexibility, diet, and alternative medicine

What Else Is Here?

I made this site primarily for my own research, learning, and enjoyment and to showcase some of my work for freelance purposes, so if we are like-minded, welcome! Below is a list of some of the other sections on the site and if you do enjoy it, please click on some of my ad links to help pay my website hosting fees.

Thanks and have fun exploring!

~ Randy

  • A large Reference Section with links to daily newspapers, weather conditions, and other forecasts, along with various think tanks, commentators, and magazines
  • My thoughts and videos on adventure and travel, coding, education, entertainment, fashion, gaming, history, politics, spirit, technology, and treasure hunting
  • Different things like my notes on books I have read, some NFT’s for a game I am developing, my favorite quotes, and a small section on the etymology of words that I find interesting
  • Links in the sidebar to my daily Bible verse, the market (I usually click the futures tab at the top to check current metals, crypto, and oil prices), and my posts in various categories

How Can You Reach Me?

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