26 February, 2021

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Trump Supporters Are Being Flagged at Airports as They Head to Orlando for CPAC: Report

U.S. launches airstrikes in Syria…

Remember These Names: Three House Republicans Join Dems in Voting to Gut Religious Freedom

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines

Peter Doocy Asks Biden About Those $2000/Checks He Promised ‘Immediately,’ It Doesn’t Go Well

Politicians Shouldn’t Be Managing Pandemics They Will Bend Science To Fit Their Political Objectives

A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral

FBI investigating members of Congress as riot ‘suspects’! Bureau obtained phone records of lawmakers, Capitol Hill staff:The FBI obtained the information through emergency orders that do not require court authorization 

Chicago Has Become A Rotting, Decaying, Crime-Ridden Hellhole – Will The Rest Of America Soon Follow?According to the latest estimate that I could find, ‘over 117,000 gang members’ currently live in the city,so much violence it regularly makes headlines 

You can control an armed Spot robot online, and Boston Dynamics is not happy

Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Testified About Election Fraud and Irregularities in 2020 Election – Then AG Special Agents Harassed Them and Now They’re Being Sued

North Korea enslaved South Korean prisoners of war in coal mines

Is it Taxes or Debt Default Which Cause Revolution?

Biden is now flying illegal immigrants to their relatives in the US

8,000 crossed illegally in January, 4,500 daily, it’s only the beginning

The GOP IS DONE!! Anti Trump Republicans ALREADY Being Primary Challenged!! This Is EPIC!

American Families Would Pay Up to 43% More for Child Care Thanks to Biden’s $15 Minimum Wage


Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed?

Entire Federal Reserve payment system CRASHES due to ‘operational error’ freezing $3trillion in daily transactions including paychecks, tax refunds and bill payments

Max Keiser: What if bitcoin is not the bubble, but the pin?

Photographer Captures Striking ‘Tree of Life’ in Aerial Images of Receding Lake: Video

Heated Chicken Waterers

Twitter Says It Purged Dozens Of Accounts For “Undermining Faith In NATO”

Situation Update, Feb. 25th, 2021 – Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed?

Iowa passes bill limiting early voting

Five Counties Are Trying To Leave Left Wing Oregon And Become Part Of Idaho

Oil prices may return to $100 per barrel, Bank of America predicts

Dementia Joe’s State of the Union Address Suddenly Appears to Be ‘Off’ — For Now

With banks on the verge of cutting off gun shops, will those who support the Second Amendment switch to cryptocurrency?

Leaked video shows tech boss describing how all conservatives will be frozen out of the market

Top 6 Emergency Power Sources to have Before the Next Outage

Biden apologizes to European leaders for “America First” policies

The Vaccine Interview You Really Should Hear To Educate Yourself With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Video)

Fed Chair Jerome Powell says money printing doesn’t lead to inflation-NEW RULES OF ECONOMICS IN PLACE I GUESS

Situation Update, Feb. 24th – The Biden BLOWOUT and the final looting of America

Court Slaps Down Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Pause

Momentum Grows in Congress to Boycott Beijing Olympics

Biden Rescinds Trump’s Apprenticeship Program By Executive Order

In ‘woke’ new curriculum, Buffalo schools teach students ‘all white people’ perpetuate systemic racism and much more

Obama Climbs Onboard Reparations Bandwagon

10 Crazy Examples of Unrelated Waste and Partisan Kick-Backs in New ‘COVID’ Bill

Why you should never release your pet goldfish into the wild

Cuomo ex-aide accuses scandal-plagued NY governor of pervasive sexual harassment in bombshell essay

New Bill Would Protect Veterans from Gun Confiscation

China announces MASSIVE oil & gas discovery in Bohai Sea

Tiger Woods ‘very fortunate’ to be alive but faces fight for career as support floods in after doctors reveal crash shattered leg

What is COVAX? All you need to know in 500 words

Globalists’ Upcoming Alien Hoax Will Be Used to Enslave Humanity

Protests in Rochester after officers not charged

Air Fried VENISON | FISH | SAUSAGE | Air Fryer February 2021

Smartphone app checks vital signs with face scan

Square doubles down on crypto, buying $170mn more in bitcoin

Lava Spews, Lighting Up Sicily’s Sky: Eruption of Mount Etna, Europe’s Highest Active Volcano

Court rules against Seattle-area city’s anti-gun legislation


4 People in Oregon test positive for coronavirus after receiving second vaccine shot

Why CULTURE matters in a collapse: Texans show how civilized society functions, even when the power grid doesn’t

Biden cancels Trump’s ‘Operation Talon’ Program that Targeted Sex Offenders Living in U.S. Illegally

Biden Will Travel To Winter Storm-Battered Texas on Friday

California Bill Would Give $1,000 Fines to Retailers With Separate ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ Toy Sections

Branco Cartoon – Stayin’ Alive

Dem Rep. Raskin Warns That Trump ‘Remains A Clear And Present Danger To The American People’

Biden HHS Nominee Defended Subjecting Kids to Chemical Castration

Dems Seize On Texas Storm Devastation To Push Radical Environmental Policies

5 Times Anthony Fauci Proved He ‘Understands Science’ As A Tool To Lie To Americans

Footage of Biden Claiming He Was Arrested at Capitol Raises Uncomfortable Questions for Dems

WATCH: Biden Accidentally Utters The “N” Word During Speech, Even Closed Captioning Picks it Up

Even THEY know nobody’s home: Dozens of House Dems call on Biden to relinquish sole authority to launch nuclear weapons

AOC Mocked For Giving Biden A ‘Slap On The Wrist’ For Opening Detention Camps For Migrant Kids

Biden Gun Control Plan Would ‘Criminalize’ up to 105 Million People: Gun-rights Group

Ashli Babbitt Is Laid To Rest In Pacific Ocean
By Family And Friends

Stevie Wonder Is Moving To Ghana, Africa Fed Up With The Political Crisis Here

Wooldridge – America’s Leaders And Citizens
Fail To Grasp The Enormity Of Our Predicament

Devvy – The Texas Disaster…What Americans Need To Know

Navy Veteran Told Police Who Knelt On His Neck: ‘Please Don’t Kill Me’

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s Mother: ‘He Wasn’t Hit on the Head’ by Trump Supporter

Musk claims we are living in the Matrix right now

How to Stay Safe as Ice and Snow Start to Thaw

Video: Now, Your Face Is Your Passport in Dubai Airports

March For Our Lives Issue Biden $1 Billion List Of Gun Control Policy Demands

IRS Commissioner: No Plans to Extend Tax-Filing Season Like Last Year

Welcome To Skinner’s Off Grid Homestead…live.

Welp, It Turns Out Weather Modification Wasn’t Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory

THE RULE OF LAW TO TOTALLY DEAD IN AMERICA AS WE REALIZE OUR VOTES MEAN NOTHING!!! Do not render what is due to Caesar, because Caesar stole this country in the biggest election fraud in World history 

Legal Discrimination’s Return: Whites Essentially Banned From City’s Police Oversight Board

Trans-Rights?  Civil Rights Attorneys Silent as Alleged Pro-Constitution Trans-Woman Stripped Naked 24/7, Left Indefinitely Confined in Prison

GOP Sen. Scott ‘flabbergasted’ by law enforcement saying no idea why Guard still at Capitol

No, Biden’s new border move isn’t like Trump’s ‘kids in cages’

This Is The Endgame: Democrat Senator Admits Capitol Will Remain Locked Down Until They ‘Root Out the Hate

‘Defund the Police’ Returns: Activists Demand Deep Cut in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Biden gun control would criminalize 105 million law-abiding citizens…

America becoming ‘totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes’

Biden Opens Gated Compound for Illegal Immigrant Children — Democrats and AOC Silent

Law Enforcement Confirms What We Already Knew About The Capitol Riots, Obliterates Democrats’ Narrative

GOP Leader Mitch McConnell Announces Support for Open Borders Radical Merrick Garland for Attorney General

Semiconductor chip shortage leads to 160+ layoffs at GM Flint Engine Operations

History teacher is left horrified with his Gen Z students who don’t know who HITLER is, call disability rights advocate Helen Keller a ‘Nazi’ and D-Day a ‘rapper’

Flight audio captures pilot’s frantic reaction to “fast-moving cylindrical object” over New Mexico

Catholic League: Pro-Trans ‘Equality Act’ the ‘Most Comprehensive Assault on Christianity Ever Written into Law’

‘The Simpsons’ Recasts Voice Of Black Doctor After 31 Years Played By White Actor

Tesla’s share price is now directly tied to the value of bitcoin, analyst says

Let’s Stop Pretending That Union Teachers Are Saints

Israel Has Already Implemented a “Vaccine Passport” With the Unvaccinated as Second-Rate Citizens

Biden’s HHS Secretary Nominee Eyes Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Russia’s Enemies, Critics Blast Biden For Not Halting Russian Pipeline Like Trump Did: ‘Caved To Russia’s Demands’

Human Traffickers Feed Off Business of Loose Border Laws

Biden AG Pick Garland Says Antifa Attacks On Fed Courthouse May Not Be Domestic Terrorism ..Because They Happened At Night! This Is Pure
Communism At Work

Indiana House votes to eliminate license to carry a handgun in state

DHS Official Predicts ONE MILLION Foreign Invaders Could Hit U.S. Border in 2021

Two-wheeled self-balancing gyro car

How To Survive For Three Days With No Water Or Power On $200

Iran’s Supreme Leader: If We Wanted Nukes, Nobody Could Stop Us

How Will Non-Trump Republicans Navigate Around Their Very Trump Base?

15 Centuries to Slow the Spread: Fauci Now Doesn’t Even Want Vaccinated People Going Out

The Coronavirus Bill’s Non-Pandemic Giveaways

Train crashes in Texas with 18-wheeler truck


Goji Berry Plant: What You Should Know About Growing This Healthy Food

Change of Biden’s Plans? Questions Raised Over ‘Missing’ White House Marine Sentry


Minneapolis is a nice city no longer

Expectant Father, 28, Killed By Exploding Gender Reveal Device

The 2020 Election Was Determined in Part by the Novel Doctrine That Verifying Ballots Was a Crime Against Democracy

North Dakota House Votes To Make Mask Mandates Illegal

Facebook ‘refriends’ Australia

91 Percent Of Violent Antifa, BLM Rioters Released In Portland So Far

Bill Gates On Texas: We’re Going To Have More Of These Crazy Weather Events

Blue Collar Voters Are Flocking To The Republican Party

Los Angeles Parents Hold ‘Zoom Blackout’ to Protest School Closures

Gay Campground Faces Backlash for Banning Transgender Men: ‘Only Guys’

Deconstructing “WokeThink”

Biden administration culpable for ERCOT’s inability to fend off freeze



73% of Trump Voters Say China Joe Biden Was Not Legitimately Elected – 76% Say They Will Vote for Trump Again if He Runs

How to Fight Back Against Racist Attacks on White Americans

Ignored by Media: Dirtbag Joe Biden Says US Veterans and Former Police Officers Are Fueling White Supremacism in America

Thousands Of Unaccompanied Minors Face ‘Cages’ As HHS Shelters Hit 93% Capacity


Situation Update, Feb. 22 – To survive, DISCONNECT from complex systems before the global collapse strikes

Warren Buffett Just Sold His Pfizer Stock. Why?

States move to hold Big Tech accountable for violating free speech

Gun Ownership It’s Not Insurrection, It’s Patriotism, Try Telling That to Gun Banners

U.S. Soldiers refusing to take the COVID vaccine are being threatened to be deployed

End-time plague? River in Israel turns blood red

Americans will rise again from their ‘Valley Forge’-GOOD JOB CHUCK NORRIS!

Due to Study Design, Long-Term Immunity Cannot Be Confirmed for Fearful Americans Who Voluntarily Choose To Vaccinate

NASA rover beams back first sounds ever recorded from the surface of Mars

How China’s Digital Silk Road Is Leading Countries Away from the United States

Iran Halts Nuclear Deal ‘Additional Protocol,’ Curtailing IAEA Inspections

Biden Administration Weighing How To Prevent A Humanitarian Crisis With Increasing Numbers Of Unaccompanied Children Arriving At The Border 

The Next Target Of Democrats’ Wokeism: American Farmers

To Fight White Supremacy, Coca-Cola Discontinues Vanilla Coke

Setting Realistic Homesteading Goals

Antifa Operates ‘Like Al-Qaeda’, Wants America ‘Burned to Ground’ & May Launch Terror-Style Attacks, Police Chief Warns

$254,000 for every slave descendant…

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: DOJ Open To Helping ‘Craft Legislation’ With Congress To Combat Online Misinfo, Incitement

Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard Confident Bitcoin Not a Threat to US Dollar


Petitioning Government or Courts Will Never Result in Gaining Freedom: Only Mass Disobedience Can Prevail

Amazon Reportedly Offers Workers $2,000 ‘Resignation Bonuses’ as Protests Back Alabama Union Drive

The solar wind is here and a CME is coming – Now watch up for vivid auroras

‘7 minutes of terror’: NASA reveals final nerve-shredding moments of rover’s descent to Mars (VIDEO)

‘Give It a Try!’ Seattle-Backed Homeless Shelter Provides Pipes to Smoke Heroin and Advice on ‘Booty Bumping’

[WATCH] Joe Biden Goes Racist and Slams the Military, All in the Name of Unity? 

4 Dead, 15% of Oregon Lost Power: Why Don’t We Hear About It?

Chinese Officials Admit Food Supply ‘Under Pressure,’ Urge Country to ‘Stabilize’

FREEZE KILLS TEXAS ANTELOPES:The record-setting freeze that hit Texas over the last week has devastated two species of well-established non-indigenous antelope species in several areas. 


Biden Privately Tells Democrats That Minimum Wage Hike Is ‘Dead’

More Than 200 Texas Counties Asked for President’s Help, But Apparently Biden Doesn’t Think It’s That Bad

Daft Punk Break Up – Pitchfork

Donald Trump will paint himself as the ‘presumptive 2024 nominee’ during comeback speech to CPAC

Merrick Garland to Tell Confirmation Hearing He Will Prosecute ‘White Supremacists’

Here’s How Fast and Brutally Migrants and Locals Can Turn Against Each Other…..Consequences of the SHTF in Venezuela: racial tensions and violence 

Watch this time lapse video of a Victorian house cruising through San Francisco

List of 200 businesses whose leaders are backing Gun Control…

How To Grow Lavender in Your Garden


Kansas Bill Would Make Gold And Silver Legal Tender In The State

Honeymoon Is Over! Emperor Biden Turns Lunatic Left Against Him In 3 Simply Shocking Statements!

Packstove Cooking Deer Tenderloin and Sweet Potato

Joe Biden Once Claimed He Was Arrested at Capitol for Trespassing, Sitting in Senate Presiding Officer’s Chair

‘Lost Their Marbles’: Backlash Hits Coca-Cola After Accusations Of Anti-White Agenda

Supreme Court refuses Trump effort to block tax return subpoena

RINO Senator Bill Cassidy Sees Fierce Backlash Over Trump Impeachment Vote

Has Government Grown Beyond the Consent of the Governed?

Illegal Migrants Discovered in Europe-Bound Containers of Broken Glass, Toxic Ash

Texas Blocks Utilities from Billing Customers or Disconnecting for Non-Payment After Sticker Shock Outrage

Ex-Top Immigration Adviser: Biden Agenda ‘Would Fundamentally Erase Very Essence Of America’s Nationhood’

Smoking Gun! Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm-SURE HOPE THIS WASN’T INTNENTIONAL

Mariachi band plays outside Ted Cruz’s home following Cancun trip controversy-BOY IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO LEAVE HIM ALONE

Just 17 percent of Trump voters think Biden legitimately elected-AND THIS IS FROM MSNBC

Ex-DHS Chief: ‘Far-Left’ Biden Immigration Bill Signals To Traffickers ‘It’s Okay To Come,’ ‘Extreme Incentive’ For Future Illegal Immigration

Governor Newsom rewarded state contracts to companies that donated to programs at his request

Boeing backs decision to suspend 777s with P&W4000 engines by US and Japan, recommends airlines follow suit