Write one keyword optimized, well-researched blog article on hunger or homelessness in the USA and post it to the Gospel Mission Blog every Tuesday.

  1.  Write the article along the themes already posted on the site at the Gospel Mission
  2.   Log in to the mission dashboard with your username and login
  3. Go to ‘Posts’ in the left hand column, ‘add new’
  4. Write a good headline
  5. Enter the article in the blog post box
  6. Move your cursor to the very beginning of the article
  7. Click on the ‘Add Media’ button
  8. Click on the ‘upload files’ and upload a suitable article image that you have saved from your computer
  9. Click on the ‘Insert Into Page’ and it should paste the image at the beginning of the article
  10. Choose a category from the right hand column in either ‘hunger’ or ‘homelessness’
  11. Click the publish button to make it go live
  12. Click the ‘view post’ at the top of the page to proofread and make sure the article looks ok