Please view the Hesprides store folder in google drive for examples of how this task will be done
Make a store spreadsheet and add collection page tabs
-Go to the google drive folder for the store
-Click on new in the upper left corner
-Choose google sheets

Copy the following headings and add to the top row of the spreadsheet and bold them

Collection Made Bonus Link Aliexpress Shopify admin url Shopify Page Url Google Url Title Script / Description Price Social Share Review Wrote Edit Listing Discount made Coupons Made Coupons Submitted Slides made Video made Embedded Shopify Submit Rich Media sink or swim-details later


-Make tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for each category you will make in the store (see attached text file that came with the job)

-While still in your store folder in google drive, make new nested folders for each collection you will make

-Enter one of these collection folders and click on the new button upper left and create a text file for that collection which includes the following:

Category-Name of the category (and go up to the left hand name block and name the text file this also)
Shopify Login:  login link for the shopify store we are working on
Shopify Store:  html link of the actual store where people shop
Collection:  The name of the collection we are building (plural)
Product Type:  The name of the collection we are building (singular)
Tags: go to Title Builder and enter the name of the category and choose 5 or 6 of the most hot and popular tags


Meta Description:  Order this CATEGORY today from STORE NAME. FREE Shipping on all of our CATEGORIES. Order today & receive a free BONUS ITEM
Free Product:  Free BONUS ITEM

-Go to the category in Aliexpress and sort by lowest price to highest and search for, find and save a free bonus item link and name to the store spreadsheet and text file above (we are looking for something related to the category, that has free or cheap shipping, is inexpensive, but still offers a good value-ask if unsure)
-Save and upload the image of the free bonus item to the category folder on Google Drive
Go to Shopify and make the collection
-Go to products – – Collections in Shopify
-Add Collection
-Name the collection with the Category title
-Show on all sales channels (excpet wanelo if no epacket shipping available)
-Choose manually select products
-Add the tags that are in the text file you made above to the description
-Go to the collection in Shopify, sort by most orders and screen shot save the first or second product image in aliexpress
-optimize this category photo and resize to 480 tall (you can do this in Pixlr-Express)  – – browse – -add photo – – adjustments – – resize height to 480 and leave width to whatever it adjusts to)
-Upload this image to the collection in shopify
-Save this collection, check it off as complete in the product spreadhseet and continue making the other 6 collections for this store
-Get the collection categories for the next store and the google drive share and continue this process for all stores