According to the file for this collection we shared with you on google drive:

  • Go to the specific collection in the shopified store where you will see 12 products (click on products in left column and then collections)

  • Find the collection you will be working on

  • Click on the first product and on the product page and edit it as follows:



-add the <vendor/maker/brand name> of the product as listed in the description of the product to the vendor block (after you type in the vendor name, you may have to add it by clicking the plus symbol that shows up after you type it in)


-Find the product in the product spreadsheet and go to the product page on aliexpress and download all product images

-Edit all images on Pixlrexpress
-crop out unnecessary information or words

-resize to 1024 x 1024 (or whatever ratio looks good)

-save to your computer as jpg named after the product

-Go to the shared google drive folder and find the collection you are working on

-Make a new folder in the collection named after the prodduct you are working on

-upload these edited images to the correct product folder on google drive

-Add your edited images for this product to the bottom of the description below the specs and enlarge them to full width of the editor


-Move the best looking photo in your opinion to the 1st position in the photo collection in Shopify

Optimize Website SEO page title
-List it as vendor productname sku#

(vendor will be in the vendor block you just added, product name will be in the product title and sku# should be in the description)

Optimize meta descriptions
Use the meta description as listed in your text file for this collection


Click on Save in the upper right corner of the product page in shopify

view the product as it look on the web by clicking the 3 dots next to the save button and choosing view

-When you get to the page copy this store link of the product and add it to your product spreadsheet

-Go to Google url shortener and shorten and record this url in the store spreadsheet under the google url

Add the link from the Shopify Store view page link (not the aliexpress link)

Choose I’m not a robot

Click shorten url

Copy this shortened url to the product spreadsheet

Go to the bottom right of the product page on the store and Share this product on all social media sites (you may have to sign up for a free acct if you don’t already have an acct on that site)
-Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, fancy, google +, wanelo
(the wanelo share button located directly below image)
-Check the box on the product spreadsheet to show it as shared on social media
Write (1) 5-star review for this product
-Scroll down to the customer reviews
-Enter your name, fake email (see below for directions), 5 stars, title and description and click submit
-For your title and description, use your imagination.  Pretend that you own and really like this product and go from there
-For the fake email, use any name or letters or #s and then add . . . For examle,,, etc
 -Click the box on the product spreadsheet to show that this product has had a review left
After you have edited this product in the collection, mark it as edited in the spreadsheet and move on to the next product until all 12 are finished.