Welcome to our customer support instructions.  We run various ecommerce stores on the Shopify platform and your job will be to handle any customer support issues, either via our 800 number or through our Re-amaze chat and email support platform or both.

Before starting, please familiarize yourself with our FAQS Page at https://ranmon.reamaze.com/ and if you have any questions, please ask.


Handle Customer Support Issues By Phone

We get a few calls each day and your job will be to take a message and research/assist them with their question.

Please download and login to the Grasshopper Desktop App and check and handle any phone messages (if needed) every morning around 9am mst.  Please download and install the Grasshopper mobile app on your phone if you need to make any outbound return phone calls (android or Iphone)

Incoming calls from our 800 number will go directly to the desktop app and you will answer it between 9 am-5 pm mst with:

‘Ranmon Corporation, may I help you?’

Please reassure and help the customer to the best of your ability and open a call log for each call in the reamaze support app (read more about this app below)

If they need more detailed assistance or other items you are unable to help them with at this time, please say:

‘I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to redirect your issue to our advanced support team who will research the issue and get back to you.’

Can I get your:
Store Name (if needed)
Order# (if needed)

and log this info, along with their question in the reamaze call log for more detailed research.


Handle Customer Support Issues By Chat And Email

Your job will be to Login to the ReAmze app and resolve issues/answer questions for all of your stores on a daily basis; please check all of your stores even if it doesn’t show a message # next to it in the left-hand column, as sometimes read messages may not show up though you may still have to handle them.

Please log in to the Reamaze chat app when you come on duty and log off when you leave or take a break.

Customers will be asking you questions from either the store contact-us button on the bottom right, the store contact-us page (where you might not see the url of the page they are talking about) and from the Re-amaze, Facebook or Twitter chat messenger.  You may also receive a message from our phone support staff.  Please familiarize yourself with the ReAmaze Knowledge Base for more in-depth information and how to use this platform.

Please read through our company FAQS and response templates to help you answer customer questions easily and effectively (see instructions below on how to use/see response templates)

Please log all phone calls by clicking the call log in the upper left of the app

and entering all info in the box that opens up (and if it is a customer, their name should also pop up

Listed below are the major issues customers have and how we want them handled; if for some reason a procedure is not working correctly or we need to add another procedure, please let us know.

After you have satisfactorily handled a message, please archive it to get it out of the inbox.


Where is my item?

Look up the order in oberlo to see if it has shipped;

-If yes it has shipped and it is less than 25 days since they ordered, get the tracking# and insert the ‘Where Is My Item Response Template’  and fill in the tracking#, date and tracking link.  Take a screenshot of the shipping page in Oberlo and attach it to your response.

To insert the response template, click on the book in the upper right of the message, choose the template and click insert

You can find the tracking link in the order details in Oberlo or on each website at https://store name.myshopify.com/apps/trackorder

-If yes it has shipped and it is more than 25 days since they ordered, go to aliexpress and ask the supplier where the item is; if they offer a refund or to reship, contact the customer and ask them what they want to do; if they do not reply, etc, file a dispute against the supplier as ‘lost in mail’. (we must wait at least 10 days after the seller ships, before Aliexpress we can open a dispute)

-If no, it has not shipped and it is within 10 days since they ordered, insert the ‘Why Has My Item Not Shipped Template’ and reply to the customer.

-If no, it has not shipped and it is more than 10 days since they ordered, insert the ‘Why Has My Item Not Shipped Template’ and reply to the customer.  Then go to the order on Aliexpress and ask the supplier why it hasn’t shipped; When the supplier lets you know why, let the customer know, if needed; if the supplier does not answer within 2 days, cancel the order on Aliexpress and ask the customer if they would like to order again.


Where is My Tracking Number?

If there is a tracking# available and they want it, insert the ‘Where Is My Tracking# Response Template’  look up the tracking# on Oberlo and insert the tracking# and Tracking link



If a customer wants to return an item, make sure it is within 30 days, undamaged and ask them for the reason, photos of the item (required by supplier) and if they would like to return the item or have another one shipped (if applicable)

Message the supplier on the Aliexpress order page and ask them if we can return the item and get a refund.

-If yes, get the suppliers return shipping address and send it to the customer with instructions on where to ship the return and enter the information in the Store Returns Spreadsheet

-If no or the supplier doesn’t answer within 2 days, file a dispute with Aliexpress (see instructions below) and have the customer ship the item back to our New Mexico address below by inserting the return item template

-If the supplier says they will issue a partial refund with no return, tell the supplier yes and give them our Paypal email at paypal@salars.net and have the customer return the item to:

The Ranmon Corp
The name of the store where they purchased
31 Bear Mountain Rd
Silver City, NM  88061

(You can use the Return item template)

and enter the information in the Store Returns Spreadsheet

As stated in our Returns Policy for all stores, we do not pay return shipping; if they ask, we will pay return shipping for damaged items with photographs or for the wrong item sent. If they need a return shipping label to be sent to them, please let me know.

-If it is the wrong size and they want us to pay return shipping, please apologize and tell them no and point out that we ask for their exact measurements from the page they order on, in their order confirmation email and in their welcome to the newsletter email.

We usually keep these emails in the reamaze inbox (or set a reminder in reamaze) instead of archiving them so we remember to follow up.


To Cancel An Order

Go to the order in the right-hand column in ReAmaze, click on the 3 dots in the upper right  and choose cancel order

Choose customer changed/cancelled order, leave all of the default settings alone and click cancel and refund.

If for some reason, they only want to cancel part of an order, change the quantity of the item that has too many or uncheck the items they want to keep and proceed to cancel as above.


To Refund An Order

Go to the order in the right-hand column in ReAmaze, clickon the 3 dots in the upper right  and choose refund order

Change the quantity to the number they want refunded, leave all of the rest of the default setting alone and click refund


To File A Dispute Against A Supplier

Login to AliExpress and go to the order in question (next to order#, view detail or get there from Oberlo)

If it has been 10 days since they shipped, we can file a dispute for the following reasons:

Refund Only
– They haven’t received their order and would like to get their money back OR
– The product is not as described and they would like a partial refund.
Return Goods

– They are not satisfied with the product they received and would like to return it for a full refund. They may have to pay the shipping fee(s) (we do not pay shipping fees as we discussed above under Returns)

Use this page on Aliexpress to help you for all return questions and procedures on Aliexpress and use their chat support system as needed.


General Questions:

Here are some more general questions and how we want them handled:

I Have Questions about a product-answer to the best of your ability by doing research on our store product page, the aliexpress product page and by asking the supplier, researching on Google; if unable to handle please reassign to me

I Am Searching for a product-do a search in the store to see if you can find it; if not, do a search on aliexpress and see if we can find it-if yes, reassign to me and I will add it (or you can add it if you know how

I Have Questions about a bulk order-reassign them to me

Archive any spam, promotions from suppliers or marketers, MAILER-DAEMON can’t deliver messages, All Chinese character email or UPS shipment spam (don’t open the UPS attachments as they may be a virus)

Archive any twitter or facebook messages that don’t look important or are canned replies

Can you do express shipping-Go to the order page on aliexpress and look up the cost for faster shipping and give it to them-Then let me know if they want it and I will set up a special order for them

Copyright or Trademark infringement notices-Reassign to me

Foreign Language messages-Try and translate them using Google Translate; if unable to do so, reassign them to me

I Am Missing Part of my Order– Go to their order in Oberlo to make sure that the quantity they ordered was what they say it was.

-If yes, apologize and ask the customer if they would like a refund or the missing item shipped; then go to Oberlo and look up the order on Aliexpress, contact the supplier and tell them what happened and how the customer wants to proceed.  If the supplier agrees, let the customer know it is being shipped or give them a refund.  If the supplier does not agree, file a dispute stating that it was never received and we want a refund and then refund the customer or order another item for them as they desire.

-If no, go to Shopify and take a screenshot of their order and attach this to the You did not order that many template

I Want To Cancel My Order-Go to Oberlo and check if the order has shipped yet:

-if no, go to the order in Aliexpress and press on the cancel order button (I do not want it anymore) and then go to the order in ReAmaze and cancel it in the right-hand column after it has been cancelled by the supplier in Aliexpress; then send the customer Your order has been cancelled template

-If yes, please insert the Asked to cancel, but already too late template

I sent you the wrong shipping address:

-If the item has not yet shipped, notify the supplier of the correct shipping address and go to the order in right-hand column in re-amaze, click on the 3 dots in the upper right, view the order in shopify and change the shipping address; then send the customer Wrong shipping address-address corrected template

-If the item has already shipped, insert the Wrong Shipping Address – Item Already Shipped template

Why Has My Order Not Shipped Yet During Chinese New Year (Last 2 weeks of January)-Insert the Chinese New Year’s Template

Do you sell wholesale-Insert the Do you sell wholesale template

Where is my refund money-Insert the item refunded but may take a few days template; if there has been no refund applied, please research or reassign to me if needed

Asking a question to the wrong company-Insert the ‘Not our company’ template

Please unsubscribe me from your email list-Unclick the checkmark in the right-hand column under Mailchimp – Lists – Randy Salars

Where is my discount that was promised-Check their order to make sure no discount was applied (If it was, please let them know); if not already applied, refund them the proper discount amount from the right-hand pane of reamaze

PLEASE Make use of the note forms in the messages-make notes of order# and store names if not showing, what action you took with the supplier and anything else you feel might be useful to remind you what this was about or so the next person who handles it know what is going on

If you need me to look at any messages, open the message and click on the ‘Reassign’ button at the top and assign it to me for further action; please leave a note in the ‘notes section’ as to what it is about

Click on Reassign, choose name and click ‘Assign’


Answer Wanelo bulk emails and check for Un-payed Wanelo Orders

-Check the Wanelo ASAP email for each store and check for delayed orders as detailed below:

– Go to each store in the Oberlo app and check or correct each unpaid order that is more than 15 days old for:

-When we accidentally chose the wrong shipping company during store maintenance; change in shopify to correct shipper or tracking#

-Delayed or non-existent tracking# (don’t worry about orders less than 10 days old as these have not yet hit the tracking system);

–go to the orberlo app and to that order and send a message to the supplier asking them about the order status
–if it gets to be longer than 1 month, dispute the order, ask for a refund due to no tracking# and it is lost in the mail
–go to the order in shopify and give the customer a refund

-If it is a shipper that is not recognized by Wanelo, dispute the order on aliexpress because they offered and we paid for e-packet and they did not ship that way and give the customer a refund in shopify

-Answer Wanelo direct emails as they ask (usually they want to know where an order is, or the customer wants to cancel an order they just made or they want us to give a refund or exchange)

If all of the orders in their email are less than 15 days old (they usually are) you can just archive the email.


Read and answer/reassign all messages in AliExpress (My AliExpress – – – message center) 

Refer any emails from suppliers directed to another member of the support team by posting a link for them in the Ranmon Group Chat room on Upwork