Go to the category on aliexpress that is listed in the text file we share with you; the category should be sorted by:

–5-star seller
–$20 or more min price
–free shipping
–domestic returns, if possible to get 12 products which sometimes we can’t do

-add the aliexpress link for each of the top best-selling 12 products to the store spreadsheet we share with you


Login to Oberlo with the credentials we sent you

-Import the top 12 products directly from aliexpress to the Oberlo Import list using these directions (need google chrome and oberlo extension, show shipping info should be off)



-Go the the Oberlo import list and edit each product that you imported from aliexpress (hover over the button that looks like a house and go to import list)

Oberlo Instructions

-make a good keyword title for the product in the oberlo import list

(default oberlo title)

change title from default aliexpress title to

Brand Name Model # Category Keyword With Free bonus For That Category (that will be on your text file)


Copy the new Title you wrote to the product spreadsheet


-add the category collection, product type and tags as found in your text file in Google Drive to the oberlo import list


-Write a great description and copy based on the products described in aliexpress

Description Section 1–  Copy the title you wrote and add it to the first line of the product description and change it to an h1 header 1 format

Description Section 2– Features that will appeal to the customer

This Lemfo Lem 5 Smart Watch comes with Android 5.1 installed and 1 Gb of ram and supports bluetooth, gps and wifi.

It can be used with or without your phone and supports a nano sim card which will let you take messages, receives call, browse the net, etc.

It has a stainless steel watch case, strong leather band, is water resistant, built in gps with virtual mapping, heart rate monitor, weather, music, and over 50 different kinds of watch faces to choose from.

Description Section 3– leave The specs as they were already listed in the description

Below the specs write ‘Your Free Bonus Item will be shipped separately’

Copy the description of the product to the product spreadsheet by pasting it into the top formula bar of the spreadsheet and hitting enter

-Go to variants tab and choose prevent product from auto-updating

Copy the price of the product from the variants section and enter it in the product spreadsheet for that product

-Go the the photos tab and add more photos of the product to the import list by clicking on the checkbox in the upper left corner


-Push that product to the store

Go to the my products tab in oberlo (left hand column under the import list)

The product you just pushed will be at the top of the list

Right click the ‘Open In Shopify’ link in Oberlo and then add this link to the store spreadsheet

Continue to the next product you imported until all 12 products are complete (this takes a lot longer to explain than to do)