Using The Oberlo App To Import Products

Please read all of the instructions first, before importing any products into oberlo


1. Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser and install the Oberlo Chrome extension from

You can read more about it here

and please watch this video for instructions on how to use the extension


2. Login to Oberlo with your username and password to make sure products will be imported into oberlo (you can now close the oberlo tab and work directly in Aliexpress, if desired and just go back to oberlo to check on the number of products imported)

-Please send me your email and I will set up your account and email you an invite



3.Go to and make sure the extension is working:

*** click on a product category like ‘necklaces’ below


***Make sure you are in gallery view in aliexpress (on the right on aliexpress)

*** click on the blue extension in the chrome browser at the top right where your chrome extensions live


*** Set it up so that Show Shipping Info is on and it shows epacket, United States and USD and that Hide Items Without This Option is turned on (this setting is off in photo below, but we want it on)



4. Find the product you want to import into oberlo. Click on the blue circle with the tag and arrow that is on the right side of the product box and it will be imported into the oberlo import list


***  For this store, we will only be importing products from the jewelry and watches categories


You will not be required to change any product descriptions, prices, etc. Just import 30,000 products into oberlo and we will work with descriptions, etc from there and add them to the Shopify store later.


***To sort the products you will import, go to each category in jewelry and watches and import 10 pages worth of products

For example:

Jewelry – – – Necklaces and pendants – – – chain necklaces

*** SORT these products by ‘Orders’

*** And then check the 5 star rating button

*** Click on the blue tag shown on each product when you move your mouse over it to import it into oberlo


*** If you aren’t logged into oberlo, it will ask you to do so

*** If you have already imported that product from that store, it will let you know with a red X

*** It is fine to import duplicate products from different stores (in fact, you might have quite a few)

*** Do 10 pages of products for each category and then move to the next category


For example, go to Chain necklaces, sort by order and 5 stars and import all epacket products on the first page; go to the next page and import all epacket products and continue for 10 more pages

*** Then go to the next category, Pendant Necklaces, sort by order and continue to import all products for 10 pages

*** Then go to the next category, Pendants, sort by order and import 10 pages

*** Once one subcategory is complete, move to the next sub-category like earrings – – -stud earrings, etc

*** Import all sub-categories for jewelry and watches

*** Let me know when you have one category imported so I can check to make sure it is ok (once you have imported all chain necklaces, let me know)

*** Let me know when you have imported all subcategories in a category so I can check (Necklaces – – –

chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, pendants, choker necklaces, torques, power necklaces)

If a category, doesn’t have 10 pages, import however many pages it does have

If you need to import more products to reach 30,000 after you have imported all categories, go to popular categories and import more pages past 10


5. You can check on the number of products you have imported into oberlo by clicking on the second icon in the left hand pane and looking at the import list count as shown in the video above


6. IMPORTANT-do not import any products into the shopify store; we will do that

Just keep adding products using the chrome extension until you have around 30,000 showing in the import count, let us know and you will get paid


Any questions, please feel free to ask.