Pay For All Orders

  1. After you have made all orders for all stores, go to your aliexpress orders page and click on the ‘Awaiting Payment’ tab at the top with the number of orders awaiting payment

2. Click on the ‘Pay For All Orders’ button and let the software take you the the check out page

3.  Choose the correct credit card from the dropdown box and click on ‘Pay Now; button

4.  This will take you to the processing page (wait for it to process) and hopefully a thank you for your payment page

5.  click on the ‘my order link to go back to the order page and make sure all orders are paid for (no orders will show in the awaiting payment link at the top



Maintain AliEpress While you are there

  1.  Click on the ‘Message Center’ link at the top of the aliexpress page and read all messages for the day (and take action on any if needed-usually not)

2.  Leave feedback for all delivered products by clicking on the myaliexpress tab at the top of the page and going to the ‘Awaiting Feedback’ block

3.  Click on the ‘Leave Feedback’ box for each product and leave it a 5-star rating for each section and click the ‘Leave Feedback’ box (occasionally, it may ask you how the product fit, choose perfect to continue)

4.  Click the ‘Continue Leaving Feedback For Other Orders’ link and leave feedback for all of the order products delivered