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Lucy on “Conferences, sight seeing, packing”

Thank you everyone for your replies! 
I’ve realised after reading your replies that part of the problem may be that I don’t really have any other warm clothing like shawls or cashmere – I have light cotton jumpers which are sufficient for a Brisbane winter, and when I go to Sydney or Melbourne I take a coat. 
I am travelling to Dunedin for one conference, and Christchurch for the other. I gather Dunedin will be quite a bit cooler. I think I will be grateful for the puffer there – Joy, I did check and the raincoat and puffer do layer. Phew! I had not even thought of that!  
I think you are right that I need to check the weather a few days before. The overview websites saw 15 for Dunedin and 18 for Christchurch on average, but there might be a lot of variation! 
The only other option I really have is a black suede-like motto jacket, which would be perfect with jeans on sightseeing days, but might not be so good for the conference. I will be taking two light suit jackets for the conference, but they are quite fitted and don’t fit layers underneath. But perhaps the answer is to check closer to the time, and decide between the wool coat or the motto. Either way, I won’t be naked!

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Deborah on “NYT piece on the rise of “modest” style”

While it is a very interesting article, I wonder why it’s not ok to just dress as you choose without all the analysis.   As some of you will know, I am rather fond of non conventionally attractive outfits so quite a bit of what I saw in the article I find very appealing.  I am a huge fan of the Olsen girls 🙂   The ‘world’ seems to struggle with anything that doesn’t fit the conventionally attractive box.

I like Sal’s comment about wearing what is authentic to us, I think that has a lot to do with our choices especially as we become confident in ourselves.  Body con looks are not ‘me’, oversized shapeless number on the other hand….