I said hello and then introduced myself, asking, “What’s your name?” She answered, “Lovely”. I said, “Wow, that is lovely”, she smiled a bigBIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE that in-turn made me smile.

Lovely then told me her real name is Roshawn, that she’s 36 years old, living at the DESC shelter, was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; came here with a guy that abandoned her when they arrived, now she’s angry, frustrated and confused, says she’s an open-minded person, sometime a little too outspoken about things, things like there being no understanding, no closeness among people.

Roshawn says she would like to get out of the shelter, she’s in need of a tent, a sleeping bag and a warmWARM XL coat.

It would be lovely if those items could be droppedOFF or shippedTO: Facing Homelessness c/o Roshawn 1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle WA 98105. We will make sure she gets them!

Our dropOFF hours are Wed 1-5 & Thur/Fri 9-5; if you have questions you can call Sarah Steilen, our Community Director at 206-632-7299.

It was veryVERY LOVELY to meet you Roshawn!

Pioneer Square neighborhood | Rex

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