I’m in sartorial mourning- not sure what to do. – YouLookFab Forum

lisa p on “I’m in sartorial mourning- not sure what to do.”

I am sad that I don’t have it to wear – as I was wearing it already this winter.    It will never lose its appeal to me – as it was an integral piece of my wardrobe.  I never viewed it as trendy – it was iconic, and it meant a lot to me. I’m wondering if replacing it will feel the same – and holy crap am I somewhat ashamed at even having such a first world problem.  

SandyG – losing the magic is what I worry about – my original held my perfume, and was all mine…… Maybe it is time to move forward with something else.  

Good suggestions to avoid ebay . It’s available at Neiman Marcus, but I’m having trouble pulling the trigger because of the cost.  Sigh.  Thanks for all of your thoughtful suggestions and commiserations – only fashion people “get” what this kind of thing means.  


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