We went to a luxury watchmaker to see how some of the rarest and most complex watches in the UK are made

We visited luxury watchmakers Garrick England, who gave us an exclusive look at their newest watch, the £28,000 “S1.” The watch is made entirely by hand, taking four months to complete. They showed us some of the processes involved in making one of the …and more » Brought to you by Wonderfest-Watches.com

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I try to have a long view, one that is both near and far in perspective

We are in the final part of this article, taking a look at the preparations required for a long-term scenario, in the event of a major societal break down. This is part of my routine, as I evaluate my own preparations compared with risk assessments.

We have looked at repairs, food, water, weapons, and medical topics in the previous two portions of this article. Now let’s move on to how we keep warm and prepare our food.

Heating and Cooking

If you don’t live near the equator, you’ll probably need a source of heat for your dwelling, and you’ll definitely need a source of heat for cooking no matter where you live. And unless you’re near a surface coal mine, the only real viable long-term sustainable source for producing heat … Continue reading →

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