A small cooking pot is a desirable and important item for camping or a kit (survival, backpack, bug out bag, 72 hour kit, etc..)

A compact camping cookware set or an individual small cooking pot will enable: – heat up a can of… – boiling water to rehydrate a freeze dried meal – hot coffee or tea – boiling water for drinking – storage space within while backpacking – clanking together to scare away that bear! Tip: How Long To Boil Drinking Water   There are some pretty nice camping cookware sets with various nested pots within. They’re small enough

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“In my studies as an attorney and as a United States Senator, I have constantly been amazed by the indifference or even hostility shown the Second Amendment by courts, legislatures, and commentators

James Madison would be startled to hear that his recognition of a right to keep and bear arms, which passed the House by a voice vote without objection and hardly a debate, has since been construed in but a single, and most ambiguous Supreme Court decision, whereas his proposals for freedom of religion, which he made reluctantly out of fear that they would be rejected or narrowed beyond use, and those for freedom of assembly, which passed only after a lengthy and bitter debate, are the subject of scores of detailed and favorable decisions. Thomas Jefferson, who kept a veritable armory of pistols, rifles and shotguns at Monticello, and advised his nephew to forsake other sports in favor … Continue reading →

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Restaurant Review: IZU Brasserie, Dubai

  Ideal for… fans of Chef Izu’s dishes (the man behind LPM, La Serre & the Lighthouse’s menus) Restaurant name and location: IZU brasserie and bakery at La BHV Marais within City Walk 2. Cuisine: Mediterranean Atmosphere: I went on a weekday for early lunch – it was quite empty with two other tables occupied. […] read on


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Sophisticated watches in rose gold are all the rage

Adorned with 189 baguette-cut diamonds and 10 pastel pink sapphires on the dial, the tourbillon watch, set in 18ct rose gold, is limited to only 25 pieces. It also features 10 diamonds on the buckle and 13 diamonds on the crown, HK$4.57 million … #watches


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