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treausre hunting in the burro mountains

Hi guys!

Just a little bit about me and why I’m starting this personal blog.

My name is Randy Salars (pronounced Sailers).

I grew up in Silver City, New Mexico, joined the Marines, traveled the world and eventually moved back to my small home town in New Mexico where I have lived every since managing various businesses of one form or another.

Currently, I run a small rescue mission, thrift store, soup kitchen and homeless shelter and am very happily married with two grown daughters and 4 grand-kids with one more on the way.

Randy Salars Family
Cutting of the Christmas trees, Christmas 2014

In this blog, I’m going to share some of my adventures at work and at play.

I’m doing this mainly for my kids, grand-kids, extended family and friends in the hopes that I can teach them what not to do and leave something of a legacy so they can find out a bit more about their old man before he goes (which I really don’t expect to be anytime soon 🙂

Feel free to follow along and sign up in the subscription box on the right hand side to be notified when I release a new post.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’m going to enjoy living and documenting and it.

treausre hunting in the burro mountains
Here I am last year treasure hunting at a spot where a canning jar full of gold dollars was supposed to have been buried in the late 1800’s.
Gold bug metal detector and a deep seeking metal detector in front of a tunnel where they mined silver in the Burro Mountains of N.M.

Warm Regards;
Randy Salars
Silver City, New Mexico-2015

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